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Question #1198626358Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007
Category: Typing INFp
What are the tell tale signs that you're an infp? -- anonymous
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A1 hopeless romantic. thats the biggest one. or, you might be incredibly cynical, if you realize that nothing is as it should be. kind of a deeper set existential depression. -- Anonymous
A2 Stupid dork that can't even operate a vacuum cleaner. -- Anonymous
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A3 I observed in difficult times INFP's use to personify soulless things, like love, stars and stuff like these. Another thing would be they like to be observed and most importantly: remembered. A good friend of mine, INFP, in his sucidal tendencies use to say "don't forget me" - of course I say I'll look for my life and forget about him and all the story . They have visions, revelations, usually mystical, when asked for an explanation they say "you don't understand" or "you'll understand later" . They use to wear extravagant clothes. Males may express aggressive wishes but don't use to act violently, usually they 'realize' the ennemy is in fact 'a good guy'. They may become aggressive when someone insists on them, for example a drunk guy with the same joke. They may become popular and people like to attract their attention or friendship without an obvious reason. There are more things, forgot about them right now, these were my personal observations on a very small set. -- Mihai, ENTP
A4 @A2: That was very innapropriate and inconsiderate, not to mention pointless! -- ISFP
A5 Wow, A3, that was scary. -- INFP awesome
A6 1) A persistent belief that you are smarter/wittier/deeper than almost anybody else you know. This doesn't tend to get verbalized very often, but lurks under the pleasant exterior. 2) The need for close companionship, be it with friends, family, or relationships. Heightened noticeably during times of crisis. 3) A limited capacity to do routine housework or other day to day activities in any prolonged fashion. Generally, INFp do not enjoy being told what to do, and can usually occupy themselves contentedly for many hours/days in a row. -- Anonymous
A7 I do believe I have a one up on most in the "realness" department, but I don't usually think I'm smarter, just more accepting of REAL life. I mean we only get one. Might as well acknowledge it rather than pretend it's something else (a fairy tale). I like A6 description. -- learning
A8 Most people who write to this site who claim to be ENTP's are probably INFP's. -- Anonymous
A9 uhhh INfp, if you know that somehow if you silmilar to an enfj -- J
A10 Um, disregard the above stereotypes, they probably won't get you anywhere. A good indicator of personality type is the people with whom one socializes. If you can tell the personality types of your favorite people, and work towards identifying the patterns of your relationships with them, you're on the right track. It's like a watched pot- the more attention you pay to yourself, the less you actually accomplish. -- Anonymous
A11 I find that in my own world I experience things much more intensely than I can express them with my outward emotions. I am pretty reserved, if you ask those who I am around at work or even my family. Where I usually am better at releasing the intense feelings and emotions is through painting, drawing, photography, and writing. I am more of an 'observer' capturing and taking in everything around me, but not liking to be in the limelight. INFPs are typically better in smaller groups or one-on-one where we are building relationships rather than feeling like we are being 'judged' by a crowd. -- Anonymous
A12 I agree with A1 and I'm an INFp. @A6, I actually have a love-hate relationship with myself. I think I am smarter and deeper than most people...but I'm also very hard on myself and even begin to question if I could be mentally retarded or something...since I forget nearly everything...I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast. -- Anonymous
A13 In response to A10 - There is value in paying attention to yourself. You get to know yourself better, and are able to know others better because of it. Reflecting on who you are alone can be good, but it's better to also have interaction with others and the environment, like doing some kind of work. Self awareness, like any other character trait, can be a gift and a curse, precisely why duals are helpful. They lessen the curse side of the gift: ESTp says to INFp, "You think too much." -- learning
A14 Hmm...I'm an INFp, but I'm actually pretty optimistic...but I didn't used to be that way. -- Anonymous
A15 To A2: what's up with that? There's something seriously messed up about someone who uses the anonymity of the internet to trash-talk people based on empty stereotypes and personal prejudices. You're spineless, and above that, foolish. - uninspired -- Anonymous
A16 What about an INFp and a ENTp? I realize it Illusionary but would like thoughts on continuing relationship. -- Anonymous
A17 I sort of agree with A3. I tend to attract people for no apparant reason. It's always been like that, since I was a little kid. Maybe people find INFPs nice/accapting and a slightly mysterious, and have an urge to "take care" of them. I get that a lot, people wanting to "take care of me". I think INFPs are childlike in a way, and usually very competant in what they do, whether it's academically or in their careers. I know people at work here probably see me as a ISTJ or ISFJ because i'm all business at work... but my mind is elsewhere, thinking about olitics, religion, and the destiny of mankind. I spend most of my day at work hashing out my values and preparing arguments for what I believe if the conversation ever comes up. I tend to have suicidal thoughts when I'm stressed, but have never actually been suicidal. So that part is sadly true too. -- infp too
