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Question #1120401284Sunday, 3-Jul-2005
Category: Theory Gay ENFp
Is there a relation between personality type and homosexuality? -- Richard
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A1 First off, as I see, it might be better to keep in mind that there is a distinction, although wavering, between "personality" and "type". We are all unique in our own ways, yet our type often decides how we respond to different circumstances and individuals in life. This may be helpful: Freud had a concept of "Body Ego", which is the idea that the body is where much of consciousness is associated in day to day life. He also had developed the idea that much of a person's libido, or 'drive' is attached to objects in the outside world through "object cathexes". When these cathexes are withdrawn from certain things there are, in Freud's theory, responses that individuals have. Since the "energy" associated with the cathexes is no longer placed on things in the outside world it pools in the individuals consciousness and, if extreme enough results in narcicism. This is a strong degree of love for self, and could be attributed to a strengthening of the Body Ego. To oversimplify: Many times, in theory, this narcicism can come in a less extreme form, where the individual ties these cathexes to things which reflect their own image, and looks for love in their own image(looking for themselves). This often is fixated on their own erogenous zones(a mutated form of regression to their psychosexual stages). Just a theory, but there is a relationship between Socionics and Freud's theories. If there is a correlation between Socionics and sexual orientation I haven't seen it. I'm not an expert, but perhaps certain types may be more prone to withdraw cathexes associated with their weaker functions and will therefore develop different forms of cathex withdrawl. Vague, unproven, but a curiosity. -- Steve, ENTp
A2 Hmm, I'm leaning toward "yes." ENFps are pretty gay. -- discojoe - ENTp
A3 Indeed ENFps are gay. -- Richard - INFj
A4 Well all of the ENFp's I know are straight! -- Herzblut - ESTp
A5 [Ref:A4] I wonder how much of that is actually true... -- d-_-b
A6 I am an ENFP, although I am not gay, many people have mistaken me for being gay. -- Anonymous
Moderator's comment
Best everyone keeps this in mind before making juvenile conclusions.
A7 Yes. To answer this question, we must first answer the question of whether there are archetypically femine (yin) and masculine (yang) types. I believe so. I, S, F and P are archetypically feminine traits, and their opposites - E, N, T and J - are archetypically masculine. Hence, ISFP, the Aesthete, is the most feminine of all types, and ENTJ, the Leader, is the most masculine. What's this got to do with sexual orientation? Nothing. But I - for one - believe that many gay men and women identify themselves (underline that) as homosexual as a consequence of misfit into traditional gender roles, which in turn is an exacerbation of masculine and feminine archetypes. Conclusion? ENFp's have a fair chance of being gay - and flaringly so - but so do ESTp's and INFj's (although the latter may be more dissimulated). -- Andre - INTj and nongay
A8 I love your Alpha Reasoning Mr. Andre! More seriously, I think the *actuality* of someone being gay will lead to a misconception by others AND possibly by themselves to be "typed" as E, N, and F (gay guys) or S, and T (gay girls). Thier actual type would probably only be apparent with observation of thier interactions with others. (As an aside: E, N and J masculine? S and P feminine? What are you smoking!? kidding...) -- Some Random xNTx
A9 I know of two brothers who are estp and entp. Both consider themselves gay. And I know of estjs (males) and at lest one isfj that are gay as well. Conclusion. Just about anybody could be gay. -- Some Random xNFx
A10 The two gay people that i've typed were ESFP and xSxP types. I know another person who has some minor feminine traits (ESFP) and has had some of his drunken behavior as labeled 'gay'ish, though he is most likely a heterosexual. I think a T/F border might have something to do with a difficulty properly controlling the feminine/masculine processes and the need to expend additional energy doing so. Mod/strong F males can do so rather easily because they can better read other people and generate an attitude of 'being' male (as opposed the actions of being male) As an INXP (soc. INxj), I tend to exhibit feminine patterns during times of uncertainty as my type tends to be INXx (MBTI INxP with J leanings), however I am *not* gay. -- Legna Orez
A11 I'm an ENFp male and yeah, I think I have to give guys a run for their money- all of my freinds who are ENFp have said they might be Bi- this is all of them!4 guys and 2 girls. Any ENF can relate to it in my experience. The INFj's and ESFj's I know are much more pro-stereotype, its not funny. I think it's the empathy of the NF with the liberalism of the P, and the try anything of the E. Makes sense doesnt it? -- random eNFp
