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Question #1211306971Tuesday, 20-May-2008
Category: INFp INFj INFx Tests Typing
Maybe you guys can help me. On the STA, I come out INFp; but in Normal Mode, I am INFx (subconcious j). A different test had me as EII/INFj. I need stability in my life, and I wish to know what is going on when, but I demand the right/ability to be flexible myself. You all don't want to see my room; in 20 years, I have never developed the self-discipline to keep the darned thing clean. I hate household chores. I hate being told what to do; I would rather be advised, with the final decision left to me. I hate having to assert my authority if I don't have complete control. I'm not usually assertive, and my efficiency, *isn't*; however, I have a tendency to do something my way if I feel it is more efficient (disregarding what someone else would want). My motivation is low (unless it's what I want to do), and to make hard decisions to do something, I may call in someone else to "give me a boost", ie get their opinion to back me up and cement my resolve. I don't tend to pay attention to what's going on around me, and my spatial skills are pretty bad; I tend to hold a hand out as I round a corner so I can feel where it is rather than possibly bump into it. I hate having my intelligence insulted. I prefer one-on-one communication, but a small group's fine in some circumstances. I can cook well, but sometimes I miscalculate and do something wrong. I enjoy categorization to some degree, and I love understanding people. I like passionate people, but I dislike people who come on too strong (emotionally or otherwise). I operate out of my values; I've really had to strain to conform to my parents' after years of passive rebellion, and I still hate it. I have a fast walk. I spend a lot of time in my head, and I love fantasy. I hate confrontation, but I have no problem griping about someone to someone else, nor did I have a problem in adolescence when someone complained to me about someone else. I only take issue with name-calling behind someone's back. I sometimes hold grudges, depending on the offense. I don't plan if I don't have to, and I don't manage time well. I spend a lot of time stuck in the past or worrying about the future. And this is all totally random, I know. I'm not organizing it. I've never been much for conflict, but only recently have I really begun considering other people's feelings. I have a little brother that I would swear was Se-leading. He gets on my last nerve with it, and I don't put up with his "cuteness" or manipulation. My Se will go in high gear when it comes to him or my father (who is probably Te-leading). My mother is ESFj; sometimes, I feel like the parent in the relationship. When it comes to her Fe behavior, I attempt to curb it. She tends to criticize my lack of Se and my lack of planning; I know about both and really don't want to hear it. I had an ST friend last summer who kept me pulled together and took care of the cooking (we were in college). A side note: my mother sees me as a Delta, because she says I'm not emotionally expressive. However, my grandmother sees me as very expressive, and she sees more of the real me. I've toned myself down a lot since childhood, because people disapproved of me; I was openly rebellious, good with at least some details, impulsive (more so than now), and good at making friends in random places (grocery store, etc). I also spent time making up stories (I was writing character profiles before age 10) and playing make-believe with my toys. Tact was not my strong point. Well, this is not complete, but I'm sure it's pretty long. Help is appreciated. -- Kanerou
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A1 Although I wouldn't completely rule them out, i think it's possible you are neither INFp or INFj. How did you get on in the turbo test? -- Westie
A2 INFp. -- Kanerou
A3 Someone else on this site posted a really good link that goes into a LOT of detail how to tell if you are an INFp or an INFj, (and don't worry, you don't have to read all of it as it's in small sections!). Like you, I wasn't sure of my type, but now I'm almost certain... The site's: -- INFp
A4 My E/I is rather split. BTW, it's not my mother's Fe that's getting on my nerves, come to find out. It's her happy "demonstrative ". -- Kanerou
A5 A3, that is for Myers Briggs, not Socionics. However, thanks. -- Kanerou
A6 Hi Kanerou, it seems that there is some conflicting information in your description, for instance you don't like Fe but if you were INFp then you would be quite confident in it. It seems you can be quite disorganised which doesn't really tie in with INFj. Also..could you clarify as to what you mean when you say you don't like being told what to do, but you don't like to ascert yourself? It may help. If I were to choose between INFp and INFj I would go for INFp. But here is the clincher.. from your description I don't sense much Fe or Fi ego block from you. Are you sure your not a T type? From what you say I think it would be worth considering INTp and ISTp.,of course you may not be but without asking you too much info over q&a I think INTp sounds quite likely. -- Westie
