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Career checkups (Part 2)
18 February 2007

by Sergei Ganin

This is a step-by-step analysis of the article entitled "Career checkups (Part 1)".

Let's start off with the picture. Usually it is not difficult to verify whether or not a person's overall look matches their proposed type. It is more difficult to find out which of the 16 types is the right one.

The first feeling one could get from the picture is that John is not an ENTP. The facial features, such as the eyes, eyebrows, forehead, nose, cheeks, cheekbones, mouth, chin and their combinations, indicate that this person is likely to be ExFP, which means John could be either ENFP or ESFP.

Because of this particular single photographic shot it is difficult to determine whether John is S or N. However, the facial features give a strong indication that this is an F person.

A secondary feeling one could get from the picture is that John has a slight Logical-Sensory Intratim look about him. Often, such similarity in appearance happens between conflicting types. In this case Logical-Sensory Intratim and ENFP are the types, which share conflicting relations.

The next step is to analyse John's profile.

"..He wanted to make positive changes to the business but felt that the traditional bureaucratic culture he operated in prevented this. He was frustrated with how things were done, and believed that the rules and procedures he was expected to adhere to did not provide enough variety and scope for innovation.."

This mainly indicates that John's disappointment with rules and procedures quite strongly defines irrationality, in other words - P.

"..In the feedback session it he said that he enjoys working with others rather than alone, is enthusiastic and energetic, and actively seeks opportunities for change. He is flexible, spontaneous and adaptable, enjoys strategic thinking and logical analysis, and prefers to use an objective approach to implement long-term solutions for people. This Type is known as Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving (ENTP).."

Extrovert - yes, Irrational (P) - yes, Intuitive - possible, Thinking - not at all. Enthusiastic and energetic (E + F), enjoys working with others (E + F), long-term solutions for people (N + F) show that this person is very well defined F type. The fact that John enjoys strategic thinking and logical analysis does not mean that he is a Thinking type. ENFPs and ESFPs are very sensitive about their logical thinking abilities as well as about their knowledge. This over-sensitivity does not just boost their natural curiosity in these questions but also in some cases may lead them to choose their careers in such fields of activity.

"..His main occupational theme was 'Investigative' showing that he is interested in jobs involving science, research and logical analysis.."

Does 'Investigative' really mean science, logical analysis, etc.? A newspaper reporter is very 'Investigative' profession and would fit very nicely with an ENFP type.

"..Scientific jobs such as research and development fit the criteria, and although John found them very appealing, he deemed them impractical because they mostly require specific expertise or qualification that he did not want to pursue at this stage in his life.."

Doesn't it just prove the point above?

"..John eventually found a managerial role in public relations company that fitted well with his personality and work style - a fast-moving environment, where people value new approaches and initiative, and where his personal development is supported.."

The bottom line is that John was quite lucky to not to take all these MBTI® suggestions into account but instead just followed his own gut-feeling. However, if you were to ask John what is his type, he would tell you that he is ENTP.
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