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ESFp Uncovered
25 May 2010

by Anonymous

"Shallow" might be the word that will come more often to your mind when interacting with an ESFp... It seems that they make no connection with the past and don't care at all about the future. They just live in "now", "now" meaning day by day, second by second. They think life as a big party... no jokes here: they want to have fun, then have fun... and have fun! They cannot take things seriously. Their ultimate dream in life would be to be able to host people all along, with tons of drinks and lot of music. Being essentially the yeepeee yey party host is the all-in-one screen through which you will understand all aspects of the ESFp behavior, their strength, their weaknesses, what they seem to succeed doing or what they just don't get.

ESFps are really welcoming to others, easy to have a first communication with: The fact they are so shallow make it easy to break the ice with them, using any random topic. Even if you are shy, you will feel at your ease the first time you're welcome by an ESFp, but that's it: if you want to be still successful with ESFps, keep it at that level: keep doing as if you just met them at a party and you're drunk.

Very poorly organized, with an attention near to deficient, not interested that much about theories and concepts, they were more staying behind the school building going silly with their friends than actually focusing on their studies. In active life, working is too hard: They will try to earn the minimum, finding the job that give them more room to fool around the team than actually concentrating on producing something themselves (that would be great if they just find a free money provider yeyyy!). Then all the money they have is to buy that feeling that life is a party: They will buy everything for their surrounding to keep them entertained. They tend to be surrounded by many people more taking a benefit from them than actually liking them. ESFps would spend their fortune without counting on their entourage as soon as it looks nice to them.

ESFp have opinions and moral they absorbed from education and culture and that they use as a way to analyze people. When experiencing a divergence of opinions with an ESFp, it's pure waste of time to try to debate as they act like they just know what they know and that's it. They do not tolerate being criticized or to have their opinion challenged. When they get angry they will more pretending to debate, while they can't follow deep analysis. In an escalating conflict, ESFps may become aggressive and will not be slow to go into a physical fight, but they are far from be bullies and rarely hold grudges against people, especially if they are close to them (as they don't connect very much with the past). In fact they rarely understand what they are doing, and why.

Basically they're just the good guys to have on hand as jester when throwing a party or as social minesweepers for introverts who need someone easy to throw in the front line in uncertain social situations. They don't question, they don't count, they don't look back... as soon as it looks fun or silly, they will do it.
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