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ENFp Uncovered
by David Rosenfield

Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what he wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often ...
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C68 I read with interest the profile written by "Uncovered" on ENFP's. My wife of 37 years is an ENFP and I am an ENTJ. I found the description to be highly accurate, with perhaps one exception dealing with near Psychic abilities. My wife is very poor at this, due to her need to be non-judgemental and a strong desire to be liked and fit in. As a result, she will get enmeshed with someone or something that she doesn't see coming. Even after I point out aspects that could be dangerous. When the birds come home to roost and my wife learns she's been duped, She either goes into denial, or more often blames others. 3 things I have never heard my wife say: 1. " I was wrong". 2. I'm sorry and 3. I made a mistake and you were right. My wife does not use facts or logic in making decisions. Or she will twist the facts to justify what she wants or her position. Here are a couple examples: 1. Daughter 19 has friends over and we discover $ 50 is missing. Daughter denies she took it. But admits it's missing by one of her friends and takes no responsibility. Wife's solution/suggestion: Give the daughter an allowance each week so she won't FEEL the need to steal ! 2.Middle daugher reapeatedly comes in after her 1:00 p.m. curfew. Wifes solution/suggestion: Change curfew to 2:30 p.m. so daughter won't be tardy. That way everyone is happy. I could go on and on. The lack of logic and taking responsibility for their actions drives me nuts. Then I'm told I'm told I'm being controlling and don't love them. BTW both of those daughters have been fired from 3 jobs each due to tardiness, but were given high marks for the work they did. In terms of the Men's club activities, I think most readers took this too literally. Although when we were single, I could see my wife doing something similar in kind of a racous way. Not that she ever lifted her t-shirt. They live in the moment; want to be noticed; and like the schock value. The wife is definitely high maintenance. When financial circumstances become adverse, she can't understand why she can't take a trip, vacation, theater, or buy a new car. Again, I'm made out to be the controlling one. I'd give the author's profile a 98% accuracy on this. -- John
C69 i think it's ENFJ, the description. -- Anonymous
C70 ENFP's can mature. At that point they differentiate themselves from ESFP's. The article sounds more like an ESFp. Also, this uncovered article discounts the NF factor which does allow the ENFP to form closer relationships than most types. -- Anonymous
C71 This does sound like an extreme ENFP, or an ENFP gone bad is more like it. Sounds like my sister. I am an ENFP too, but usually stick up for the under dog. -- Anonymous
C72 I think people are commiting themselves to segmentation too much. You're grouping, possibly, the average ENFP as being the default. I think that you're categorizing different traits and presenting an extreme version of a social ENFP, while that doesn't define the anti-social, nor any other flavor. Vague may be indefinite, however accurate. I'm personally thinking "quality of quantity" here. *hint of sarcasm*. Yes, I am an ENFP. -- ENFp
C73 You know, I was never really like that. Nearly my whole life I've been anti-social and separated from any groups. I've only found attention ammusing for short periods of time, and the only friends I have are life long friends, while the rest are acquaintances. By all means, I am not high maintenance. I remember reading a profile on Wikipedia's Socionics page for the IEE, which fit very well. I believe there is possibly a social gap, of which I rather not proceed into it's fundamentals, however the main cause my be a personal sickness of the mind. Sort of like eyes that don't close. *shrugs* Anyway, I disagree for the most part. I have the ability, but is the purpose? -- Seemingly random individual
C74 Damn. Missing confidence much? I'm sorry that your view of the ENFP reads as if you've been burned by one...even though this article states you are one yourself. -- Anonymous
C75 I'm an enfp, and i don't believe this is true. Entp's and Estp's are the ones who like attention. I don't. I like helping people hav fun and make them happy, but about getting attention, i honestly don't care! About enfp's wanting to be "completely loved and adored", firstly, i don't think i'v met an enfp who has truely felt that way! We strive to create solid bases at the beginning of relationships, and if a good base doesn't start to develop we exaggerate our efforts. But people hardly ever cooperate, so we just reject them after a while. I can be quite selective with my friends, and i like it that way! When a good base is formed then we can add different aspects to the relationship and relax a little. -- Anonymous
C76 Hey everyone, the description of an ENFP (aka IEE) on this page blows this "uncovered" description out of the water. Here's the link: -- Doug
C77 Maybe this guy is ESFp, lol -- Cyclops
C78 dam i have an enfp friend and she's annoying as hell. unreliable (will never be able to give you an accurate time of how long til she'll arrive somewhere or when she'll leave) and gets mopey as hell about one thing or another to do with her past even though all the issues that were involved in it we have discussed thoroughly on numerous occasions to the extent that you'd think get ovaaa itt. zero organisation skills with people or events and stuff happening so we've missed good festivals and things as a result sometimes she can be highly attentions seeking and just talk about herself for long periods of time she is 17 but i love her and she's got a very amusing charisma! -- thomas - entp
C79 C44 How true. Family members are no more special than other friends. My daughter has an ENFP boyfriend, and he has made me cry where he has decided that his friends' events were more exciting/important than my pre-planned events. But not just any event - Christmas eve service and gift exchange around the tree, an important family tradition and special time for us. He decided to skip out just a couple of hours before, causing us to rush though the gift exchange and say goodbye. This was the first Christmas eve that I can recall just ended early with no atmosphere whatsoever - even the TV was turned on after he left. So sad. Turns out his ENFP friends had last-minute decided to do a wonderful charity thing for another family and call on friends to help out (not considering that they too might have family commitments). I'm glad he could help, it's just the last minute thing - how could he do that? I also did charity work, but made sure it was before* Christmas eve so I could make time for family. And his words to me were: "SOME people are not as privaledged as YOU". Bawled my eyes out alone in my room later - not the first time he's made me feel worthless (and brought to tears) with his self-rightous words. I feel lonely sometimes as he and my daughter are always gone being with more interesting others and doing more exciting things. I need to at least have a few traditions that remain untouched (three a year?). Too bad, he's mostly a nice guy, though just thoughtless at times, like he can't see past his own feelings and impulses to see the consequences of his actions on others. -- Anonymous
C80 yes. we're all terrible people. maybe next time you wake up just dont get out of bed. the worlds a bad place. RUN FOR THE HILLS CHILDREN -- Anonymous
C81 my friend's an enfp. and even though she's abit immature in the attention seeking area, she isnt really one to do that much. her description is more adept to the one about enfps desiring "the easy life." that is to say - she'd rather sit about with friends smoking weed with the most exciting thing happening being buying some new food................. nonetheless i guess enfps come in shapes and sizes, cause there's this other one at my school who's a bit of a sex addict and despite getting more attention generally, is much less respected. -- Anonymous
C82 I want to meet these ENFp sex adicts -- Anonymous
C83 at least put he/she in the article instead of he! -- Anonymous
C84 Yeah ENFps cant handle criticism of any kind and expect everyone to agree with all the stupid irrational things they do just because they have thousands of acquaintances and many contacts. They easily influence the social arena because most people dont know who they really are deep down inside. They also manipulate things to their advantage by appearing overly emotional and hurt when you say something to them that is true. Even if they arent so. Enfp's have a hard time taking the truth because they always expect everyone to be positive and good. Sometimes they exaggerate positivity and enthusiasm as well as feelings. Every thing is about feelings and never take any logic into account when it comes to decision making. -- Anonymous
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