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Question #1214671844Saturday, 28-Jun-2008
Category: ENTj Advice
As like any ENTj I like to solve problems. I have an ongoing life problem that I've been wanting to solve, I hope someone has a good solution, I think someone will have to have a pretty far out answer because this ones had me stuck. My problem is, In a case where I have a 'challenge or goal' in life (i.e: succeeding at a job, test, sports team, relationship) where I know if I were to fully exert myself that success was going to be easy and almost guaranteed it suddenly becomes impossible for me to focus and I become incapable of actually doing it. But conversely when there's a REAL edge and challenge to something I become filled with energy and the notion that I can overcome all odds and I become extremely focused and can pull of things off that are literally unprecedented to what I've seen from other people. The times when I excel are when there are short term challenges like job interviews, talking my way out of a speeding ticket (that I didn't deserve) or writing a 2,000 word essay in 30 minutes (60+ WPA, really) And the times when I falter is when I have all the time in the world (I could comfortable complete something if I spaced it out over the given time-frame), or have multiple attempts at something without consequence. I find myself wanting to space my time out efficiently but I feel as if against my own will I have to procrastinate, turn it into a "race against time" and suddenly I can get in to that extreme efficiency mode. I am extremely efficient at the challenging tasks at hand but can't seem to be logically efficient in doing all my day-to-day tasks at a comfortable pace, it just zones me right out. As you may guess this causes all kinds of problems as I often make things more difficult then they should be. Don't confuse me here, I'm not the kind of person that likes to say one thing and do another, I ABSOLUTELY want to resolve this problem. I even tell myself the entire time while I'm procrastinating until it to becomes a challenge/problem that it's ridiculous and I need to just pace myself comfortable and it just 'is' entirely beyond my will. I've tried telling myself that I've struggled with this concept of pacing myself and that THIS in itself is indeed a challenge and so of coarse that 1 time I was able to pace myself properly, at which point I know I was capable of it, no longer making it a challenge. Asking myself "if I am capable of it all the time" over a long period of time, days straight evenually drains me. Things that haven't seemed to help, - Telling myself THIS is a challenge - Setting arbitrary deadlines to things - Making micro-challenges (can I study 30 pages in 15mins of the 500 pages I need to read... I succeed on the 30 pages, suddenly it's not a challenge for the next 470 pages) - Inflicting pain near my cranium with large blunt instruments (joking, but honestly I almost feel the urge to it's getting that annoying) - I don't know if anyone can relate to this, it seems kind of ENTj-ish in that we get these seemly random tasks that we feel compelled to carry-out. The my only hope/guess at a solution that I'm trying now is trying to focus on just one area of my life (job/school/ext) and sorting it out, once I get in a good routine of something I don't need the challenge because I don't need to think or exert any effort. Any advice would be appreciated. P.S. Even advice suggesting that I'm out to lunch . -- ENTJ
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A1 sounds like you had ADD. i mean that in the nicest way possible. i usually find the the smaller the peices get the easier it it is to motivate myself.relax chill out and start at it slowly, think of your project or task like starting out going slow then accelerating. -- Laron (Entp)
A2 I've been told professional that I don't. Either-way labeling it doesn't really matter all that much, it's a similar situation so there's likely a similar solution. -- Anonymous
A3 "sounds like you had ADD. i mean that in the nicest way possible." Haha that's funny. . .but seriously I'm another ENTJ, and I've that same exact problem my whole life. When I'm challenged I will fight to the ends of the Earth with an unbelievable amount effort to beat whatever is challenging me. I find that when I'm given time to do something, or the problem isn't immediate I spend more of my time trying to figure out a plan of action than actually doing it. Nothing brings an ENTJ more joy in life than constructing battle plans. As I've gotten older, I've realized that delegating responsibility is the way to overcome all of this. We are "allocators" or "utilizers". Life is our battlefield, and everything we come in contact with becomes our soldier to strategically place into action. In college I had a hard time bringing myself to study unless I could associate what I was studying with a way to use it. Until you can get near the top of a profession (at which time you can delegate people to tasks) you really should focus in on tricking your brain to think of ways to use the information your studying. When I was studying Calc. I'd try to convince myself to use it somewhere in daily life. I'm great at history, because I've convinced myself to relate everything I've read to modern events. I've found once I started treating everything like a soldier, or a chess piece, I've been able to focus much easier. Hope this helps -- ENTJ
