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The flaws with personality testing
by David L. Mount

One should be careful when interpreting the results of a personality test. Just because someone tests one way does not necessarily mean that they are that way. People are made up by a combination of several personality traits. There also is the chance of incorrectly labelling a person. Employers should be aware ...
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C1 I agree that tests can be quite misleading. I am an ESFP, but in my first test, I scored as an ENTP, and as the statistic was recorded and published, I probably raised the percentage of ENTPs in Czech Republic considerably And yes, people should not be labelled just "ambassadors", "visionaries" and so on. It is too simplistic. According to this simple characteristic, I as an ESFP should now probably be telling some funny stories to my friends in a pub, so why am I telling them at a psychology website instead? Yeah, and the ESFPs usually are not so much fond and capable of university studies. So I should seriously consider becoming a singer and leave my job of an assistant lecturer I think it is the functions what really matters. I do not agree that a person can be somewhere between two types. It is just that if you are an ISTP, for example, your primary function is introverted thinking. But this introverted thinking can take on many forms and act differently on different occasions. Sometimes, it will help you decide quickly, sometimes it will make you be quiet and study a book. Often, you will use your secondary extroverted sensing to be nice, playful and gregarious and on such occasion, you will definitely not appear like an ISTP. Genetics, bringing up and stuff like this play a big part, too. For example, an ISTJ with an ESFP parent will definitely be a different ISTJ than an ISTJ whose both parents are ISTJ. So I think those simple labels are worthless and the companies should use the types just to know their employees better, not to employ the "right" ones. -- Ezis
C2 I'd like to request that this article be linked (and vice-versa) to this article here">">here -- Hes
C3 I thought i was INTP two years back, now i'm showing INFP, is it because i started reading about emotional intelligence when i was 29 years old? that is when i start to develop my third function. the base of the theory seems sound but it is still opened for refinement since human beings are more complicated than 4x4 -- Anonymous
C4 I frankly think that the reason why test results might come back horrendously off the mark is because people have little knowledge or misleading perceptions of themselves. In short, that means they are not self-aware. Also, someone with a more balance I/E, N/S, T/F, J/P preference might have difficulty defining themselves as one type or the other, as opposed to having a clear/ marked preference for one function over the other. People might develop different aspect of their original personality or functions to cope with changing situations, but I believe that an underlying personality exists. Just because you are able to adapt, reduce and emphasize certain aspects of yourself, that does not means that selfhood do not exist. -- elan
C5 no one is really 100 percent anything, so of course someone may show another trait over their dominate one sometimes...thats not what your personality type is though...personality types do a good job of explaining people and their tendancies. just becuase someone can be extroverted, when they are an introvert does not mean the test is flawed. personality tests are a very good resource to business -- Anonymous
C6 just to let you know the myers briggs never claims that there are only 16 types of people and that the type you are is you by definition. it simply states that those are your dominant functions. this is true, everyone has dominant functions. you said you scored INTJ but you can see yourself as a ESTJ, that is very possible that you are like a ESTJ, but your dominant functions are INTJ. the test has percentages on the 8 differnt letters you can score, therefore making every person there own unique version of a personality. the descriptions are just describing your dominant functions and you naturally do things. i my self am a ENTJ, but easily can be considered a INTJ and a ENTP at times. you are not always the exact same all the time, and not just rellevant to time but in certain situations and certain places with differnt people. your claim of innaccuracy is false because there is no claim of there are only 16 types of people you are this one. there are 16 types of people witch one are you dominantly. -- Anonymous
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