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Question #1237642996Saturday, 21-Mar-2009
Category: ESTp INFp Love Dating Attraction
I am a ESTp and I'm sick of all these relationships of activity i have going on with friends and ex's and the like. I want to know how i can find an INFp! I've never had a dlt relationship but i want one. What are some physical characteristics of INFps and are there any activities that generally attract the INFp type? any one have any tips on finding one other than sitting every one i know down at a computer and having them take a test? -- jwc3
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A1 Physical characteristics of INFp -characteristic impish grin -some have a bit of extra flesh round the jaw area (maybe just look at the INFp VI page to get a good sense of what they look like) -most are slim, and dress stylishly Behavioural characteristics -demure quality, unsureness and timidity about them -bad drivers -no common sense -forgetful of concrete details (tend to not be interested in them at all) -bad at operating machinery, and well mechanical objects in general -bad at making decisions (tend to put disproportionate amounts of importance on small things while mostly ignore really important things) -passive -very poor logical skills (one INFp i know once said, 'but if i believe it, doesn't that make it more true?') but will try to hide it -into art, especially poetry. lyrical & romantic -daydreamy -idealistic, but impractical -well-intentioned and want to make the world a better place, but often can't cope with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders -zany -can have beliefs and views that seem very bizarre, but INFp's tend to cling to their views very earnestly (as they have usually given them a lot of thought, albeit poorly thought out thought) -friendly - are generally nice to every1 they come across -tend to be offended easily -when stressed/depressed, can take on a negatavistic 'victim' mentality -easygoing, quick to forgive -some can be quite shy and withdrawn, some are more like ENFP's and are very social Activities that attract the INFp type -anything to do with art, design & fashion (going to galleries, art classes, writing classes, etc.) -watching movies -dance (esp. modern, lyrical, contemporary) INFp's don't tend to join clubs tho... I think if you move within artistic circles, you're bound to come across an INFp eventually...but don't expect one to come up and say hi as they'll probably be too shy (despite being attracted to your confidence and mental ferocity, yearning from afar lol) good luck! -Shez (a former INFp) -- Anonymous
A2 As the dual relationship page states, "It is difficult to notice your Dual partner among all the other types and even easier to pass them by. Usually during first contact extroverts think about their introvert Dual as ordinary and simple, therefore not deserving their personal attention. In return introverts consider their extrovert Dual to be too good for them and therefore unattainable." You've probably met lots of INFps, as they are one of the most common, you just never gave them a second thought and passed them over. You're task is very difficult because you are not naturally as strongly attracted to their personality like you are with types more similar to yourself, and you are less likely to notice them among their extroverted counterparts. -- AA (ENFp, best friend of an ESTp)
A3 A1 sums it up pretty good. Except this INFp is not a bad driver and we do have common sense. Anyway you can also spot INFp's out through their altruistic actions. We are very ethical. Very loyal to our friends. Likely to sacrifice our wants of something for someone we care about. Don't like conflict. It is toxic to us. Don't like playing games with peoples emotions. We stay away from bureacracy, in-crowd and the like. Sort of a quiet rebel. Follow our own drum. You might also find some at a bookstore in the music, art and psychology section. We like to go out too. We get bored of routine. A spontaneous, goofy side comes out when we feel comfortable around you. Hope that helps =) -- infp girl
A4 INFPs the MOST COMMON? are you joking me? that is exactly why infps tend to feel isolated and misunderstood, because the rest of the planet seems to be either SP or SJ and even the NTs are a minority. You might think this because were found on the internet. yes its like a meeting place for introverts but out there its definitely not the case -- infp girl
A5 I think the problem with finding an INFP is actually 3 problems. First, they may come off as extroverted in social events, or be really shy. Second, they don't hang out in the same sort of places ESTp's do. Third, they might not be that common in the first place. I can only think of one, and I only made friends with him because he lived next door. -- ENTpee
A6 :) I am an INFP and also sick of being together with not suitable type of persons... -- LV girl
A7 INFps are highly skilled in spinning a humorous tale about a seemingly non-interesting real-life event. They have a keen knack for mimicry - especially exaggerated vocal tones. And they can have a very wry sense of humor at times, wish, as an ST, I'm sure you'd find attractive. I know I do. Oh. And they take great pride in looking *good*. Not for others. But because they themselves like to feel better, more confident. Watch for ones who are into interior decorating or graphic design. INFps are often very talented illustrators. Though they may drop this habit in later years. Also, they make very good teachers. They exercise great patience in dealing with their students - to their faces anyway. But, if you're close to this particular INFp - and you're a dash on the cynical side - they will very gladly bemoan the lack of progress/innate skill in their students, which can be quite humorous to witness firsthand. -- ISTp91
A8 They seem to be mellow when in a company. You won't name them flegmatic (unless you are really blunt when it comes to observations), because it is more like "A WILD CAT RESTING". Remember this. If the INFp seem to be absent, she is usually perfectly aware of what is going on. You will probably notice the subtle smile, one-sided usually. When they do get attention, they start to be surprisingly active and present and energetic. This is confusing for most people, because a relatively healthy and relatively happy INFp when long enough in the same company, will be at the beginning considered introverted, later extraverted and after that they will leave people puzzled. However I am a highly Fe subtype with sx instinct, so it might be the cause of the very energetic impression I leave. Other INFp I know are mellow most the time, but once you give them attention they will "wake up". I believe that Fe seem to become relaxed in a group easier and faster than the rest, this is why it starts to reveil energetic side sooner. Yes, they are hard to find. During my teens I often avoided even school (still had highest grades). I spend most of the time alone and rarely leave home, but once I want to do something, I just do it,. When alone I make plans, so when I try something, everything will go smoothly. I am an information junkie. I can talk with you about nearly anything. I am afraid to be ignorant or boring in a conversation and I DO care to say mainly interesting stuff for you. I try to be tactfull. If you want to meet somebody, do it through their hobbies. There is a much higher probability that it will last. Where to find INFp? Though one. My activities vary greately... I like argentine tango, guitar, hooping, martial arts, paintball and so on. I used to play in MMO rpg, I play on PS3. I like to hang out with people who share my interest in anime, s-f movies/books or pen and paper role-playing games. And you can meet me in a gallery, I am an oil painter. I know some INFp who love running and rock climbing, and other who love rafting and another who loved manga and online gaming and next one who loved drums and music from Middle Ages. This is how wide interests of an INFp's are. This is the real problem, not the fact that they hide at home, because when I want to meet people I know perfectly well where to look for them and I just do it. I don't hide all the time - if I want to meet somebody, you will see me. If I don't, there are no chances you will and don't feel bad about it - it is my fault. I met my ESTp, because I was looking for an RPG game master. By the way, I often find myself to be in a larger group of guys, because women don't share my hobbies. It might be some sort of higher probability that if you will see only one women in a guy's group, she will be INFp. In this situation most women seem to be either bored or uncomfortable as far as I know. But it is nearly a blind guess. And I saw a humoristic site on wikisocion (sorry cant find it now) and in the description of INFp made by INFp's there were anime, manga, video games mentioned indirectly, so the INFp interest in these stuff may be sort of reoccuring fenomen -- INFp
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