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Question #1212153728Friday, 30-May-2008
Category: INTp Theory
Are INTps normally drawn to drama? Ever since I was a little kid (I'm in 10th grade now), I've always gotten a strange pleasure out of observing over-the-top emotionality, or anything especially romantic, epic, or tragic, really. The weird thing about it is that while I could just spend hours daydreaming about how amazingly epic that movie-I-just-made-up-in-my-head would be if someone would just direct it for me, NO ONE knows! I never share my reveries with other people, and most people just figure that I'm having deep, philosophical thoughts while I'm actually flying over Mount Everest with a dying dwarf. Meanwhile, if someone asked me if I was okay, I'd shoot him/her the coldest look that ever existed and go back to being an impassive robot (a.k.a. pretending to study). Symptoms include: jitteriness, glazed eyes, sparks of creativity (usually in the form of monologues, lines for a poem, or movie scenarios), and flights of fantasy. Is this typical (for an INTp)? -- The Idler
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A1 I'm a female INTp. I used to think I was INFp because I totally am able to relate to what you describe but I find Fe polr ( completely lacking in emotional stimulation, enthusiasm, excitation, etc) hits me much better than does Te polr (despite being a lazy procrastinator). I'm not as nearly stuck in my head as I was in my grade school days, but I don't think this behavior is necessarily unusual for an INTp, especially considering the Fi hidden agenda. In any case, I think your behavior is typical of someone who has potent Ni. -- Anonymous
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A2 You sound a bit like me, only I'm an INFp... although I'm not into drama.... -- INFp
A3 Yes, that's why their dual is the esfp. -- Maggie
A4 This could also apply to ENTjs, their HA being Se and creative function Ni. -- ESFp
A5 INTP and not into drama at all. Drama is likely a nurtured value. Nothing to do with personality types at all. -- Anonymous
A6 Any ESFP or ESFJ thrives on drama and gossip. And to answer the above question, yeah, I have a vivid imagination. Drama in real life is not for me, I'm more of a peacemaker in that realm. But often times I'll just freeze up when ****s going down. -- Anonymous
A7 A6: I am ESFp and I do thrive on drama - that is, I like action films as well as critical situations in which I can prove my abilities. But I do not thrive on gossip, I actually defend people when others are gossiping about them, as it is against my religious principles. And the ESFps I know dont thrive on gossip either, so IMO yours would be too broad a generalization. -- ESFp
A8 Ah yes drama, well, I don't mind watching it, and my imagination can become quite dramatic too (most comonly stays on the inside), however I am not to fond of real life drama, or should I say tempertantrums, explosive arguments etc. I think it has to do with entertainment, We love it if someone will entertain us, and if there is no one we just simply entertain ourselves. -- INTP
A9 yes yes yes. i wondered what happened to those movies. now i know it passed as me passed as a kid. Yes, let me speak for my own was not a core of wanting truth or truely being a master of philosophy, but one of power and drama. the behaviours yes too, glad to hear a female intp could also enjoy those behaviour motions -- @sirac
A10 I would say yes. I myself tend to find myself thriving on the problems that people have, finding an almost sick pleasure out it. I just like to work out in my mind the effects of different actions and how they will affect the people. -- Anonymous
A11 I love hearing about others drama. I love dramatic novels and movies. I like things that make me FEEL. It's like feeling the emotions vicariously, without having to actually feel the stress of being in the situation. Pretty much perfect way to experience emotions, really. -- An INTP female
A12 I think William Shakespeare was INTP (Balzac) - "The world's pre-eminent dramatist", See entry A3 in -- jgbr
A13 yes. -- Anonymous
A14 INTps are normally drawn to drama. This is a short story from writer Roald Dahl (INTp, Balzac).

-- jgbr
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