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ENFp Uncovered
by David Rosenfield

Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what he wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often ...
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C95 I'm an ENFP and while this article may be true of your typical ENFP who has not learned to grow and flourish our natural weakness, it should be noted that it is not entirely indicative of an ENFP who has made the effort and commitment to override the weak points of our type. Procrastination, lack of follow-through, obsession with attention. I can only speak for myself really, because I don't really know any other ENFP's good enough to make a good statement that can be viewed as at least researched, but for me, after I discovered typology, I read about myself top to bottom, including my types weaknesses, and I used it to work on my weakness; the pay offs have been tremendous: promotions, a stable career (while I save up for school), a job I love, and an ever growing utilization of rationality. Having a few intensely logical and down to earth types around me constantly has helped me alot too. (INTP, INTJ, 2 ISFJ's) -- ENFP
C96 Sigh...I am really happy for you. The ENFP I know lala's through life, married, with kids on the horizon, living in a tiny place and saving very little, yet doesn't see the need for education and can't plan more than a month ahead anything- not trips, not events, nothing tangeable - only dreams. -- ENTP
C97 As an ENFP, I enjoy visiting a crowd of friends, but I don't have to be the center of attention. I have problems with deep relationships but have close friends and not just acquaintances. I do like reporting the news whether it's research or som'n good happening in the downtown creative community. I'm somewhat close to being a "T" -- bohemiotx
C98 I agree with everything said by C15. -- Anonymous
C99 Completely agree with c21. -- Anonymous
C100 This is strangely accurate;its almost as if the writer was reading my mind(Well, sort of anyway), intentions & movements. You should see my room...its a mess from the floor(dirty socks, undergarments, etc.), a somewhat orderly desk(a few books stacked here and there, future goals, project planning, lipgloss, etc.), AND the walls...they are decorated all over(greatest achievements, a collage, calendar, posters, written reports, sticky notes, reminders, etc.) I thrive in tasks when glorfied. Hey, what can I say? I'm only 15. SOMEONE has to feed my ego...I also love to turn frowns upside down. I know this INTj guy who never wears a smile, and after I had a little chat with him, he opened up to me like a rosebud blooming. See? People skills come in handy.I have a difficult time maintaining relationships(boyfriend), and have an even harder time processing my own feelings. I hate the commit thing, and the obligation; it practically sucks away at my esscence. Hey! don't get me wrong, I'm still a virgin. I swear on chocolate; I have my morals, and self-dignity. I don't appreciate when guys take my light flirting the wrong way, and try to drag me into their malicious intent. I am not easy. Nope. Its not happening. I will set them straight, even if I have in injure their ego in the process. I personally love discovering new things, there is an adventure around every corner as they say. -- Kendya, ENTp
C101 the person who wrote this article will obviously never understand what a devoted, hard working, self-critical, open-minded, but most of all, what a shy person an enfp is. i think that the "e" part of an enfp is not a typical kind of extroverted personality, since it is more about feeling good being a part of a group rather than having anything to do with wanting any uneccessary attention. as for giving compliments- i love making people feel better about themselves. there is nothing dishonest about that. besides, everyone's a critic. -- enfp
C102 this is kewl....:) -- saswata
C103 This article is about an ENFP enneagram 7. -- Anonymous
C104 Mmmm. Enfp would not strip...esfp are the strippers. Im an enfp who has a 20 year marriage and a best infj g.f. since 16 years old. Also work at a hospital for 15 years. You are writing about an early teenager enfp. We usually have high ideals and exlperience major growth in our 20 's. This is not very accurate.:-( -- Anonymous
C105 Yeah. I can pull of entertaining side out of me around kids and create odd jokes (non sexual) among friends but never be that histrionic "look at me here and now" it is more about refresing angles etc absurdity. ESxjS get these moments as well occasionally. I had hard time to fit in with others because my mind was somewhere else than concrete reality. I saw information through very different lens than most. ENFp Fi coupled with Ne (maybe also INFj) manifest itself as somewhat avoidant or behind the scenes behaviour opposing the Se which is about taking direct command. -- Anonymous
C106 Sounds like you only dealt with preteen and teenage ENFP's. Any ENFP in their 20's and older don't really have most of these qualities. -- Anonymous
C107 Wow~! The majority of this is garbage. Obviously, you don't have a very good understanding of how these functions work. -- Anonymous
C108 Not a great deal of accuracy in decsription of ENFP temperament. Too many misses to list. This is mostly a 'roast', focusing on criticisms -mostly non enfp criticisms, at that. Many comments are also just 'off'. If you are truly interested in a comprehensive picture of the ENFP, you might try a site that is associated with official Myers Briggs studies. -- PJ
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