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INTj or INTp?
by Sergei Ganin

INTjs and INTps can have very similar behaviour, interests and even appearance. However, when it comes to intertype relations there is a big difference between these two, because one's Dual is the other's Conflicting type. Also, two INTjs or two INTps can co-exist quite peacefully, whereas an INTj and an INTp do ...
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C68 this is made even more confusing because INTP and INTJ are the wrong way round, INTP has Dominant: Introverted Thinking and INTJ has Introverted intuition as Dominant cognitive functions. -- Anonymous
C69 The general most common theory is the other way around: INTJ dominant function is "introverted iNtuition" (Ni) and INTP dominant function is "introverted Thinking" (Ti) -- matx
C70 I would like to point out that the INTJ's main function is introverted intuition, whereas the INTP's main function is introverted thinking. I believe you have switched the two. Also, as another member mentioned previously, INTJ's are keen on the application of their knowledge, while INTP's are interested in learning as much as possible about a certain concept and focus more on the abstract aspect. I am an INTJ with a couple of INTP friends and having experienced this difference firsthand, I can confirm it as well as state sources. -- Anonymous
C71 to C68, 69 and 70: Please, again and again: DON'T CONFUSE MBTI and Socionics! INTP (TiNe MBTI) is not INTp (NiTe Socionics) and INTJ (NiTe MBTI) is not INTj (TiNe Socionics). And also INTP (TiNe MBTI) is not INTj (TiNe Socionics) and INTJ (NiTe MBTI) is not INTp (NiTe). Functions have a very different meaning in MBTI and Socionics. Ti (MBTI) is not Ti (Socionics), Te (MBTI) is not Te (Socionics) and so on... DON'T CONFUSE both systems. Here it's a site about SOCIONICS! -- piccolo_michel
C72 My is extremly high and is extremly are all quite good...Do you think it's more possible for me to ba an INTp or INTj? Thanks:) PS: In Enneagram I have very high score in Investigator, Peacemaker and Individualist~ -- Alysa
C73 To C71: Socionics, or at least this website, is inherently inaccurate. It provides type profiles that correspond exactly to those types of the same name in MBTI. For instance, the Socionics INTj description is parallel to the MBTI INTJ- not the INTP. The same goes for all the other introverted types: ISFp description = ISFP; INFj description = INFJ; and so on. And yet, Socionics states that the INTj has functions of Ti/Ne/Si/Fe- like the MBTI INTP- which is simply not true. We INTJs are very aware that our functions are, in fact, Ni/Te/Fi/Se. Socionics can be extremely useful, but only when you realize where it’s wrong, and functions is one of the areas where it is just plain wrong. To those interested in a thorough description of the eight psychological functions and their CORRECT corresponding types by someone who knew what he was talking about, I suggest ‘Volume 6: Psychological Types’ from Jung’s Collected Works. You’ll encounter no inaccuracy there. -- Anonymous
C74 @c73 no socionics has INTj as Ti/Ne/Fi/Se it is hilarious to read someone criticising something as inaccurate whilst being inacurate themselves, thank you for the laughs. -- Anonymous
C75 Thanks C74! The Key of the whole problem is the fact that Socionics Te is not MBTI Te, Socionics Ti is not MBTI Ti, Socionics Ne is not MBTI Ne, Socionics Ni is not MBTI Ni, and so on! It's why socionics INTj (LII) may be similar to MBTI INTJ or to MBTI INTP or even to another MBTI type and Socionics INTp (ILI) may be similar to MBTI INTP or to MBTI INTJ or even another MBTI type. Socionics TiNe may be similar to MBTI NiTe, etc. There is NO CONTRADICTION! SYSTEMS ARE DIFFERENT and here it's a Socionics site, not a MBTI site. Look at definitions of functions in both systems and you'll see the differences. -- piccolo_michel
C76 This is wrong, if only for the simple mistakes in describing the cognitive functions of the types: for INTP, you say the main function is introverted intuition, and second is extroverted thinking. This is not true, their main function is introverted thinking and secondary is extroverted intuition. It's INTJs who have extroverted thinking and introverted intuition, but in the opposite order. -- Ana
