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ENFp Uncovered
by David Rosenfield

Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what he wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often ...
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C44 Bullshit. I am an ENFP, I deeply value my relationships, I have been with some of my friends over 40 years, some over 25, some over 20.... I am 55. I do place all close relationships on equal standing, lover man is not more important than brother, sister is not more important than other women friends. I am either close to people, value them deeply and take care of the relationships, or I don't mess with the person other than what I have to do, like shopping or going to the doctor. -- Possom
C45 Its says that ISTPs are duality with ENTP's when I read the ENTP I was like no way!!!!! Being and ISTP I don't see how we could compliment each other after reading the ENTP description? -- Anonymous
C46 huh, reminds me so much on ISFj uncovered, just less insulting but more spotlight - is this a phenomenon: as if extroverts have more rights to be wrong and selfish? I even ask this myself in real life. I am an wannabe ENFp, always testing INFx here and rolling my eyes about that. Yeas, I am high maintenance, but I know few people who aren't, so this is an odd criteria, I think. -- Anonymous
C47 I agree with pretty much everything in the uncovered of the "ENFP". I am one myself, and while a lot of people want to ignore the truth(negative)of doesnt make it false. Depending on the situation as always, the writer is very accurate on the description. Whether you want to believe it or not -- enfp
C48 **Warning!** Filled with a lot of tangents, ramblings, and long-winded musings. If you're reading this, just know I have a point and I will eventually get back to it. I am unsure if this point was raised earlier on or not (I got bored reading the other posts, even though I started twice,) but I get the feeling most people (in the early posts) googled ENFP, but forgot to capitalize. ENFPs and ENFps are two different types. In fact, each belongs to different branches of psychology. This is not the description of the Myers-Briggs ENFP, who is good in crowds and is close to his friends, neighbors, etc. This is the ENFp, the type of person who is interesting to talk to but follows no traditional conventions, in work, relationships, family, life. I am an ENFp and I have an easy time getting to know and talk to people. I only talk to those I find interesting, and I have a remarkably accurate inner buzzer that helps. The number one complaint I say to my seemingly random, as I don't remember half of their names, confidants is that ALL the acquaintances that I keep are insane. The moment I lay eyes on them, I instantly know (again, for no apparent reason) that they have some special quality, like being the next Ted Bundy. And I know a lot of Teds. I do not know why I know this and it used to be a big problem all the way up to high school. Precisely, I would meet someone, get the vibe that they are an idiot/jerk/sissy, ignore this vibe, just to reprimand myself when it turned out to have been right all along. Currently, I may not be physically high-maintenance, mostly because I'm leading a monastic lifestyle (I don't know why, I'm in the middle of a huge metropolis.) Interesting tangent: another time, for a stretch of two weeks I did not eat anything (lived off three cups of water a day,) and this occurred also during the early summer. Getting back, I, at this point in time, may not be physically high-maintenance, but I am emotionally taxing on all those around me. Many people I am initially friends with cannot handle my mood swings and constant pranks, which are almost a real-life manifestation of the devil whispering into my ear. Most normal people, after a while, back away and only those able to appreciate my utter weirdness, irrationality, mood swings, and ability to find the disastrous and depressing funny remain. As for the pole dancing, ladies, I am a dude, and, while I've never danced in Chippendale's (I've considered it,) the last time I danced in front of anybody, it was up on stage, in front of my entire grade, with the excuse that I was hypnotized. As an example of most of my relationships, sitting next to me was a friend, one of the few people to come to that college from my high school. I was so close with him that I felt at ease talking with him about the different gruesome, shocking, and morbid deaths that occurred in different horror movies (the only two I remember specifically mentioning were Saw I & II) while dissecting a cat. I remember him laughing and jokingly calling me sick. A year later, we exchanged glances while up on stage, before starting to dance. He left absolutely convinced that I was hypnotized. I have a natural tendency to keep as many as eight circles of friends, with few learning that I do without me telling them. The kooky, eccentric professors are always my friends, and sometimes suggest other kooky professors that I should meet. Most importantly, almost none of my friends know what I do all day. They may share their innermost thoughts, dreams, desires, and aspirations with me, but they do not even know where I live. One of my closest and most intimate friends (the only one with whom I ever shared my inner world) has not heard anything from me for almost eight months. I keep meaning to write her, but everyone keeps asking me if I've written to her so I put it off in order to anger them. And I completely realize how horrible I am. Oh, and another distinction between ENFPs and ENFps, I feel no attraction to the calm and quiet MBTI ISTJs. Most quiet people are have few thoughts or opinions or are too scared or unsure of themselves to voice them. I enjoy spontaneity, but cheating goes against my moral code. Thus, my girlfriends are either know how to let loose or are "layered" in that there is always another side to them or a layer that they have yet to shed. For all my lack of social norms and values, I love conversing and arguing. I will often start conversations with total strangers and they will respond, even if there is no obvious outside stimulus that would insinuate a conversation. If I can't find an interesting person, I have no reservations about talking to myself, even if I'm in front of others. Thank God for wireless cellphones, which keep me out of a straight-jacket. -- A Huxley
C49 'rallying support and gaining sympathy to turn them against YOU' haha, haha..brilliant..i've met that hehe...but unaware at the time. 'and in extreme cases, where weaseling won't absolve him of critisism, he'll disparage himself,telling everyone he's good for nothing and really to blame for the problems'..ho haha i've met that only i have caught myself before turning them into worldwide demons..haha. all enfp's and enfp supporters here that disagree with these enfp egoic tendencies,.. shame on you!! -- ENFP fifi
C50 Don't know about type, but when it comes to females, how is this description different from any other woman? -- Anonymous
C51 Can we get some more gender objective descriptions please? -- Anonymous
C52 I am an ENFP and this is all so true. I have many friendships with a variety of people but find it difficult to maintain super close friendships of the Bestie variety. I am disorganized in fact but spend ALOT of time organizing things in my mind. I can "theoretically" clean and organize a whole pantry in my mind without actually doing it. Strange use of time, eh? I have tried to explain to my husband my need to go out and about...he is an introvert and is good for about one week without a reminder. If I can balance that out with my INTP I think forever is totally doable. Nice job uncovering ENFP's -- Anonymous
C53 As for the friends part, mine's tend to be 'a different friend for different occasions' kind of thing. As regards A Huxley, I'm glad that someone else talks to them self... Somthing I'm very prone to... Is it an ENFp trait? -- Smokin' Joe Stalin
C54 You know this really scares me. I am a hardcore ENFP and unfortunetly most of those points apply with frighning accuracy -- Kevin M
C55 but I am also immature aswell!! -- Anonymous
C56 Interesting, on reading this article, it's strikes me as a very superficial outlay of an ENFp. Indeed I don't really think it's much like an ENFp at all, never mind being an ENFp uncovered. Maybe i've just been lucky. I guess it touches on some possible superficial traits, but not much more than that, or perhaps I don't understand ENFp's as well as I think I do. Maybe it's more like a manual with a diagram illustrating an ENFp from a distance. -- ISTp.
C57 ENFP= Emotionals need first priority. ENFP- I perceive(P) that something is not going well so I feel(F)terribe about it. My intuition(N)tells me improvement is impossible an futile therefore I get emotional (E).- Written by an ENFP. -- Anonymous
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