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Question #1137522626Tuesday, 17-Jan-2006
Category: ENTp ENFp
Is this an accurate statement: ENTPs can tell what other people are thinking, whereas ENFPs can tell what others are feeling? -- im better
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A1 Yes, ENTPs are can look into someone's head and know what they are thinking. I can't distinquish sometimes between feelings and thoughts. What's very hard to do is distinguish your thoughts and feelings from someone else's, especially when you have a vested interest in matter. A big problem I'll have is picking up on the 'vibe' and knowing what someone is thinking but not seperating their thoughts/feelings from my own. As a result ENTPs have to distance themselves emotionally from other people, otherwise they become sucked into all sorts of problems that aren't their own. An ENTP has a tough cross to bear as a child. -- TC
A2 I have noticed that these types sometimes THINK that they know what you're thinking or feeling, respectively. This irritates me a lot, and I tend to clam up and not show any emotion or facial expressions when I run into these types. Whether my reaction is typical for an INTJ I don't know. Response to A1: if you think a kid's life is tough as an ENTP, try it over again as an INTJ. You brought it up, and that is my response. -- econdude
A3 There's probably some truth to that. I'm an ENFp, and I tend to know what people are thinking ~and~ feeling. The two are very closely related, although often people aren't aware of what they're feeling, while they generally know their own thoughts. I don't know what it's like for ENTp children, but being an ENFp SUCKED. I was a human doormat and school-wide brainer geek until I found my confidence, and the trauma of childhood threw me into a state of emotional paralysis for years. My heart goes out to INTJ kids! Oh...and I've got to say, I find it odd that ENTPs find it hard to distinguish thought from emotion, and their thoughts and emotions from others'. It seems like such an 'F' trait to have, yet I myself am generally quite skilled at the fine art of detachment. :S A little too skilled for my own peace of mind, truth be told. That's just bizarre. I wonder if that's a typological trait, or if it's just a byproduct of my upbringing. And furthermore, oughtn't an ENTp to be a greater master of detachment than an ENFp??? Time to research. I'm out of practice at this stuff. -- Dusty
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A4 I am an ENTp, high T 80%. I have noticed that I can usually determine what a person is thinking fairly accuratly. As far as feelings I have a hard time reading people, and am often wrong when I do. I also find that I offend people alot without meaning to, and often have to try to explain what I had had ment. -- This Guy
A5 @A4: I agree with that completely! My T is also 75-80% all the time. But I'm nearly blind for other people's feelings, to bad that results in conflict most of the times or rejection from girls when I approach them. -- Anonymous
A6 I would say that ENFPs are good at 'guessing' what people feel and ENTPs are good at 'guessing' what people think. I dont claim to "know" anything unless it's confirmed but I do tend to act on my hunches and subsequent information may prove me to be accurate. There have been times when I was completely off so I like to keep and open mind. Also I find that communicating with others is better than "just knowing" what someone is thinking. It gives me more information for my intuition to work with. Finally, I find that it is also good to let other people be responsible for themselves instead of reacting to everything that my intuition tells me about others. I have much greater peace of mind when I'm not trying to keep everybody happy with me all the time. Its an impossible task anyway. -- enfp
A7 Would other intuitives have these "mind-reading" moments too but trust them less? -- Anonymous
A8 of the 16 personality types, The ENFP probably has the most natural form of ESP. Their intuitiveness, coupled with their sense for feeling and percieving all add to a combination or formula for ESP. Because of their extroverted nature they have had more real life experiences and "lessons in life" that simply ADD to the mix that makes them "natural" esp people. The ENFP can usually be quite accurate in knowing what someone else is feeling AND thinking provided they use ALL their senses and faculties before rendering judgement. -- Barry G
A9 As a male ENFP, I'm fairly accurate in sensing how other people are feeling, even with people I don't know. Determining why a person feels that way is much more difficult though. This even counts for understanding my own feelings. I believe Fe types are probably better at that. There are occasions where I can actually read what someone is thinking as well. In my experience this happens most with intuitive thinkers or other ENFP's. -- voot (ENFP)
A10 I'm very good at getting a sense of what people are feeling...I'm usually right about that sort of thing (though of course not always). However I don't always know what they're thinking...I can only sort of guess based on what I would be thinking were I feeling the same way...but I don't have the same kind of confidence with that, because I feel like some people really think differently than I do so I can't rely on what I would be thinking to be what someone else would be thinking, even if we were experiencing a similar stimulus (feeling). -- enfp
