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ENFp Uncovered
by David Rosenfield

Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what he wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often ...
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C22 There are a couple things in this that just aren't accurate: Can ENFP handle criticism? No, not well at least. But the desciption makes them sound more like an Extroverted SP. ENFPs are so very hard on themselves than critisism threatens to take down their world. The idea of someone not liking them feels like a death sentence. It would never be superficial, they actually care if people like them THAT much -- I didn't say it wasn't pathetic in its own right, but its still genuine. If they try to get out of the critisism it is more likely a defence mechanism than anything else. Also, ENFPs could not live through life without close friends, being genuine is extremely important to them. I have to say much of this sounds more like the ESFP to me as well. And the traits that do sound like the ENFP sound like a teenager. I am an ENFP and I have many ENFP friends. None of us are much for being in the spotlight - we want attention not CENTER of attention - e.g. having the uninterupted attention of one person is often better than being in the center of a crowd. The ESFP is the one that wants to be "looked at" as Unimpressed stated in her comment. Some work still needs to be done on this one to hit the nail on the head. I understand this is supposed to be more negative but the Brutally Honest Personality test does a better job of nailing the ENFPs type (in a negative way) than this. They hit more on the absurdness in needing to be liked by everyone, the inability to commit to long term anything, that you come off arrogant and overly enthusiastic. That description burned still (because I'm an ENFP and hate critisism) but it really was fairly accurate and I sucked it up and admitted it. This description just missed the mark. -- Sarah
C23 I think this largely disregards the heart and thrust behind enfp's.I think one thing that is largely missing from pretty much every description I've read is a true understaninding that underlies the truth that exists in how enfp's relate to the world. Like as crazy as they may come across at times there is a genius in their madness that others aren't equipped to see. In reading this I can tell that you really don't relate to where enfp's are coming from. IE this is how you see them from an outisde perspective. The biggest stress on ENFP's is that people just flat don't get them. -- Anonymous
C24 sounds like me on a bad day, or when my brain's wandering off elsewhere. this is the blandest uncovered profile i've read though. -- marga the ENTP
C25 I thought the "uncovered" had to do with the 7th function of a type that they try to hide, disguise, strengthen because they realize it is weak and unstable.When everything is going right they will do do for no apparent reason because that function is unstable.For example the 7th function of an istp is introverted feeling so he tries to find mechanisms to solve what he realizes is a weakness. That is why he has lots of pets because they will not refuse his love and affection. For an estp or entp it is extroverted feeling and they also try to find mechanisms to deal what they know is a weakness subconsciously . That is why need people to show love and admiration to them.For an Enfp and esfp it is extroverted thinking which has to do what facts, knowledge of subjects, etc. Enfp's are painfully aware when they are unknowledgeable about certain subjects and will attempt to fix that by finding all the books and articles about that subject to boost their confidence in case they need to use to that knowledge to back up an argument they need to make if that situation arises. That also explains their incurable curiousity about things.Enfp's feel they can never know enough because their is unstable. I am not driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked.That is the quickest way to frustration and unhappiness i believe. Maybe from the opposite sex but i think that is hormonal driven and i think everyone wouldn't mind that regardless of type(also that is even quicker way to frustration if you're driven by that).But that is not what motivates me in most my actions in life. A lot of times i prefer not to be noticed and be in the background . A lot of times I hate to be bothered with people because they tend to take up my time i would rather have to myself doing something i enjoy. I like being around close friends i enjoy and people that has stimulating conversation and knowledgeable about important subjects.What brings me to the point about our hidden agenda i previously posted about . That is the ENFP's weak and unconscious function. That is why we can talk all day to someone that is knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects and forget how much time has passed. It satisfies our hidden agenda. That is why ENTJ's are beneficiary to us because is their 1st and primary function. I would rather be true to my convictions of i what i know is the truth then be liked, in fact i could care less if people liked me if i thought they were untrue to what i believe is the truth. Maybe when i was a teenager i thought people's positive attention validated me as a person but you quickly learn as a person that is not a stable way to achieve happiness and joy because people are fickle as fads and when you get negative feedback what are you going to do then? Stay true to yourself and what you believe because thats something no one can take away from you because if you rely on other people for your happiness you will surely be disappointed. My opinion as an ENFP. -- baydog
C26 i agree with the idea that it's a very immature enfp. i'm an enfp and while almost everything in this are urges and things i feel, i don't act on a lot of them and they can almost all be held in check. also, i don't think all enfps are so high maintenance either, the want to be liked is very accurate but the NEED to be constantly praised and entertained is a little over the top i think -- Anonymous
C27 What Baydog C25 said about the 7th function is very illuminating to me - good way to look at intertype relations. I had a boss once who I am pretty sure is an ENTJ and she scared the bejeesus out of me - as spastic as I am, nobody has intimidated me as much. I think female ENTJ's are probably considered ball breakers and I couldn't handle the constant barrage of criticism without encouragement, feeling like she didn't understand me, and basically feeling like she was completely unhelpful. Otherwise, I don't think that ENFPs are totally superficial and flighty like that. Actually, I was like that as a teenager and young adult but I think adolesense is about immaturity and learning about responsibility, no? ENFP's who suffer from self-confidence are truly sad folk and I think very hard for other people to understand. -- Anonymous
C28 To everyone who think that this is inaccurate: The point of this article is to offend you if you have this personality type, because it pretty much states all your weaknesses quite accurately, which I understand is the best way to offend an enfp. Bow down to its accuracy. I'm serious, I know at least 5 enfp's and they all act that way. It's true, there's room for choice, but get real. -- Another Sarcastic INTJ
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