C77 I'm almost amazed of how people who are supposed to be intellectual have a tendency to be so inefficient in READING... You people who couldn't even took a cuople of minutes to read about socionics BEFORE commenting about MBTI are probably unable to find a type because of retardedness... In your idiosyncratic minds you have found foul truth. here some facts: 1)Socionics was originally designed BEFORE MBTI was published. So any comments about what adapted to what should be tossed away. Any person will a little knowledge about Cold War may understand how Socionics wouldn't come to The US any sooner then the 1990's... 2)MBTI does not equal Carl Jung's book "Psychologische Typen". And also anyone talking about this book should read the whole book first and not just Chapter X if willing to jump to conclusions. So Both Myers-Briggs and Augustinavichute used Jung as reference and not each others theories. 3) In Socionics (white triangle... Oh look the system DOES have a particular notation...) is defined as a perception of continuous changes of events that is inherent to the subjects relationship with those events.... Also in a lesser technical language, it is the perception of time itself as a relative factor of the subjects living process. Socionics' (white triangle) Dominants (ILI and IEI) will simply and primordially acknowledge, receive and model information that is related to their relationships with time, Being this imagining how or why certain event unfolded or will unfold, or could unfold under certain conditions defined by that ambiguous subjective relationship with time and reality. 4)Since is irrational and thus dominant types are Irrational (of course this would mean "are" under the definition of Socionics as well as from Jung... Yes Introverted Intuition is an Irrational function and Ni types are irrational according to Jung), meaning that their priorization of filtering of information for processing has given hierarchical advantage to their irrational subjective perception of the unfolding of events, their approach to spirituality is more malleable. It is more probable that someone concerned with their subjection of time will move mentally to the beginning and end of time to seek for guidance; which in turn may leave doors open for spirituality (but not necessarily religion, which is institutionalized and absolutist) -- Anonymous
C78 I find it hilarious how up in arms people are getting about this. If this is simply a theory, and nothing more, put together by fallible humans, does it honestly matter what your type is THAT MUCH in the bigger scheme? I fit many traits of different types, four or five, even....agh. I just found out about all this a few weeks ago or so, memorized all of it...and what is it good for? More effective/simple manipulation of others (since it's easier to predict how they'll act with the type system)? It just seems to fuel comparison, which is a loss that seems to outweigh the gain of understanding your own personality more. Kind of like IQ tests. They can give you something to brag about if you really must, but they fuel a sort of comparative way of thinking, because if you score particularly high, you have every reason (in your own mind, at least, I know I did, for a time) to shut out everyone around you who presumably can't offer any sort of intellectually stimulating interaction. Much the same way as knowing your type may well make you less likely to associate with people of types the "relations" section says you won't get along well with (yes, I skimmed an earlier comment about how it's possible attain a level of self-awareness high enough to put that aside, which I happen to have, but how many other people are? I certainly don't know a lot, and the other person would obviously need to make some kind of effort as well...). It's entirely possible this is riddled with errors, I only found out about this profiling system a few weeks ago (as I said), and I know little of what goes on outside my head, so I apologize for any major spelling or grammar mistakes, as well as probable flaws in my information. -- Anonymous
C79 The article is poorly researched and written. INTJ's lead with Ni which is introverted intuition. INTP's lead with Te which is extraverted thinking. Your functions are incorrect. And therefore, your entire premise and article is incorrect. Verify. -- INTJ
C80 To C79: Again a "rational" (Keirsey's temperament) who is unable to understand the difference between MBTI and Socionics. Leading function: INTj (Socionics) Ti, INTp (Socionics) Ni, INTJ (MBTI) Ni, INTP (MBTI) Ti (not Te!!!). BUT, BUT, BUT, definitions of Ni, Ti and of every other information element are slightly different in both systems, so that INTj is NOT INTP and INTp is NOT INTJ -- piccolo_michel
C81 you should correct this article, INTP's cognitive is Ti or introverted thinking and INTJ's would be Ni or introverted intuition. -- Anonymous
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