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Career checkups (Part 2)
by Sergei Ganin

This is a step-by-step analysis of the article entitled "Career checkups (Part 1)".

Let's start off with the picture. Usually it is not difficult to verify whether or not a person's overall look matches their proposed type. It is more difficult to find out which ...
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C1 I know it should come out from ourselves,but being unable to decide i *really* need external orientation on careers that fit me best.i am INTp would you make sugestions on correlations: Socionic type-career -- Dex
C2 C1 i don't know what type you are but if your looking for your best career, try and find one which calls for your strongest two functions. This is what your best at so you'll be best at this type of job. Thats what I think, don't know if moderator can suggest something better? -- Anonymous
C3 so, INFj or INFp are not good physicists? But INTx and ENTx are? -- Anonymous
C4 I think typing someone based on a photography leads commonly to mistyping. Your analysis is at best plausible but you need to document and argue your points a little more to convince me this guy is not ENTP. Just because he gets frustrated at his job and is now working in PR or HR doesn't mean anything... I know some ENTP who seems ENFP so much, but ENFP are much more unconditional in their attitude towards people fundamentally, whereas ENTP are very critical even if they don't openly show it. I don't see why an ENTP wouldn't find these work conditions stifling as well, and I have seen ENTPs just as frustrated like the guy in the picture. -- ENFP
C5 I definitly do not think he is an ENTp. I happen to be an ENTp and while I do agree that some of his interests match mine, his overall personality is too social and not analytical enough. -- ENTp
C6 In my opinion, male NF types feel social pressure to be more "masculine", i.e. more T rather than F. This is exacerbated in ESFP and ENFP type males, because they have a harder time being aware of their middle functions, which "get married" behind the scenes and act in concert as a mash-up of Fi and Te. My blog article on ENFP downfall... hah it makes sense that as an INTj I would notice my supervisee type's downfall. In arguments with males who claim to be ENTP I often notice that they are unable to follow my logic and bring out very emotional, self-centered, idealistic arguments instead, which they believe to be stone-cold rational. My favorites are 1. substituting an emotional adjective for an argument and 2. substituting a statement of self-image for an argument. I have to laugh and move on though the temptation is to endlessly correct. I do think these guys are ENFP's. If they were ENTP's their T function would be the same as mine, though less prominent. -- AR
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