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ESFp Uncovered
by Anonymous

"Shallow" might be the word that will come more often to your mind when interacting with an ESFp... It seems that they make no connection with the past and don't care at all about the future. They just live in "now", "now" meaning day by day, second by second. They think life as a big party... no jokes here: they ...
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C22 I don't really see how I am the "dual" of this type. I did know an ESFP who frequently came to me for advice. I would tell her exactly how to fix whatever problem was going on, and she would do what she planned to do anyways. She was shallow, and kind of an idiot. I retroactively typed her as this, mind you, before knowing there was a stereotype (I am often very unaware of stereotypes, actually). Yeah, I'm pretty much just venting at this point. It's almost 5am here, I really need to sleep. C2 Funny you say that, I think the same. I doubt it's rare among smarty-pants(es/i? not sure of the proper plural, maybe there's something in Latin or Greek like how octopus is actually octopodes) like us to desire someone who also has a decent brain. I'm more into INTJs, usually, as they're more of a challenge for my own intellect (I know two women smarter than me, statistically impossible given the number of people I know, but both of them are INTJ, and something about that is actually appealing despite the fact that I'm actually a sadist. Maybe that's why. Should I really be saying this on the internet? It's anonymous, I guess, who cares?). ESFPs seem to be all about what feels good, with complete disregard for the future problems it will cause themselves or others. Not only are they usually somewhat stupid (there are exceptions, some say Mozart was ESFP), they're self-righteous about it. If they feel a certain way, that MUST be right. Ugh. Why is that sort of thinking POSSIBLE? It frustrates me. Who thought that was a good idea? I suppose from a scientific viewpoint it helps pass on one's genes (in theory), they're just some of the worst genes to pass along... Supposedly there's research going on involving the genotyping of individuals with IQ scores three standard deviations higher than average, to presumably raise the average by one standard deviation per generation (I believe that's the goal as stated by Steve Hsu, I only skimmed the article). I wonder if, in two generations, we'll still have ESFPs at all, if this works out. Conveniently, I won't be obsolete until AFTER I'm already dead! I come off as incredibly bitter, don't I? C18 "AND WE ARE SMART!", said the person using only themselves to prove a point about what is considered to be ~10% of the population. That is, doing something unintelligent (in the sense of "not well thought out", I don't know how this would affect IQ test results, since it has nothing IMMEDIATE to do with spatial intuition, verbal skills (unless you just could not find the proper words to convey your point), pattern-finding, visual/aural memory...) to prove intelligence. How beautifully ironic. No offense or anything, I'm not saying you're stupid, but...It's the impulsivity, isn't it? This is probably why I don't have any friends. (Chances are, you do.) Also, saying you are the "best type of friend" is also very subjective, as different people are interested in having different people as friends. I am not saying you are not a good friend, I am simply saying that it is impossible to say that any one type is, by its very nature, "the best" at being something for someone else, since that would depend entirely on another person's preferences. I am not telling you that you are no good, no, far from it, I'm sure you have lots of redeeming qualities, you just have not displayed them here (as many people on the internet do not, whether because they are simply a slave to circumstance or otherwise). Playing to your strengths is the best option for every type, and you've not done that terribly well in your comment. Aaaaand...this is what happens when I suppress my empathy. All truth, and no love. Brutality. That was an interesting radio program, though I can't recall the name, though I was fourteen when I heard it. They were explaining how one should address people in love and truth, since all love and no truth begets hypocrisy, and all truth and no love is brutality. Yeah. Anyways. This would explain, again, why I have no friends. -- -Supposedly INTP
C23 C21 - Just because something applies to you doesn't mean it applies to everyone of your type, and vice versa. It's not a complicated thing. Just putting that out there. -- Anonymous
C24 C20. This. Is. The. Truth. <<<<< <<<< << -- Anonymous
C25 My ESFp sister does have a deep side, and is a very telented musician. You take all that back, you grouch! Okay, she DOES love to party and never cared about school outside of the social aspects. I say to you, get to know the deep side of an ESFp. They can be wonderful people. -- INFp Starbrother
C26 Not all esfps are like this. I have two esfp family members who fit this description perfectly. But my fiancé is an esp and is not like this at all. He matched this description when he was younger but now he cares about things like his career and his family. His friends Annoy him and he only invites a couple of them over to his home. So just know people, that some esfps are able to take life seriously. Nice description though, I like it. -- Beatrice
C27 this was really hurtful..we are not like that -- Anonymous
C28 Esfp with a master's degree in chemistry. -- Anonymous
C29 While "shallow" seems to fit this description just as well as it supposedly fits ESFp's, I find it striking how many ESFp's seem to be offended by this. Hit a nerve there? Maybe it is quite spot on after all. -- ENTp
C30 Data analyst ESFP here. Yes, I like to party, but I have to earn a living too. -- Anonymous
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