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Question #1185459330Thursday, 26-Jul-2007
Category: ENTp Stereotype
Are ENTPs the most narcissistic Myers-Briggs type? -- anon
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A1 each type is capable of narcissism. however, the ENTP's ego has a very, very voracious (and insatiable) appetite -- Anonymous
A2 I had to look narcissistic up, And I could see how you would as that question, however ENTP types are not true narcissists. True Narcissisism is considered a personality disorder, this person is never wrong, and is very abussive, so any personality can behave this way. ENTPs may in their desire to help those near and dear, become to forceful, but if you confront them on it, they can be reasoned with. ENTPs have a way of going straigt to the heart of the matter, and some of us (like me an INTP), don't always like things dealt with untill we are ready for it. ENTPs also love to debate on all kinds of subjects, and they can sometimes take their skills of winning arguments to far. Meaning they will argue with you just for the sake of arguing, even if what they are saying is wrong, they get caugt up in the moment so to speak. -- Anonymous
A3 was da vinci an ENTP? -- Anonymous
A4 I think Da Vinci is very typical INTp. I suppose some could say he's ENTp, because he is known as inventor. But really that's really shady and superficial "proof". -- Anonymous
A5 No, how about entj? -- entp
A6 @A5. For ENTj he seems not so intrested in social achievements, rather he's more interested in following his own vision. But if you look more in to the biographical evidence, his personality seems most like INTp. He's very private about his personal life etc. -- A4
A7 I think people with N still are more logiclly than their S counterpart. How about SP? KNown to induglent themselves and act upon impulse, Add Extrovertism to it and you will get ESFP,ESTP -- It can be wrong
A8 The most logical thing to do is to seek sensation based pleasures or mortal skin is built for it so really n is no use here -- Sp
A9 N is above mere mortality. -- MD (INTp)
A10 A7 and A9. We're all animals so as organic machines so it is logical to take full advantages of this. It is however illogical to assume n is the superior, unproven, simply because you prefer this function -- Sp
A11 entps are soooo proud of being entps. i, for one, am a bit smug about it. -- marga
A12 @A10 Without N, you would be still sitting in a tree seeking physical pleasure from stratching your ass. -- INTp
A13 If that were the case-which really is a tangent, it still doesn't prove how said function combination is more logical. Infact your jibing sounds emotional -- Sp
A14 a10 we are not talking about whether it is logical to act upon impulse and nor did i say that N is superior, but we orginal question was which type is more narcissistic. I think that in general SP are known to be more narcissistic than other types. -- it can be wrong
A15 It can be wrong, it is not uncommon for questions to spawn other topics-this is called debate. You said in A7 that n is more logical than s, i have merely been asking you to quantify this, or have you forgotten you said this or just realised that what you say is error and unable to express this publicly? -- Sp
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A16 ummm actually i do think N counterpart to their S parnter does uses logic and more big picture thinkers than s. Lets use ENTP to ESTP for example.... Dont you think Entp even thought they can be narcissistic somethimes held back their action as opposite to the S counter part ESTP? i think SP doesn't realize their consegences of their actions, thefore making them even more narcissistic then ESTp -- it can be wrong
A17 Estp can also hold back-if they think its gonna benefit them, same as an entp. Also two people of the same type can be of different strengths of logic expressions. Being logical is more than just type- its how you choose to express yourself- ie the esfp who is a university professor of maths (she posts on this site) s people can be ingenious and creative as much as anyone-being inventive is not just restricted to type-you should bear this in mind -- Sp
A18 o, of course S can be inventive, creative and ingenious.... but i think N are inventive, creative and ingenious by their nature... If the S are NATURAL at that.... then they are N instead of S. Bear that in mind -- it can be wrong
A19 You can be wrong, but we are all entitled to our opinions. But sting for example- a highly and naturally creative person -who is istj -- Sp
A20 @Sp. Physical pleasure is only a feeling. Seeking it is emotionally driven, seeking it requires no logic, psysical pleasure results in nothing logical. In fact logic diminishes the effect of physical pleasure. -- INTp
