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Question #1203157989Saturday, 16-Feb-2008
Category: ISTj
Does ISTJ girl exists? if so how they they act like? -- ENFj
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A1 ISTjs can be male or female ...for a description of their behaviour, see "ISTj" under the "Types" header column (Personality Type Profile section). -- Anonymous
A2 I have been learning and often obsessed with socionics for years now, but all I can say is that either I dont have luck bumping into an istj in my life or I just haven't typed any Istj female in my life, most ended up ISFJ, -- ENFj
A3 Watch Hillary Clinton the next time you see her on TV. She seems to be very no-nonsense and has an agenda that basically is an overwhelming winner-take-all (with her being the winner, of course) "alpha male" type attitude. That is the business-like Hillary. Privately, I think her feelings are prone to being hurt and that is why she is having difficulty campaigning and winning over voters. A combination of low feeling and intuitive functions makes her not the best candidate for today's political environment, in my opinion. So, you'll never meet an ISTj female running for President unless you meet Hillary within the next few months, but you will run across female ISTjs in the business world or as friends or family members. If you work with an ISTj female try paying very close attention to their written and unwritten rules, and if you're competing with them, stay on their case to keep things fair. -- econdude
A4 hmmm... VI is something that I will proberly believe in more now, as an ENFj male I think i can sense my dual effect when i look at her, but then again who knows if she is really an ISTJ? -- ENFj
A5 I know one. I really like her and am very interested in her. She is an extremely interesting person -- ENFP
A6 I know several ISTj women. They are commonly quite appearance conscious and attractive, often wearing clothes and accesories that make them look very sophisticated. These women are not usually prone to much chit-chat and are usually the true introverts among women; in a room full of strangers they will rarely say more than two words, though this changes noticeably among family or close friends. Domestically, they are usually exacting, and they enjoy clean surroundings, good food, and "proper" conduct. Deep down they are very sensitive people, but they do not like to show this publicly (sometimes not even in relationships), but in times of crisis they need an optimistic group of friends to help them out. -- Anonymous
A7 Yes, ISTJ girls do exist. I am one of them. I have an ENJF male friend and we get along very well. It seems that we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. I know I feel very comfortable around him and I don't need to expend extra energy for us to get along. As an ISTJ, I do have a very warm and tender heart, I just have a hard time expressing that. It's my introvertedness that stalls me from verbalizing my emotions. I really want to, it just takes me a longer time. My preference for T (thinking) makes me seem cold-hearted, but I'm really not and I try not to seem that way. My T preference just makes me a little more quantitative in my decision-making. ISTJ girls are out there, don't give up. I know I'm not going to give up in finding an ENFJ guy. -- ISTJ Girl
A8 A7, that is touching, I met a ISTj woman one day and everything went pretty fine........... -- Jas
A9 I would agree with A6 that they probably appear sophisticated, may be a little uptight, and have a "know-it-all" attitude. I've met a few ISTJ women. They ARE out there. They may be masquerading as ISFJs though, since most women have tendencies to be feelers. Look for a non-sentimental "ISFJ" and you'll probably find one. -- Anonymous
A10 I just recently found out from a Myers Briggs test that I am a ISTJ woman. I notice I get really upset when things go wrong, or when people do bad things or injustices have occurred and I can't really do anything about it. I'd agree with some of the descriptions given about female ISTJs because sometimes I have been called uptight and a know-it-all, but my closest friends and family know me to be a fun and social person with the people I care most about. (I also think that there's a double standard for ISTJ females vs males, because typically ISTJ is considered slightly macho no nonsense personas) I enjoy making friends and going out, its easy to be social but only when the situation demands it...otherwise I feel uncomfortable with displays of outright emotion. But I definitely think I persevere and work hard at whatever needs relationships or anything else. -- Anonymous
A11 I know a ISTj girl, she is constantly masquerading as ISFj as described above, I think it's because ISTj are easily hurt. The girl I know likes to take over control, she likes managing matters under a tight, structured schedule at work and at home almost the same. She has very strong beliefs about what is right and wrong in a bourgeoise kind of way. She is all about manners and politeness, sometimes she is accused of being manipulating because she likes to (mis)read people and then lead them. SHe likes to "take care" of almost everything around her. She has difficulcies to accept, that different people have different needs and often is quite frustrated that things/people wont go along as planned and even gets sick. All you can do to light up her day is to be grateful for her deeds for you, but this would mean giving up control to her. She likes a good laugh, to light up her mood and to stabilize herself when stressed (and she is easily stressed) but each thing at its time, if you know what I mean. I don't think she is extravert though, she is too easily flustered and overwhelmed. -- Anonymous
