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ENFp Uncovered
by David Rosenfield

Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what he wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often ...
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C85 After reading this, I find that only some of the descriptions are true. Truthfully, yes, as an ENFP myself I do have a strong desire to be liked by people that I know and interact with; mainly because if they can like me then I can help them, which is what most of my energy and attention is spent doing whenever I deal with people. Hell, I'm going to school to become a P.A. because I find that medicine facilitates my profound need to help people. However, if there is something that is unfortunately very true, it is that we ENFP's do get bored easily with tasks and people who require expansive amounts of mental minutia and detail focusing to keep up with. It is in our nature to become very bored with these things, particularly if the big picture is ultimately omitted. Honestly, if you want an ENFP to pay attention to your every word and listen well (Within our natural realm of attention order) tell us the big picture first, THEN, explain the details. Because me myself honestly, do rather like details, particularly once I get something, it is when I DON'T get something and you can't give me a straight "in a nutshell" answer for me to apply my knowledge that I get frustrated and bored. I do not know if this is true with other ENFP's, but honestly, while some of the faults outlined here had merit, some of the more superficial ones (especially towards the end) spoke more truly of an ENFP who has been a spoiled brat their entire life and decided to never grow up. I'm only 21 years old, and not that experienced in life, but as someone who is this type, I can say that we ENFP's can be remarkably deep individuals in all facets of life; just like any other type out there, however, it is simply a matter of knowing ones weaknesses constantly working to improve them, being understanding of everyone around you, including yourself. Heck, I'm even working to address my difficulty with details by holding a job as a Pharmacy Technician (Which if you don't know, is ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS) and it is ALOT of the same ol, same ol. Count, fill, sign, sticker, organize, repeat. All day long. The only variable is customers. But I've found as someone working to discipline these certain ENFP weaknesses; that there is a certain Zen in doing these actions. I think perhaps, a few other ENFP's might know what I'm talking about when I say this: it isn't so much that we can't do details and be deep; we just have to have a good philosophy and often but not always a profound meaning behind it. -- Marty
C86 As shown in "What the bleep do we know?" "Our observation instantaneously collapses any other potentials than the one we are perceiving." This is what is shown in the example of shooting the photon through the slits. -- Anonymous
C87 @C86: Lol wut? I only remember electrons... Ah it's a joke? Congrats on being too clever for one ISTp! -- Anonymous
C88 haha. well, i was going to say it....but it seems like the rest of you have already done so. -- Anonymous
C89 It describes the way i act perfectly, and yes i am a teenager for those who keep saying that -- Kylie
C90 Yeah, the author makes it sound like we're superficial in every sense, but thats anything but true. While the external world that an _ST_ would fit into perfectly means nothing to us, our interpersonal relationships mean the world to us, after all, we're _NF_'s Ps: The author sounds like a bitter ESTJ -- Liam, ENFP
C91 Does anyone agree that former Nottingham Forest manager and controversial TV personality Brian Clough was classic ENFP? -- Victoria Clarke
C92 No, no, no. While I can agree with this on some points, this is almost entirely wrong. I think this is largely due to the fact that this describes an extremely unstable ENFp. 1. ENFps very genuinely care about their relationships (unless of course they become bored), and would never leave a relationship standing. They in fact would take longer to leave a relationship gone wrong. 2. ENFps in fact have a larger (though not large) group of intimate friends, as they (again) genuinely care about people, and therefore wish to share intimacies about their lives. They understand people on profound levels, so people feel comfortable talking to them because the ENFps are aware of their needs. 3. ENFps are perfectionists and highly sensitive, so they would take a criticism as extremely personal and see it as affirmation of what they already believe about themselves. 4. While ENFps desire to be liked, that does not whatsoever mean that they wish to be in the spotlight. Most ENFps I know are simply happy to hold conversation. They are good listeners and want to know how everyone is doing all the time (they in fact can be smothering in nature) so they wouldn't want to take away from anyone else's spotlight. 5. ENFps are high maintenance because of their sensitivities and need for physical and emotional confirmation, not for their need to be in the limelight. -- Anonymous
C93 Okay-granted I am an ENFP and stating this I realize my opinion is that of an ENFP. Actually I find this amusing in that the science seems to be missed, even when criticizing an ENFP. Kroeger & Thuesen presented scientific studies performed from different groups. In problem solving Thinkers Judgers assumed a more limited narrow scope and bajeezus they criticize openly but aren't good at being criticized because they assume they are right, which lends to the appearance of a good self-esteem/concept. Feeling & sensors wanted to look and get more information and yes took things way more they took heart and put more in to what was asked of them and couldn't say for sure if something was right or wrong because its different for every situation/instance. They also saw way more possibilities and roads to be taken to get to a desired result. I'm a professional in medicine and I can tell you - if you want the simple medical way that do it this way or you are the problem and basically screwed - thats not the N or S way... then go to a T or J. I have an unbelievable success rate of very happy clients because I 100% believe there is a way to a solution and that there are 65 billion ways to get there... we just have to find a way that works for them. Most have been frustrated with the medical model and being labelled - which I hate and don't believe in. And the 1 way approach doesn't and won't work for most people. If you want to actually have a complete stranger (doctor) believe in you and actually care and want the best for you - try to find an ENFP! So maybe I have all the scattered flaws who cares - we all have flaws. (Great assistants and partners are great for us.) Making mistakes and realizing them is the only way to success. ENFP are humble and care, even in the midst of disorganization that we all know we have and get sucked in to the T & J (thinking & judment) that because of that we are less than they are and incapable or fickle. But I personally would rather be passionate and have people know I care than being distant, critical and self-righteous. Last thing - I would rather someone talk through their thoughts and speak their minds than keep everything inside and make everyone around them guess or try to mind read. When criticizing ENFP, I agree with some of the others, we know we are way less than perfect & react emotionally (so heres the thing the other types can easily know when we have self-doubt and are aware of are weakesses). Here's the difference... ENFP sympathize with others and try to help... seems like at times this percieved weakness frustrates, infuriates some of the others. ENFP may not be understood by people unable to understand us - but that is your problem, not ours. Successful, healthy ENFPs won't fall prey to attacking us and our sense of being. Oh and my husband of 15 years is a ISFJ/engineering type so I'm speaking from experience and we are extremely happy... People think we act like we just met and are madly in love - because we are. I've found people who help me make my life work in the areas where I needed help - and that allowed me to be my best and help others be there best. -- Anonymous
C94 oh my gosh. ENFPs. We all write sososo much in our posts and never organize any of it its just like a huge blabblission of thoughts into one pile of poo we then, we throw it at the internet and see what the H happens. -- Anonymous
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