A21 A20 you could go on and on forever couldn't you. My point was that it is logical to follow your body as it is only a biological mechanism chemically pre programmed. It is a slant on logic only that you seem to be getting confused on. There are naturally creative people of all types. Are n types more creative? Maybe..or perhaps a different slant on what is creativity. My personal understanding is n is a preference of what information is taken/processed just like s is. I don't think n always therefore equals creativity. Re earlier comment by you were you said n being superior -you said they were more logical hence you mean superior logically do you not? Why do you have to nit pick like that. I'm getting tired now i'm only trying to put forward another point of view but like so many intp's in my experience you just twist the info and keep on and on. Don't know why you guys do that, really don't. -- Sp
A22 @Sp: "you could go on and on forever couldn't you." Well obviously, since there's nothing logical about letting your body functions be your master. "My point was that it is logical to follow your body as it is only a biological mechanism chemically pre programmed." And that makes it logical how? That's just as logical as having a random list of things to do, and throwing a dice, and letting the roll tell you what you want to do. I'm the master of my body, and my body is the slave that does what it's told. Not the other way around. "Re earlier comment by you were you said n being superior -you said they were more logical hence you mean superior logically do you not?" I'm saying that just following what you body tells you to do, you get nowhere. There's no progress in that. "only trying to put forward another point of view but like so many intp's in my experience you just twist the info and keep on and on." I can make hundred different opinions about just about anything. But I want to know the correct one. Therefore I try remove the opinions that aren't correct. -- INTp
A23 But you haven't convinced me why it isn't logical to follow your bodilly chemisty. It would appear you have only convinced yourself and if i'm wrong i'd really like to know why. The mind is an evolutionary fluke, it is the living organism- human ape or ant that has and will survive -- Sp
A24 @Sp: I think I have already explained it in multiple different ways. To be logical is to follow logic, hence the word logical, not to do whatever some random input tells you to do. Physical pleasure is also a fluke, simpler animals don't feel pleasure either. -- INTp
A25 How do you know your thoughts aren't random? What produces a thought? What produces an idea? Why does the mind work in one way, and for someone else the ideas and thought process will be different. Ultimately the mind is random and illogical, to depend on it to the extent, although its hard to step out oneself and view it, is illogical, captain. -- Sp
A26 Why don't you, a25, do some research into how the mind works based on what has been discovered already by scientists, doctors and psychologists before making stupid statements like "ultimately the mind is random and illogical". Your wild imagination is not everything, you know. -- Dr. Zoidberg
A27 The mind is random and illogical-in the sense that it is controlled by chemicals and pre programmed genetics. I do know this already I have a degree in biochemistry so perhaps it is you who is stupid not understanding what I am saying isn't stupid. -- Sp
A28 PRE PROGRAMMED GENETICS! Perhaps you should look in the mirror before calling anyone stupid. The whole notion of 'pre programmed genetics' means that it is already NOT RANDOM OR ILLOGICAL! -- Dr. Zoidberg
A29 Altruism .. Genetic .. Selfleshness .. Genetic .. Do you think the do gooders really act out of a higher purpose? IQ .. Genetic .. Brain .. Genetic .. Kidneys .. Genetic. You have less control of your mind than you think. It is all biological impulses that we follow..physical and mental. Now you started using the stupid word. So take your own advice and read up. -- Sp
A30 I'm sorry but you're just an idiot so please do shut up. -- Dr. Zoidberg
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Please keep it civilised.
A31 Altruistic groups - tribes, towns countries packs of animals etc. outcompete selfish groups. In nature take a group of female lions-they will fight to defend territory against an invading male, even although they risk death personally (altruism verses selfishness) so in effect nature favours altruistic groups as opposed to the individual stereotypical idea of tooth and claw 'survival of the fittest' Now take humans-and take western civilisation. With their unrestrained market forces-selfish people make their group less fit. So perhaps the human psyche has much to learn from following our true 'logical' evolutionary selection methods-hence me touching base on my initial, attacked observation. Keep in mind that civilization has only existed in the last 10,000 years-at the advent of agriculture. This is literally seconds when you take into account that the human body has hardly changed in the last million years. At the moment we are living illogically and it looks like we could become extinct. It would do us well to listen to the logic of our forefathers and to nature. -- Sp
A32 I think "sp" is showing a typical SP way of thinking.... its not that i am critizeing you, everyone type has strenght and weakness but i think SP sometimes just aren't good with theories by nature... I do know however they are good disc jockey -- It can be wrong
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