A7 *twitches* I am not INTp. : I don't suffer from a lack of , but it wasn't my main focus as a child. A lot of my concern for others' feelings (aside from sympathy) is in relation to my own; I will not do something because I do not want someone getting mad at me. If I cared so much about others' feelings, I would keep my mouth shut more often. I can be a pretty heavy teaser, and I do say things to get a reaction. My teasing and some of my other statements are aimed at causing some discomfort, but I'm not out to depress someone or break his/her heart. So I have some consideration. - I was an expressive child. I curbed my...impulsiveness and loudness, so the former is now tempered, and I do still get loud, but not as much. I don't mind people asking me to do something, but I resent being told how to live my life. That's a better way of putting it. Meh, ask away. Long as it isn't too personal, I'll answer it. You also might check here before you ask questions. -- Kanerou
A8 You will not do something not because you want someone getting mad at you, most of your concern for others feelings is in relation to you're own. These things do not sound like Fi, and you get told you are not emotionally expressive which I don't think you'd have a problem with if you were Fe, unless maybe your depressed or something of course. All there things point to weak F, possibly even Fe PoLR, and likely Fi seeking. Being a T type doesn't mean you don't care about people. For instance i'm a T type and I'm attempting to help you-someone I don't even know. If you are sure you are an F type then fine, but I struggle to see you as INFj so if I were to choose out the two I would say INFp. So if I could ask you two general things, when with similar people, what would you say were your preferred subjects of conversation? Also, do you find that you can hurt someones feelings without realising it? -- Westie
A9 @A7: link is not working, they have to register and log on, this is a bit asking to much, I think. I'd say you are INFp. Just some clues I got and I'd say, you'd not be lucky with the result, if you'd find out you'd be really INFp? As if INFj seems the worthier type? Sorry if I was wrong. -- Anonymous
A10 1. Hm...that's a good question. I don't find many people that I've connected with. Generally, a lot of it revolves around whatever's on my mind at the moment - that being the issue that's affecting me the most at the time (it varies). OK, so I'm not Fi-leading. I actually read a description of Fi-demonstrative that was wonderful. My parents tell me I am not emotionally expressive. As I mentioned, though, I hide part of myself from them. *reads ILI* I'm definitely not Fe-PoLR; I can analyze my emotions and even see the logical or right choice, but such things are subordinate to how I feel about a situation or what I feel like doing. It generally takes a *lot* of willpower to overcome my emotions when making a decision. Besides, I stink at Te, and I don't take kindly to its being used on me; I tend to ignore advice in favor of doing things my way, until I see that it cannot be done my way. Also, ILI expression gets on my nerves. One thing I don't understand about Ni-leading: if I am, why do I stink at planning? I admit some definite Ni tendencies, but planning for the future is not one of them. I tend to be impatient and want things done now; I hate waiting. I do better with the short-term future than the long-term future. Is this perhaps a personal exception or something? -- Kanerou
A11 A9, if I remember, I will copy that post to the socionics forum here (I'm a little engaged on it elsewhere, at the moment). My name is the same as the one I post with here. I don't mind being INFp; it's just that once I settle on something, I hate being dragged from it, and I'm one of those doubting types that may be 9_% sure, but not certain. -- Kanerou
A12 A8: The person who says I hide my emotions is a person I hide my emotions from. We don't exactly have a happy past. After spending some time on the forums, there are people who say I seem INFp online, and two people say I'm ENFp. -- Kanerou
A13 The best way to settle uncertainty about your type is to read up on Intertype relations and quadras. INFj's (Delta) and INFp's (Beta) are from opposite quadras and have opposite conflictors and duals. If you're an INFj, you'll desire the qualities of ESTj, while if you're INFp it will be ESTp. Same with your activator and mirror, if you're INFj you'll prefer ENFp and ISTp, while if you're INFp you'd prefer ENFj and ISTj -- An INFj
A14 I've got to disagree with A13 that examining quadras is the way to settle on a type. There's just not enough quality material written on the subject of quadras. I mean, there's the descriptions at Those are fine, I suppose. But then there's the wikisocion descriptions, which I find completely atrocious. They're especially useless if you're struggling between Beta and Delta types, as they portray them former in an unduly negative light (which quite a few people seem to realize) and the latter in an an excessively positive light (which no one other than me seems to have picked up on. lol). I think just focusing on the IM elements and intertype relations is your best bet. -- a person
A15 Maybe you are neither INFp nor INFj? You come across as an E more than I. -- Anonymous
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A16 Agree with A14 and A15. Yeah, the quadra descriptions at wikisocion are good for nothing. And, for some reason, you seem pretty Ne to me, but you don't sound like an ENFp. You remind me of my ENTp roommate a lot. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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