A12 First of all, I don't think being gay has to do with type. Of course we can't actualy prove this with statistics or whatever, but I haven't met one type that is destined to be gay or anything. And I also find that Feeling men can actually be quite masculine. T/F doesn't have so much to do with masculine/femine as it does with how you look at/process diffrent things. F men can be very good with relationships with women, while NOT acting feminine theselves. Personality has a lot to do with how you are percieved, not just your type. As for the ENTJs being "masculine", I have seen some who are very masuline and some who are very feminine. A lot of the diffrences probably have to do with how they were brought up, their beliefs, enviorment, etc.. And the ISFPs, I do think that they are some of the more feminine (typically). Si + Fe can lead to a lot of feminine qualities; that is, if they want to. If it is a guy, he more often tries to stay away from the feminine stereotypes, and will develop a diffrent kind of personality to fit "societal norms". -- Sensory-logical Intratim
A13 Strong Fi function means, that a person is well aware of his or her feelings and is especially important to relations with the opposite sex. Sexuality is both feeling and sensory functions, because feelings and sensations are strongly connected. Gender role confusion and uncertainity has to do with parenting and not with the type. For example,if a boy's father has strong feminine traits, it's very likely that he will behave the same way as his father. Other possibility is emotional and/or physical and/or sexual abuse in the family. The person (the child) fail to develop his or her own personality and sexual identity. There may be several other reasons for this as well. I agree that Fe (need to share own feelings with others; demonstrative behavior), Si (softness, calmness, passivity) have feminine qualities and Fi (need to share common interests; emotional reserved; need for privacy), Se (activity, will, expansiviness)could be of a more masculine nature. Fe an Si are always connected with Ni and Te. If that's so, then types with conscious Fe, Si, Te, Ni have more feminine and Fi, Se, Ne, Ti types have more masculine traits. That would make ENFP a masculine type. But I think masculinity/femininity has to do more with the maturity and there are no absolutely feminine or masculine person, because every male has some feminine and every female has some masculine qualities. -- E type
A14 Me (female 20) and my brother are both ENFps (though i have also been categorised as an ENTp in 2 tests out of the 12 i have taken), and i can say for sure that while we behave heterosexually in society, we also identify with bisexual characters and have had at least 1 same sex experience..i do not know if it has anything to do with the type, but it certainly adds to the statistics... -- - an EN_P
A15 to A14, if you can remember how many tests you have taken, you're not a P! also, gay + type = random outcome. i think it is a silly exercise in this postmodern age to actually believe there is some correlation to the stereotypical gay image and type. learn to think outside of the box. -- jared
Moderator's comment
An ability to remember things has nothing to do with J-ness or P-ness. Hmmm, the latter one sounds rather funny.
A16 If we are talking about the streotypical gay it is the INFP. Self pitying weak, narcissistic etc. However this does not mean that all INFPs are gay only they are usually perceived this way if the person in question is male. I am personally an INTJ and gay. Being still in the closet I find it amusing that not a single one of my friends or a member of my family ever considered me as gay (as far as I know of course) because I simply do not fit into the description (INTJ do not usually 'fit into' streotypes anyways). ESFPs and ENFPs are most likely types to be bisexual and polygamous in my humble oppinion. -- Mover and Shaker
A17 Actually [A16], I think the stereotypical "gay man" is ESFP--the screaming feather-boa'd drag queens in the 1970s pride parades that many groups still believe represent the gay community. The gay "community" is quite E, but I applaud your recognition of the 'I' gay stereotype (and that it is a stereotype). Almost everyone would agree that F is part of the *stereotypical* gay male type, but you'd be amazed at the number of gay "Ts" there are. Oh, and to A13--you are confusing "masculine" and "feminine" with "gay" and "heterosexual". There is correlation, but not particularly strongly there. I have gay male friends who are major NASCAR and football fans and whom you'd be afraid of in a dark alley, and I have lesbian friends who have gorgeous long hair and love to sing in the choir and in musicals. Bottom line, there really is not significant, provable link in Type and sexual orientation. -- Kent-INTj
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A18 I'm an IxFx myself and I'm pretty manly. -- IxFx macho
A19 i'm an enfp and i'm gay. any questions? hahaha -- dUsTiN - enfp
A20 Not all ENFPs are gay but they might pretend to be for attention. Haha, as in the case of my last boyfriend. I have a gay ENTJ friend, and I am a ENTP and I am bisexual. -- Entp female
A21 i really don't think homosexuality has anything to do with type. i think it has more to do with identifying with your same-sex parent. when a child's personality conflicts with the parent's idealogical, stereotypical expectations, then that's where the confusion begins. personality/psychological traits are just simply "traits"... they have no physical, concrete sex. people are "individuals" and should be treated as such! parents playing favorites and using partiality is IMHO denying love to the "other" child for their differences and individuality. ppl will go extreme lengths when their essential "human" needs are not being met, not only physical, but no less important, psychological needs as well. if someone denies their child love, they might as well be denying it food... what is the difference? -- an INFj
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