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ESFp Uncovered
by Anonymous

"Shallow" might be the word that will come more often to your mind when interacting with an ESFp... It seems that they make no connection with the past and don't care at all about the future. They just live in "now", "now" meaning day by day, second by second. They think life as a big party... no jokes here: they ...
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C1 Another text stressing some extreme aspects of ESFP profile -- Anonymous
C2 Given my love of nuance and complexity, plus a conviction that a woman's mind is as vital an erogenous zone as her more immediately sexual parts, this ESFp description leaves me at a loss to understand why a dual relationship with this type is ideal. For a bit of non-committal sex I'm sure an ESFp would be a hoot, but for a long-term partner kindly give me an INFj, INFp, or ENFp, all of whom have busy brains, interesting motivations and goals, and who value quiet time to reflect and take in the world. -- INTp
C3 This is excellent. Thank you for being so candid. Spot on in many ways. About time we had an uncovered for the ESFP. Now, if you could only produce an Uncovered for the CROWN JEWEL of types - the ESTP, Mr. "Numero Uno," Mr. "I'm Great and You're Not" with some tips as to how to protect yourself against their one-upsmanship socially... -- Anonymous
C4 Some parts of this is completely not true. -- Jim
C5 Whoever made this article is DEAD ON. You are hilarious and at the same time insanely accurate. My ESFp sister is a total partier, hates school, is a total partier, never thinks of the consequences of what she does, is a total partier... PLEASE get around to ENFj when you can. I'm sure there are plenty of things to "uncover" about this one -- David, ENFj
C6 Sorry, while most of this is accurate (superficially), it's far from complete. There is another (deeper) side to ESFPs and it is truly unfortunate the author decided to ignore this. Being the ESFPs dual, I wonder whether perhaps it takes and INTP to understand, maybe that's the problem here. -- Anonymous
C7 C6- Sorry, there is no deeper side to ESFP. They "mean well," but this is exactly who they are - kudos to Socionics for giving a badly needed "uncovered" for ESFP. ESFP and ESTP are the cause of a disproportionate amount of emotional hurt and harm to other people, than any other types put together. -- Anonymous
C8 To author of article: How is it that ESFP does not want to "work too hard" and will make barely enough money to get by... when a Wikisocion subtype of ESFP is called "The Businessman": "Appears influential and reliable, gradually attracted to others if they are useful. Possesses a specific snobbery, the status of impressiveness. For them, everything must become better and better – their office, car, etc... A good worker; can lead people and relationships; calculates well; is pragmatic. ....Plays the role of a thoughtful person who works on the key problem. " Is this a contradiction? Does ESFP have legitimate business acumen who can legitimate contribute? -- Anonymous
C9 To author: How is it possible that, as you say here, ESFP "In fact rarely understand what they are doing, and why." when they also "Appears influential and reliable," and " A good worker; can lead people and relationships; calculates well; is pragmatic. ....Plays the role of a thoughtful person who works on the key problem." Is this merely "performing," on ESFP part, with no real substance? -- Anonymous
C10 C8 - This is an "uncovered" profile. While on one hand ESFps are on the surface, as described in Wikisocion, on the otherhand, if they could have things their way, they'd have their cake and eat it too. Spot on, the ESFp is just "performing". Indeed, everything about them is about appearance. This uncovered profile is exactly how my ESFp is if you look beyond the surface. But ESFps do really mean no harm despite being the "cause of a disproportionate amount of emotional hurt and harm to other people, than any other types put together" (C7). No, my ESFp has never intentionally hurt me. I do disagree with this line, however: "They tend to be surrounded by many people more taking a benefit from them than actually liking them." ESFps are genuinely likeable (on a surface level). If you are attracted to fun individuals, and are easily swayed by compliments you could definitely fall for an ESFp. And as pointed out in this uncovered profile, "if you want to be still successful with ESFps, keep it at that level: keep doing as if you just met them at a party and you're drunk." Indeed, my relationship with my ESFp has lasted as such because this is precisely the atmosphere we have maintained. Anything deeper, or requiring responsibility or commitment (relationshipwise), would spell doom. All that is all good if you're expecting nothing but to always have a good time. -- ENFP