A18 The ones that are always "Anonymous" -- Anonymous
A19 Just for the record, I know a few INFps fairly well, and from what I know A3, A6, and A11 seem to have described their tendencies PERFECTLY. @A3: I hadn't considered that 'personify soulless things' idea, but it's strangely accurate. I like it a lot! -- Lena, ISFp
A20 A15, calm down. I agree, the comment was tasteless, and I'm feeling the urge to flip that person off myself (albeit while chuckling), but your response stoops to his/her level. One could hope said post (A2) was a joke. I'm probably not INFp, but I know what it's like to be highly out of touch with reality; and I have trouble using the electric can-opener. Related to this topic, it's pretty interesting. -- Kanerou
A21 I know INFp who can't tie drawstring bin bags and is scared of them, ie just won't use them. -- Elephants Lawn
A22 I am 1nfp and I think you can tell one by: 1)Many of my thoughts are hard to explain using only words; like music or painting would better express it. 2)I'm willing to make temporary sacrifices for people I care about and things I believe in, but not permanent ones because I like to keep the future a mystery. 3)I am all or nothing when it comes to spending money. It's feast or famine. I will spend many thousands at once (traveling and shopping) and then pinch pennies for years at a time before the next splurge. 4) I remember my dreams and try to figure out what they are really about. I forget peoples names but not their faces. -- Anonymous
A23 I'm an INFP, and I know that I find it incredibly hard to do anything I don't have any feelings about. I have to care about the project, or the cause, or the people involved, or something in order to get into something; otherwise, I just squeak through it with a disgusted look on my face. I forget almost everything, including things like shoes when I'm walking outside, and can be extremely hard on myself. I also find myself becoming depressed/frustrated because I feel like I have a lot of things to say that I can't get out or that most folks won't understand because the population at large is extremely shallow. -- Anonymous
A24 strong "feelings"/"thoughts" (using each in a slightly looser sense than their usual connotation) that are very difficult for you to describe in words. A need for affection that your "I" may occasionally revent you from expressing. -- Anonymous
A25 Seconding A22's comment about remembering and trying to interpret dreams. -- Anonymous
A26 A3 and A23 have awesome posts. . . I have often felt that it would be extremely hard (or just plain fussy) to express fleeting, fantastical dream-thoughts to even some of my closest friends. IEI's fantasize A LOT. -- Hcat
A27 1)a rather strong concern for humanity at large, that can't be helped! 2)a natural sympathy for the underdog. INFp's will tend to favour marginalised minority groups over the social majority that always seems to be lacking in understanding according to the INFp 3) INFp's have great difficulty doing things they don't want to do, and carrying out routine (especially administrative) tasks b/c the task feels too mundane/boring for the INFp 4)good at learning/picking up new skills 5)have a zany side 6)gets along well with others, but kind of always afraid that they are unworthy, and not doing the 'right' thing or acting the 'best' way -- Anonymous
A28 A27. bang on. -- Anonymous
A29 "Oh I hadn't noticed the white socks and black shoes" - "NOW I've got the snappy comeback - maybe I should call". I'm ESFP. -- MLH
A30 I second that emotion, A22. 1.)Tends to purchase high quality clothes for appearance boost 2.)Performs outlandish acts to get people's attention 3.)Loves to be noticed and talked about in a good manner 4.)Has great enthusiasm and charisma, smiling a lot when conversating 5.)Future oriented 6.)Can be snobbish, stubborn, vain, conceited; has demanding attitude 7.)Not good with practical, daily routines. 8.)Wants to live in luxury. 9.)Love for children and animals. 10.)Researches and reads a lot expanding knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. 11.)Self-assured and confident about their values. 12.)Stupid dork that can't even operate a vaccum cleaner. -- INFp
A31 My fffing god A12, story of my life! INFp's are certainly not happy-go-lucky nice guys as far as it has been described here. I believe I am one, and we are a very sincere, but narcissistic bunch at that. Also, maybe, the feeling that you can emulate just about any other type on the site, and have found it very difficult to type yourself, even though you've already considered the points many INTj's attempt to drill into your skull and only find new things from odd posters that seem to be the exception of whatever type they've picked(I bet they are INFp's ha). The feeling that you are a shape shifter in general, with social skills that are crappy from one standpoint, and great from another. Also, I have a chronic fear of discovering that I'm not really an INFp. And a skepticism of socionics that I express but really, I sadly buy it whole heartedly. Additionally, I have a fear of being typed as an ISTj, and actually being one, ha. How stupid. Also, you might be really good at putting yourself down. -- Anonymous
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