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Question #1187466381Saturday, 18-Aug-2007
Category: ENTp Hidden Agenda
Can someone please explain to me in simple laymans terms the achille's heel of an ENTP in terms of their feelings? -- anon
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A1 I take it that ENTps with their extremely theoretical and often obscure speech patterns need someone who is willing to listen to and "understand" them (according to socionics, ISFps will prove willing). I suppose most others either agree or disagree based on only a quick momentary assessment (belief/disbelief, etc)...rarely taking the time to understand the ENTps often "vague" ideas. ESTp by contrast would want a "confidant" to explain their people-manipulating schemes to...(INFp). INFps are also very small-talk prone so they are likely to bring in lots of "useful information" for the ESTp. -- Anonymous
A2 three words: taming the lion :-p -- Anonymous
A3 Give me a break about ISFP's liking theoretical talk because they are my dual. I am an ISFP male and I do not like to hear theoretical talk. ISFP like things straight forward and simple and explained in detail. And I also like a woman with warm feelings. When an ENTP goes into deep convoluted theoretical thinking on these boards my eyes glaze over. I do not know what they are talking about and do not care to know. It hurts my head and sounds like nonsense. Duals are just the opposite of us except both easy going or both liking things settled. So sure duals are strong where the other is weak. So they can provide insight that is the opposite of how we feel or think. But that also means opposites who are totally different and that will create conflict. The thought of being with an ENTP woman who is theoretical and unfeeling is the opposite of what I want in a mate. I want someone good at explaining the details in their life and warm like an ESFJ. You people are funny here. Everyone just assumes oh their dual most like that. No! It is the opposite of me and I do not like it and is not good for romance. -- Anonymous
A4 Yeah, again, "according to socionics..." Remember that the types described are idealized types, which "according to socionics" fit well with their duals. By definition, a "socionics-ISFp" is such a person as likes the fine arts, music, good food, nature, peaceful relations, etc. ...oh, and ENTps. It could be that no such person actually exists. It could also be that the whole theory is a pile of ....! That's just another possibility. Another site ( recommends what socionics calls "mirror" partnerships (opposite temperaments -- ISFp + ESFj is one example) and claims to have empirical verification. "Mirror" relations are 4th best according to socionics rankings. They are characterized by mutual correction (and potential argumentation) -- but at the end of the day, mirror-types will at least make sense of one another. Keirsey recommends ISFP + ESTJ which according to socionics is a "supervisory" relation and highly discouraged. -- I have noticed that socionics duals are those best equipped to "endure" (or "fix") one another. This is from the "ESFj uncovered" article: "One aspect I failed to point out: the ESFj needs to continually dump their woes and frustrations on his or her partner like a purging or cathartic act so the partner has to have broad shoulders and thick skin - hence, a reason why [the] INTj pairing works." Make your own conclusions. -- also wrote A1
A5 Any time an "inventive" villain in a sci-fi movie says something like "don't you want to know how I did it?" you can be sure you're looking at an ENTp. ENTps love monologuing (about themselves). Examples: Buddy from "The Incredibles." Riddler from Batman Forever. Boris from Goldeneye (perfect example -- he even has the pen-fiddling quirk and he's always play "one-up" games even in critical moments). More recently: Glen from "Transformers" was an ENTp ... he's a super-genius hacker but seemingly lost in moment-to-moment interaction. The scene where he's anticipating an interrogation really gives it away. (It's also not difficult to tell that he'd need an ISFp-Mediator/Peacemaker there.) But he's probably the only non-sinister example I can think of right now from films, where you can see the examples for yourself if you're interested. If you've seen any one of these movies, you'll know what's "wrong" with ENTps and their "feelings." On a side note, the film (I guess unknowingly, unless Hollywood is openly employing socionics now) provides a contrast too; the analyst who contacts him is very much an INTj-Analyst. -- also wrote A1
