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INTj or INTp?
by Sergei Ganin

INTjs and INTps can have very similar behaviour, interests and even appearance. However, when it comes to intertype relations there is a big difference between these two, because one's Dual is the other's Conflicting type. Also, two INTjs or two INTps can co-exist quite peacefully, whereas an INTj and an INTp do ...
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C48 I used to be a solid INTj, but lately j/p has become more balanced. If I read type profiles, INTj still seems most accurate, but there are things in INTp that I can definitely relate with as I grow older. I figure it must be possible to grow away from the extremes of type as you get older. -- davidstvz
C49 I always score INTp on the site, yet this does not sound like me at all. What type could I possibly be I wonder? -- Anonymous
C50 Just saying that socionics messed up and mixed up INTJ with INTP INTP: Ti Ne Si Fe INTJ: Ni Te Fi Se talking about main functions of INTJ to be introverted thinking? and talking about main functions of INTP to be extroverted thinking? if this is not wrong please someone explain me this -- INTJ
C51 INTP: Dominant: Introverted Thinking Auxiliary: Extraverted Intuition Tertiary: Introverted Sensing Inferior: Extraverted Feeling INTj: Dominant: Introverted Intuition Auxilliary: Extraverted Thinking Tertiary: Introverted Feeling Inferior: Extraverted Sensing yeah, they got mixed up... -- int*
C52 To C50 and C51 You are using the sequence coming from Myers-Briggs' theory. Socionics sequence which has to be used in order TO GET THE INTERTYPE RELATION (not the behaviour!!!) is for INTp: NiTeSiFeSeFiNeTi (ESFp, SeFi... is the dual) and for INTj: TiNeFiSeFeSiTeNi (ESFj, FeSi... is the dual) -- piccolo_michel
C53 This fella who wrote this has a good number of things ass backwards. Type doesnt determine ones 'spirtuality' there is mounting evidence that 'religious behaviour' is in fact something genetic. It honestly should be classified as a mental illness or some delusional disorder. You shouldnt allow type to cross over the edge of general classification, there is a big difference between personal choices, genetics and generalized behaviour. Completely disagree with the Intp's being in business and such. We intps should have nothing to do with money, not good with it! I dunno. -- Anonymous
C54 What about at the same time. Why cant one be an subconscious action and the other be the conscious one. That is why you can test as both so frequently. You are both, at the same time, but one is in our concious thoughts and the other is in the underlying methods of thinking. The opposing differences are actually why it would make sense. these divisions are ALWAYS the problems, in some way, where the strengths we have as either an intp or intj are the problem for the others. we are viewed as distant for our strengths, and their strengths are strange or unneccesary to us. im writing a LOOONG paper about this idea of being both, where the 3rd perspective is this analytical discussion of ourselves as 2 different people within one framework. we choose who we are as life changes and the choice to be one or the other arises once again. that is why we may share equal shadow complexes (just look at wiki) under stress, as these are transitioning facets between personalities. -- Anonymous
C55 Every other article about INTJs and INTPs describe the dominant function of INTJs as Introverted Intuition and the dominant function of INTPs as Introverted Thinking. -- Anonymous
C56 Ok, That does not make any sense. I am perfectly an INTP in MBTI system but definitely an INTj in Socioinic (may be with the exception of the hidden agenda since I am more concerned with an object of affection than with my health). I simply don't understand why the heck Socioinic had to invert the introverted types?! -- S1N2
C57 I read (some of) the comments after I posted the C56. Some argued that in the socionics the j vs p is different from the MB system and are concerned with our innate preferences; however, I checked the socionics description of j/p and it's pretty much the same as MB description: I seriously believe the socionics designers made up this differentiation to make their system look different from the MB system. An INTP in MB is in fact an INTj in socionics and vice versa while the j does NOT match the description of the j given by the socionics!!!!! And, that's what I find confusing. -- S1N2
C58 Where have you read that in socionics that the j and p is switched over? Link please -- Anonymous