A11 Pretty much, yeah. -- ENTp
A12 Knowing what other people are thinking and feeling is one of those things that come to me naturally as an ENxP. -- DustBunny
A13 @a12. Knowing? Knowing? Guessing is the word. You cannot possibly know what I'm thinking or feeling ever, because you are not me and never be able to get in my skin. You can only guess by my behaviour what I MIGHT be thinking or feeling. -- Cyclops
A14 Rubbish. ENTps aren't mind readers. And ENFps aren't psychic. Seriously.. LMAO! Fe creative types(INFp, ISFp) would be better at knowing what people are feeling. -- ENFp
A15 Cyclops, take some Xanax would ya? I was referring A1's problem of picking up someone else's 'vibe' and getting sucked into their problems. -- DustBunny
A16 Dustbunny, A13 is not actually your real friendly neighbourhood Cyclops.. We have an usurper in the ranks! But imitation is the best form of flattery, and if indeed the imitation cyclops is an attractive young lady, then I must warn you, the real Cyclops is suceptible to flattery!. But to the enfp's and to kip in to this general thread: with my dual seeking extraverted intuition, and your dual seeking function of introverted sensing..these are both our strongest functions. With this key element of communication established, can I say that my inferior feeling function, although I have worked to develop it is still basically inferior. Really what I am saying is that although you may or may not be psychic, your ability to understand people will seem fascinating and also psychic to the me and the istp. What do you think about that? -- The Real Cyclops (istp)
A17 You want me to befriend you after what you've said in A13 to me? I am not a silly bunny. -- DustBunny
A18 Ha ha ! I am beginning to think you are not the real bunny either! However I assure you I didn't write a13, the moderator, if I could ask a wee favour (please??) could you confirm if the ip address matches? If moderator too busy to do so then I guess there's not much I can do -- Cyclops the real
A19 A17, shut up you imposter fiend, I'm the real DustBunny -- DustBunny
A20 Oh yes, I intuitively 'know' what others are thinking/feeling - very hard to separate the two. (ENTp) I too learned to distance myself emotionally. Growing up in a very explosive household, I remember being happy happy happy - singing and doing whatever - then my mom would walk in the room and ALL her negative emotions would just spill over onto me. I'd be feeling and thinking what she was thinking. Never understood it for the longest time. I'll add, often it's not an analytical knowing. i.e. so and so is feeling/thinking x Rather, you just get this vibe - kind of a gut feeling - and unless you put up walls, it's like everyone's got access to you. -- --jess
A21 How do ENFPs/ENTPs go about 'reading' someone's mind or emotions? As an ISFP, I gather concrete evidence in the form of facial expressions, gestures ... that sort of thing. -- Curious
A22 If you watch someone's eyes / facial expressions / physical movements their mental and emotional state are written there. It's worth bearing in mind though that it's not always so good to know the thoughts of feelings of others - often it is, but at best it's a mixed blessing. -- Anonymous
A23 I have an ENTP friend. She can read my mind and it's sort of a good thing because I don't have to say anything and she just gets it. -- yogurt
A24 I agree with A23 - I have an ENFp friend, and as an INTj it's always nice to be able to look over and raise one eyebrow, and know that she knows what I mean. -- Krig (INTj)
A25 @A20... i am beginning to think the N_P sensor is quite accurate. in class speeches as i often hated preparing...i found that the firmest flop i could make was to go last... for like it or not, i used to mirror behavioural and speech patterns of those before. going first in a speech made me seem asif the Lightning of a god was speak through me, as all i had before that was singular prep time. The concersion of wheather NTP or NFP does this better is probably a non question. it is not that the sensing of emotions is better in a NFP than NTP. The T vector is only a preference in the strategic sense to deal with 'emotional contexted info' in a strategic T manner -- @sirac
A26 Well fellow ENTPs, I wouldn't say I know precisely what a person is thinking. But I do know I can understand why they think the way they do (if that makes any sense at all). For example, when someone is explaining an opinion no matter how ridiculous and/or retarded I feel like I can understand why their brain came to that conclusion. -- Anonymous
A27 My dad is an ENTP, he often can tell what I am thinking, but he has also watched me grow up, and to go a bit further he usually goes straight for the problem or issue going on, which for me (INTP) has been intense at times. My favorite person in the world is an ENFP and though he doesn't know exactly what I am feeling, he can most certainly tell if everything isn't alright, and he usually sais or does the right thing to help me out. -- INTP
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