C11 I am definitely not shallow at all and often talk and analyze the past. -- Anonymous
C12 This "uncovered" has strands of truth, stretched out from bias, nebulous prejudices...what do I mean... I'm an dad is an ESFP he's a real mess, in many discrete ways. But he has work ethic. He would describe himself as a high-functioning alcoholic. The domain of human possibility is robust, okay?. That's all I'm saying. I read it and found the author's negativity palpable. It's tricky to synthesize genuine knowledge along with scorn. The scorn delimits the subject. That's what I read. Said to myself, what riled-up old businessman got taken to the cleaners by one or many thieving temptresses, then wrote this "uncovered"...not all ESFPs are gold digger bitches. They can be well intentioned and respectable people too. Sometimes you just have to take the long route. -- az-us-@naray1n
C13 I think you forgot to mention that ENFps are crazy about sex. Usually, anyway. This type description seems almost exactly the same of the type description for ESFP. Hmm... The article was great. It gives a very accurate depiction of the type. C2, my sentiments exactly. Can anyone shed some light on why the heck an INTp ESFp relationship is considered ideal? Also, check out spricket24's youtube channel. She is undoubtedly an ESFp. Read this article and then watch this channel and you will be amazed at the parallels between them. -- doctorjuice
C14 Same articles. When will this site add new content? -- Anonymous
C15 How could this uncovered portrait relate to Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Hannah Arendt, Mikhail Gorbatchev or Jacques Chirac ? All famous SEEs. -- Anonymous
C16 I am an ESFP and find many of these comments exaggerated and not accurate of me! Although I love to party and have a good time, I am in a committed marriage with my husband. I do enjoy taking in life via all my senses, and yes I love sex. I see this as a means to be creative and to give pleasure to my partner, which keeps the 'bedroom' exciting, romantic and to me - meaningful. I work as a nurse which i find very challenging, but have been able to do agency work, to allow for greater flexibility. I try to bring joy to those around me, whether they are staff or patients, and see the best in people. You can't UN-be an ESFP and i wouldn't want to change my personality for the world! Your life would be dull without us x -- Anonymous
C17 I personally do not understand people who judge other types without knowing them well, every person has something to bring to the table. If only we worried more about the state of our world and the mess its in, instead of attacking others, maybe things would improve. I am an esfp and proud of it, I live in the here and now because that's the only time we have, nobody knows what the future will bring. I have been with marriage partner 26 years, am responsible with my family and our financial affairs. Fed up reading comments from others which are negative, and wonder why they accuse esfps of harming others when they are doing that on Internet about us. A little contradictory I think. -- O
C18 shallow? SHALLOW?? We are so not shallow!!!!!! We do not take advantage of people, but we do fool around and like to party, but you make it sound like a bad thing like seriously, youi make us sound like the worst people in the world, when really we are like the best type of friend or person anybody counld meet/have. AND WE ARE SMART! fyi, I am advanced in school, taking senior classes when imma junior. ehhhhhhh -_- -- esfp
C19 The author of this gobbldygook myers briggs interpretation sounds quite nasty and shallow here to be honest. -- Anonymous
C20 This sounds more like an ESFj than an ESFp, especially that 'hosting people' bit. -- logodude
C21 I am 17 years old, and an ESFP. I currently have launched a modeling career have multiple talent agents and a music career launching on the side. I also live the lifestyle you seem to say makes a shallow person. Yes, I did not do well in school, (and still really don't care). Many of the statements made above are false, our goals are to bring joy to the lives of people and enjoy the idiosyncratic ideals that make every person valuable. Don't make judgments based off of lack of knowledge of lifestyle. Thanks. -- Anonymous
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