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A6 i don't know about answering the question, but just of the bat with A1, ..A1 says, that atleast the ISFP is willing to listen, i disagree, the ISFP is a dual oppisite sex preferential relation. the actual freind of same sex who is willing to listen is the INTP, believe it. and the partnership can become strong in the 'partnerwise-covernant-wise' way, inthat both strengthen each and the others theoretical and N vector. QUESTIONER - does the ENTP have an Archiles heel. so of the people say that it tends to be there mouth, or there ideas, and speach patterns, that the optimum is to rein or bound down this personality factor. QUES. - i disagree with this whole view. u can either be a backfoot fighter and pull back and rein in this EXPRESSION VECTOR, or a Forward-foot fighter and push the advantage u have in your Ni-Ti approximations to make it a real virtue, and create a place where u are really respected. of-course this information is not to try if u are a limited individual, but there are other LAWs of growth for the individual (meaning besides socionics, and the science of 'general approximations of advise'), if u should master these, but not 'common people laws', laws like what u like in science and the study of devises which u are apt to use in your phraseology...than u will move in the true vector of satisfaction for the individual. i did'ent even read the other posts, but u got your answer. -- @sirac
A7 @ A3 - I see that. ENTps should use their high-powered to make amusing, offhand remarks, or something. On a date, tell some jokes? See how they react to random stuff in conversation. Turn off and use it to figure them out later. ENTps talents are probably attractive to anyone but that doesn't necessarily mean ISFps want to hear about it when they're trying to have fun. -- Anonymous
A8 As an ENTP I'd say that my achilles heel in terms of feeling would be that I am often able to disassociate myself from my emotions so that I feel as though I'm not actually feeling something but rather reacting appropriately as others would expect me to. I think this is a self-defence mechanism so I'm telling myself I'm not actually feeling what I'm feeling but this actually lead to me being celibate and not dating for a while back because I felt that I was being too flippant with other people's feelings and I knew that to be wrong and so pulled back and decided that until I was sure I actually felt something for someone I wouldn't get involved physically or mentally. On the flip side I would say I am very empathetic so strangely I can really feel for other people - possibly even more so than I can for myself. Don't ask me how that works - I have always just assumed that my brain did this as a self-defence mechanism to protect my ego/heart etc but thought I'd post in case this is can be analysed to be in line with what would be perceived/known to be an ENTP's emotional achilles heel. I guess it could be viewed as being Machiavellian or cold but from my perspective it's not that because of how I feel if someone close to me is in pain or upset - then I will really feel it for or through them. -- ENTP
A9 Personally as an ENTP if I can't work an idea out in reality and make it work then it is just discussion, great for relating to other NT's but even NT's bore of endless discussion and wrangling. Actually I enjoy ISFP's because they know how to have fun and bring out the warmth that is a very real part of ENTP's. It's just that ENTP's like to feel safe to share our more vulnerable side. I think everyone needs this and over time a dual partner allows us to do this without fear of rejection. My two closes friends are ISFP's. Even though I can bounce something off an INTP to get a broader prespective, I really trust an ISFP to say that one small thing that reassures me that I am moving in the right direction or helps me figure out what I need to do. I get the sense from them that they really care and that makes me drop my guard with them. I think that one of the worst tendencies as an ENTP is the fear of someone getting one over on us and hurting us so we tend to be emotionally guarded while appearing to be more vulnerable then we allow ourselves to be and this gets misinterpreted by people. This is an ENTP ego struggle which all types struggle with some issue from time to time just that it is played out differently for other types. -- ENTP
A10 ENTp here and I agree with A8 and A9. A7, I'm often commenting on the bizarre, causing my classmates to try and keep from laughing out loud. I pretty try and live in the moment and do my analyzing later. I think a major achilles heel is that we are perceived as not being sincere or even liars for not following through or not doing/forgetting what we say we'll do (i.e. yeah, I'll take care of that. The other person thinks I mean right now while I mean when I can get around to it.) And it will get done eventually. Just maybe not for a few weeks. -- --jess
A11 Love an ENTP:) He's great, but agree with the above comments. He tends to commit to things without really planning them out, and is not always very aware of his own T/F because he is in a "buzz" sometimes when engaged in conversation. -- cough
A12 ENTPs have a hard time receiving affection. For example, they don't like to be hugged or accept complements. An ENTPs true weakness has to do with their sensing fuction; they can not dance. -- yogurt
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