C59 C57 it's confusing, because you can't convert MBTI types to socionics types. sometimes it coincidentally works out that way, but the many different nuances between the definitions in the two systems and the different things each represents makes for the need to start from scratch typing oneself in socionics, thinking socionically. To think socionically, it can take some time learning what the functions mean and how they manifest according to socionics definitions. -- sjy
C60 There will always be confusion when a type's dominant preference isn't its extroverted preference. We tend to attach a label of dominant to the more-obvious extroverted behaviours, which is an error that MBTI perpetuates. However, Socionics may overlook secondary influences that an extroverted preference may have on the introverted dominant. -- I/O
C61 If you are INTj - your problem is Power sence (black sircle). If Zhukov is your enemy in which you cannot resist, you are INTj. INTp can get well with people who uses power, while INTj can't stand it. -- Anonymous
C62 stopped reading at ''intps are very religious'' lol I'm almost sure the intps have the hightest ratio of agnostics and atheists of all mbti types. That's because we are as skeptical as an type can be. -- Someone
C63 "INTps are in their element when involved with business, enterprise, commerce, industry, trade, financial institutions, church etc. " This is very untrue for myself and the INTPs I know. -- Anonymous
C64 I agree with C15 comment. I'm having a hard time joining without twitter so until then call me DOT if you want to respond,I guess. I test now and always have as INTJ in socionomics and MBTI (except once I got an INFJ a few years ago.I test as a 5 which is apparently = INTP). MBTI does feel very restrictive and it seems a lot of the people who test as MBTI INTJ are put in the position while testing to be dishonest and claim something that is inadvertently untrue, unless, I guess they are tested by a person who studies them first. I agree with C15 also because, while I am artistic,creative and known for supporting others,an MBTI INTJ nono according to many techy INTJs as per my experience,I am fitted to the functioning and processing described here as socionically INTJ.Many MBTI INTJs are told and believe a very narrow and I think unarguabley negative description of themselves(Just one example:Hitler?!)which is touched on more judiciously (BTW how I tend to interpret the 'J')in your throw-away reference at the end of your description.OTHERS misunderstand us and stay away, it doesn't mean we are worthy of avoidance.My above referentials also relate to another aspect of your essay which I like : highlighting that these tests are about understanding function, not form.Being INTJ is not the same as having a chemical diagnosis and it's subject to change with scenario and personal growth.Am I interpretting correctly? Anyway, thanks, I match almost 100% your description of INTJ, although I was foggy on whether I put more import on exercising or understanding my knowledge but after brief thought, I realised I need to KNOW whether or not I share it with others etc.,I am often described as spiritual by outsiders but, I think my true inner spiritual life is not quite how others would define 'spiritual'.I efinitely like socially light settings when unwinding,and had thought that too was un INTJ of me...although part of a common cliche is enjoying puns but,there seems to be apride in dark humor which I can have but also can do without. I enjoy nature and animals and children.Many Intjs seem to wan to equate stoicsm with heartlessness. I don't mean to attack or pervade these themes but, what's your(others'?) experience and interpretation of this phenomenon? -- Anonymous
C65 You've got it wrong: - INTJ: Dominant: Introverted intuition (Ni) Auxiliary: Extraverted thinking (Te) Tertiary: Introverted feeling (Fi) Inferior: Extraverted sensing (Se) - INTP: Dominant: Introverted thinking (Ti) Auxiliary: Extraverted intuition (Ne) Tertiary: Introverted sensing (Si) Inferior: Extraverted feeling (Fe) -- Anonymous
C66 to C65 MBTI INTJ = NiTe; Socionics INTj (LII) = TiNe. MBTI INTP = TiNe; Socionics INTp (ILI) = NiTe. BUT... MBTI INTJ can be either LII or ILI and MBTI INTP can be either ILI or LII because of the different interpretations of the meanings of functions. -- piccolo_michel
C67 I think everyone who's having any doubts about their type should read I/O's article, permutations of type. Also, I agree that Socionics should develop their own terms and coding. The terms between MBTI and Socionics are just too similar. Even as a person who is quite familiar with both systems, when I read through these comments it can be hard to tell what system a person is talking about. It's like every time you're talking about anything you have to clarify whether you're talking about MBTI or Socionics. -- doctorjuice
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