A12 I'm a female ISTJ. I'm an introvert but I can manage socializing when the situation calls for it. I would trust the facts more than my own feelings. I actually like rules and schedules. -- Anonymous
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A13 A6 I could not agree with you more I am this type of female and you pretty much described me to a "T". There ARE females likes this out there and I have been told I act like a guy more than a girl but hey I am strong willed and don't take anyones crap either. -- Anonymous
A14 yup. hi. -- Anonymous
A15 They do exist and I am one of them. -- Anonymous
A16 Spock is an ISTj. So imagine Mr. Spock in drag. =) -- Anonymous
A17 Tough-minded. Controlling. Serious. Can be hard-driving about rules and boundaries, what she will personally accept and what she will not. Obviously materialistic motivation. Some will easily ask, even try to verbally coax money/gifts from another without regard to the other person's obvious material status. Loves high fashion designer labels and expensive possessions. Does not collect clutter. Relies strictly on pre-established rules and authority in all pursuits. No more questions should be asked. Contentedly works on simple mundane, clerical tasks at an even pace. Unfortunately, often too ashamed to demonstrate her individuality, any hint of imagination, her tender side, or any sentimentality. Looks upon innovation and imagination as personal strangeness and/or disobedient challenges to those in command. Regularly pushes to get what she wants. Empathy is occasionally defensively intellectualized rather than actualized. Demands strict cleanliness and order, especially at home. Extravagantly overpaid compared to other types and they quality of work they perform. This type makes strong salary demands that exceed the norms, even if they have no experience or basis for the hike, and most often receive them, by virtue of their tough demeanor. Tend to dress with sophistication, not much color, occasionally quite sleazy. Some are capable of cleverly devising secret power plays and emotionally manipulative ploys, completely disregarding others' rights, feelings, talents and contributions, solely to defend their own positions and interests. Can easily be merciless due to their primary focus on immediately practical logical considerations. Secretly despises others' frustrated discussions of problems, negative talk, or expressions of special needs considerations. Particularly fond of vain men, which reflect her natural inward vanity back to her, much to her delight. Wants to surround herself with people who make her look good, not people who "have problems." Gives to those who can get her somewhere, more than from a point of ethics, family ties, or past loyal devotion. Sometimes needs positive verbal reassurance of her capabilities when undertaking a new venture. Life is about duty, responsibility, and making money to enjoy material pleasures. You either get with the program now, or you're out. Like the ESTP, ISTJs are among those most capable of calculatingly destroying the integrity and well-being of other types through their cut-throat "solutions" to "problems", whether intentionally or not. They seem to expect all of life to work in simple cookie cutter fashion, when in fact, it does not and cannot. Yes, they do have their soft sides, but most circumstances do not permit them to experience it. -- Anonymous
A18 Yeah they do exist. Depending on their intelligence and other things they can be really mean spirited, and look down on others to try and bolster their own insecurity. However I also knew one who was really tough minded and had a lot of fight for authority ie the bosses, i mean when she went for it the company owners could even end up involved, but at the same time she was kind in a way and looked after me in workplace cause I listened to her and asked for help, also seemed a guarding parent to her kid. -- Cy
A19 A17: I have even more problems with ISTjs than with my Conflicting partners but still, your description is too negativistic even for me. It should be called "ISTjs uncovered". What about their bright sides? -- Ezis (ESFp)
A20 My mom's an ISTJ. She not cold hearted or insensible like people think Ts are. Instead she's very caring and supportive, but she appreciates justice a lot. When something is not OK for her, she always speaks, and she's assertive, sometimes aggresive. She's honest and never pretends to know more. She dislikes the fact that im compassionate even with my enemies hehehe. She is also A LITTLE BIT image conscious, she likes to dress well and look well. She loves order, she gets mad when she sees something is not where it should be. With strangers she is very closed except with her friends which she is like an extrovert but no a social butterfly. She is faithful, loyal and honest, and is very VERY critical of dishonest people. And she works a lot and she likes to discuss things. She's never a mediator. and my mom is not easily hurt hehe -- Jd
A21 A20, perhaps she's really an ISFJ. ISFJs are tough too, but focus on ethics over utility. -- Anonymous
A22 A19, I hate to break it to you, but that WAS the kind version. -- A17
A23 Hehe, if something is not useful to my mom, it's useless for her even if it has a personal value for someone, even to her. Still, she keeps things she values, like a shaver from her recently deceased dad. I may be wrong, but I think she has developed her feeling function. -- Jd
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