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Who agrees?
18 February 2007

by Danny

I've come to find this theory of personality type, as interesting as it is, equally as useless. For instance, even if I told you my type, or my friend's type, and it was accurate, what does that really tell you? Not much. It tells you something mechanical about me.

Personality theory does not tell you why a person might like red crayons, or to paint with oils, or to cook on Sundays. It doesn't tell you what kind of food he likes to eat. It doesn't tell you whether he has a sensitive place in his heart for people in general, or whether he believes in a good rule of thumb: "Treat others how you would like to be treated." Personality theory tells you some basic mechanics of a person. It doesn't get into their heart. It doesn't get into why they like a certain perfume, or what a person puts in his journal.

I write all this because I've been interested in psychology for years. I probably always will. But my motivation was to understand people. Well, it's a very limited way of understanding people. Most of what people are is above the core functions. Most of a building is above the foundation. Most of a cake is not the first layer. Most of a beautiful flower is not its roots. So what if we understand all the core functions and technical things? We haven't learned much. I can't say "I only want to date an INFP" for example. INFP? I could LOVE an INFP. I could also find one very HARD to get along with. Instead, I might find myself quite in love with a personality type that hey! I never technically thought possible. That's because life surprises us. There is no knowing all there is to know. Now, I agree that certain types might more often conflict than others. That's not a rule though. And it greatly depends on the ability for each type to be self-sacrificing, instead of having to have their way, being selfish. Putting the other person ahead of yourself sometimes is like oil in an engine. It just makes life run more smoothly. There's less conflict, especially over simple stupid things, too.

This is supposed to be a question and answer board [Editor: This meant to go to Q&A section, initially]. So I'll make my question, "who agrees?" and if you haven't thought of it, you might. I've spent a lot of time studying types. And I'd say it is pretty interesting overall. But, I'm also tired of my brain trying to assess what everyone's type is. Has it reached any conclusions? Maybe for a few individuals. Has there been any real value in it? No. I appreciate those individuals for a hundred things that don't have to do with whatever I discovered about their type.
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