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ENFp Uncovered
by David Rosenfield

Like the ENTp, the ENFp is driven by an overwhelming desire for attention and to be liked. Unlike the ENTp, the ENFp is not naturally rational and objective in his outlook. Where the ENTp calculates and plots to get what he wants, the ENFp acts on impulse and gut feeling. While this gut feeling is often ...
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C29 C28 Sarcastic INTJ you are missing the point. This article did not offend me.I just don't think he know what a hidden agenda is . The point of article to me should be to provide knowledge about one's self so they can improve upon their short comings with that knowledge. Some people may have get offended by stuff on this site because they had their ego hurt but if i find it to be honest and forthright why should it offend me. I don't come here to hear praise about myself but to read a honest intellectual discussion what functions motivate me to do certain things and if they are negative what ways can I use to help me not do such actions .If the point of these articles is to offend people i might as well go to an internet chat room called "Insults and Drama" and not waste me time on a site that should be educational and instructive. The point of these articles is not to offend people but a warning is giving because some people had been or will be offended for whatever reason. Even if it is accurate about enfp's you know this is more of a type description.An uncovered article and a type description are 2 different things. Read Sergei Ganin's article "Type and the Hidden Agenda" in the article section on here. The hidden agenda of an enfp and esfp is "To Know". That has to do with these type's 7th function which is . I read another uncovered article for these types on another web site and it went into detail how affected these two types behavior and intentions. Why do you think its called a "Hidden Agenda"? Because it's not part of the outward personality and does not affect some people as much as it affects other people. You can compare it to the subconscious part of your inner self. It is the part of your being you feel very vunerable at. That is why you try to hide it or get stonger in that part of your consciousness. What the above article is basically trying to say is that the ENFP and the ENTP has the same hidden agenda which according to Socionics is false. The ENTP's 7th function is which translate into the hidden agena "to be loved" which is the same as the ESTP's hidden agenda because they have the same 7th function. The ENFP's 7th function is which is also the ESFP's 7th function.[Te] which translate into the hidden agenda of "to know". -- baydog
C30 I agree with most others, this uncovered is a description of an immature ENFP to say the least or more likely an ESFP. As an ENFP myself, I want to be liked by everyone, but I have no desire to be a stripper either. -- lessthanstellar
C31 It's not that ENFP's want to be liked by everyone , but, that we don't want to be not-liked by anyone. Big difference. -- Sarah Y.
C32 This is written by an ENFP who hasn't mastered himself till the tops of toes and fingers. Especially the last piece of the article has been written to radically. Where is the strive for virtue of the ENFP? An ENFP seeks win-win-situations in everything to make himself feel good. -- Anonymous
C33 I agree with C6. -- Anonymous
C34 I agree sort of with the article except there is no discussion about the sincerity of the ENFP. For me as an ENFP I find it a constant struggle to prove my sincerity to people, it is very important for me to be sincere, kind, thoughtful to everyone....I mean EVERYONE:). I think that is the main problem with ENFPs....since they try to be a blessing to too many people and they end up being a blessing to none or few. Most people (especially other types) take the ENFP's lack of follow-through to be insincerity, but what he/she doesn't realize is the ENFP is out trying to please 1 million other people! From what I have gathered from the comments, very few other types, possibly ONLY the ENFP truely understands this concept. For this reason I think it is obvious an ENFP didn't write this article because it shows a lack of understanding of the ENFP type. C31 - good point. I noticed hardly anyone aggreed with the neediness of an ENFP. I don't either. I can say from personal experience that I'm only 'needy' or may come across as that if I feel the person dislikes me. I will go over the top and be a bit gushy (pretty much just plane gross ) and smothering in my attempt to regain that person's love. If you want an ENFP's attention, hate them! I don't think an ENFP would be needy in the slightest in a normal relationship. If anything he/she would be slightly stand-off-ish in the (still) constant attempt to get everyone to like them. Anyway those are my thoughts as an ENFP.... Oh and ENFP's ARE THE BEST!! -- Mitch
C35 C6: couldn't agree more, the gentleman's club reference is an extremely degrading comment with no basis-Anonymous. -- Anonymous
C36 Enough of this nonsense about "near psychic ability to understand the motives of others." Stop granting supernatural powers to people when they don't have them and when you can't back up such claims with facts. Saying such things wreaks of arrogance and self-righteousness; your perspective isn't any more gifted or flawed than that of the average person. -- Anonymous
C37 C36, where is your evidence to say they aren't especially gifted in being able to understand the motives of others. It seems your making claims as much as the next person -- Anonymous
C38 This is so accurate I cannot believe it. It's like someone has written about me!!! My partner is incredibly intuitive and has told me time and time again that i am like this. But me, being an enfp didn't believe him totally and thought we just had a clash of personalities. Now, what i really want to know is how on earth do i mature out of this behaviour without denying who i am? I am in my 30's and seem to act so child like; it annoys the hell out of me, god only knows how my partner puts up with me! -- High Maintenance Misery
C39 I didn't make any such claims; YOU'RE the one making the claims about having special insight into the motives of others, therefore the burden of proof is on YOU. You're basically saying that because what you said can't be disproven that it is true by default, which is a fallacy. So, besides your selective memory of your subjective experience, where's your evidence to support your claims? What makes you think that because of your "type", and this is a conversation exclusively about type, that you have some sort of special insight that anyone of any other type can't have? Also, no one has even made an attempt to "prove" what you said using objective methods. Come up with facts and evidence before making such sweeping categorical judgments. -- Anonymous
C40 I found the ENFp description at much more accurate that this one. I don't agree that ENFp's are 'high maintenance'. And, if we were, why would ISTp be our dual? I do agree with the ENFp desire/need for excitement which is why ISTp's are great to spend time with because they also thrive on variety and adventure. -- Anonymous
C41 Really total 100% Uncovered...I agree this is a correct description of an immature ENFp. I know some mature ENFps, though, who have succeeded in mastering only one skill, but more than perfectly. They have been loyal to it and to their friends all their lives. They look superficial, but actually they are the opposite, just the thing or person they are loyal to is sometimes not discernable in their behaviour. And I agree with C12, I must admit that the "look at me" attitude is more an ESFp one than ENFp. ENFps can have the "like me" attitude, yes, but it can also be totally different: There is one thing ENFps and ESFps have in common, that is, because of our Fi we can fall in love for life with some issue (a certain attitude to music, a certain language, faith, psychology etc.) and start promoting it. (I am afraid in my case it might be persuading people that "the type is not so bad as you think" at this site.) ESFps like presenting the issue in a funny and interesting way, and being Se, they simply enjoy the presentation itself, the fun, good mood and group spirit they are able to raise in people. ENFps are less conspicuous, but more passionate promoters, and as they also have deeper faith in the subject, more physical energy and see the possibilities to reform, they more often succeed in actually making people interested in the subject. Then the attitude becomes "look at me and the subject I am presenting" with ESFps, and "like the subject I am presenting" with ENFps. Thats why I dont agree with the superficiality described in this article. -- ESFp
C42 i'm an ENFP and i agree with some of the comments that say this is most likely a description of an immature ENFP in their teens because i am such and the description really fits. -- Anonymous
C43 C42 you'll probably find that you don't change -- Anonymous
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