A4 I totally agree with A3. In addition to what he has written, i have also had great success with a large whiteboard with my to do list on it. I am a supervisor now, and I do delegate a great deal. Other than what I delegate there are two types of activities; emergencies & routine. Just like you, i am phenomenal at dealing with whatever comes up to the point where my peers ask me how I instictly know exactly what to do. I had trouble making myself do the routine until I put my to-do list right next to my monitor(at work and at home). The continuous visual of what I need to do helps give it the priority I need to tackle the mundane, boring, & "I can't believe I have to do this again" tasks. Also, I try to set myself up with a taskmaster for a team mate. There are individuals (including highly intellegent/educated) that enjoy doing the same thing day in and day out. If you can find a partner such as this, you will be half of a near unstoppable team. -- Hope this helps ~ ENTJ
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A5 I have the exact same problem! Even though I plan and try to space out my projects so that I have plenty of time to complete them, I always find myself procrastinating and leaving everything until the last minute. What makes matters worse, is that I produce my best work when under the extreme pressure of a looming deadline - adding to the incentive to do it again. Even though I've never actually failed to finish, I'm always in fear of missing the deadline. However, it's that fear that I find exciting, but I know especially as I get older that living too close to the edge is going to create unbearable and unneccesary stress. My solution so far, has been to keep myself busy by running lots of other activities at the same time in my life so the constant thrill of doing things and having pressure to get them done, allows me to space out the project whilst not feeling bored because I have all the time in the world. -- Anonymous
A6 A pal of mine from university could only be sucessfully learning for finals over break, because he took another job and a voluntary function in his neighbourhood. He argued, that he had to be "in flow", for him the prospect of having time to lean back and learn in a relaxed way was devastating. He always complained that all the free time messed up his IQ he needed the constant rush if adrenaline. I guess he was ENTx, I don't know for sure. -- Anonymous
A7 I want to bump this thread, because A3 got it right. That describes me very well. -- Anonymous
A8 hey im an ENTJ, i feel the exact same way!! im only 15 but in school work, i noticed that. i think the reason is because i know that im capable of pulling amazing things off when im pressed for time. that way i say oh i should do this now, but i procrastinate instead and say, oh ill do better if i just wait longer cuz i know im capable of pulling it off however this has gotten me in trouble with assignments once or twice, im really looking for a way to beat it, its almost like its hard for me 2 get motivated. -- Anonymous
A9 jesus christ when I was reading that I felt like "dude he is talking about me" have the same problem usually I let things slide until I feel like I am running out of time then I do them... however I found that long term easy goals are very hard come by if I intend to do it in a timely fashion ... i also succeeded once in putting up a routine. 2 h a day doing one particular task, when I was done with it I replaced it with another task or I extended it...after a while it became sort of an habit and it did not bother me but as soon as I stopped exhibiting it even for a day it was extremely hard to get used to it again...felt like I am just not cut out to work without pressure or on easy stuff -- Anonymous
A10 I am also an ENTJ, I can totally relate to the same problem, of the one that make the question, I am alwys running late to my 1st class and I do the things at the last minute.Because it seems to me that I need pressure = a challenge, and if I do good on that, etheir if I get early to class or if a finish an assignment on time I feel I overcome that challenge. I also do good on the subjects that I can relate to it, or that I can use....I am always bussy, and my brain never shuts donw, but at the same time is good to have things to do because if not I would get bored. Life is intense....for an ENTJ.........Thanks for the tips of A3, -- Anonymous
A11 Well, i guess it will be repetitive to say "I'm d same". How i dealt with this, i realized that rather than "FIGHTING" myself, i learnt to "manage" around this issue. Say a deadline is Dec 31st and today is Mar 3rd i KNOW if i start the project in November i might not just finish. I'd say pay attention to your N nudge that gets you wanting to do a little of this and that towards the final goal. NEVER ignore it by saying o, there's still time. Once the intuitive N nudge pulls, respond to it and do a little. You'll find yourself WAY prepared before the deadline and trust me, nothing exhilarates an ENTJ more than the fact that he is in charge of not just his work but his life. -- King
A12 Wow, this describes me almost perfectly too man! I feel the same way. I also feel if really slowed down to complete somthing and spent more time on it, spread out, the outcome should be much better then my usaul way of procrastination. but it never seems that way, i always get my stuff done and the qualitly of the work isnt to bad, but imagine if i just spent a couple of more days on a project then a couple hours,i would think the project would turn out to be much better; i just never give myself that couple of days. -- Taylor
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