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Question #1317980715Friday, 7-Oct-2011
Category: Theory
Can you change type? -- Anonymous
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A1 No. You can only expand/evolve yourself within the (unlimited) limits of your own type. For example both Hitler and Shakespeare are typed ENFJ, but look at the difference between them! They just went into the opposite polarities of the same type. So yes, individuals of the same type may appear different ( depending on upbringing, environmental/social factors, the bringing out of strengths or weaknesses of character e.t.c.) but you don't actually change your type. -- Anonymous
A2 I always thought Shakespeare was an INFp and Hitler couldn't be typed because he had severe mental problems. I think it would be easier and safer to change sex than personality types, as changing types could only be done through careful brain surgery or a head injury. I have a friend who is an ENFJ and I just couldn't see her writing for a living but I think she would make an good actress. Also I heard somewhere that Mariah Carey was an ENFJ. Is this correct? -- ESTJ Female
A3 William Shakespeare was likely an INTP (Balzac). "The Critic", Observer, Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, (Cartoon producer, Voice artist, Talk show host) etc. The INTP is curious and capable of explaining complex political, economic, technological, sociological or philosophical problems. Due to their weakness in differentiation of emotional nuances this type representatives see the people in black and white tones: bad – good, kind – evil, friend – enemy, protagonist - antagonist. -- jgbr
A4 ENFJ full time writer here. In fact Shakespeare is one of the authors i have always strongly identified with. Also my ENFJ friends consider him ' "the mentor" of their lives, so he might have been ENFJ ( although INFJ is also possible). Besides, Shakespeare was professionally an actor/always wrote for the theatre, knowing exactly what the audience of his day prefered, and what reactions his works would provoke. That's pretty ENFJ to me. Knowing too little about his true bio we can only guess what his type was. Hitler, may have been initially ENFJ, but he IS too dificult ( and too insane) to properly determine. I've seen him typed everything from ENFJ, ESTP to, suprisingly, INFP. As for changing types - it seems impossible. I've read that an ESFJ woman once suffered amnesia, losing a great portion of her conscious recollections. She virtually re-built a new personality, and despite her loss of memory, she stayed ESFJ! Although, that may not always be the case, it's quite extraordinary to me. I believe that question has been posted a number of times on several MBTI and socionics websites, and the response was always negative. - ENFJ. -- Anonymous
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A5 Dare I ask this question, jgbr, what type would you say Hitler was? -- ESTJ Female
A6 A5. I have answered this question already. Entry A34. -- jgbr
A7 The changing of personality type is the subject of film Limitless. The introverted feeler (IxFx) actor takes a special nootropic drug which transforms him to an extroverted thinker (ExTx).

-- jgbr
A8 NO (acording to researches). -- Anonymous
A9 It is possible to switch between the left brain (Te, Fe, Ni, Si) and the right brain (Ne, Se, Ti, Fi) consciously. Try the test.

-- jgbr
A10 Person of one type uses all functions, but in different intensity. Now, depending of situation, and in some periods in life when some things in our environment change, we feel the need to adapt. Then we may use some functions (which we usualy use limited) more often, and therefore show some traits characteristic to another type. In this way we may think we have changed type, but we always return to using our main functions with greatest ease. @jgbr, (and the others) consider this: "using left(right) brain" = "more developed right(left) side of face" (yes, reversed). So, knowing that these functions represent those sides of brain, makes visual identification accurate in a blink of an eye Maybe we could analyze some people and share the results. -- in*j
A11 A7, Surely he's not lost the IxFx he's just gained the ExTx -- ESTJ Female
A12 A9- pointless... -- Anonymous
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