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Question #1198626358Tuesday, 25-Dec-2007
Category: Typing INFp
What are the tell tale signs that you're an infp? -- anonymous
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A32 A2, I must say that its sadly true. I'm just a piece of work. I will talk your ears out about theories and other topics of interest. 2)though I do not perform "outlandish acts" to get attention. Then again, I might not be an INFp. I sure hope I am. Can someone else respond to me? Also, I'm clearly showing just as much as I'm telling, I expect people to extract information often just based on how I say things and this can lead to communication problems unless there is someone who gets it present. Probably an INFp trait. -- Anonymous
A33 Tell-tale sign of being an INFp: (Cognitive) - manifesting lofty ideals and purposes; being enamored with remote or otherworldly utopian conceptions; being enraptured by far-off, distant future scenarios; adopting airy, visionary, windy approaches while jettisoning quotidian emphases; exhibiting a preoccupation with ivory-towered imaginative wanderings; evincing optimistic perspectives and taking a romantic, quixotic orientation toward life. (Behavioral)- presenting self as delicate and insubstantial; conveying a sense of listlessness, slackness and torpidity and revealing deficiencies in energy and activation; frequently appearing languid, dreamy, and lackadaisical; evidencing whimsical, capricious responses to drives and impulses; being characteristically timorous and detached; other things I can't think of right now, etc. -- INFp
A34 a31, you are right on. also, everyone, this thread is the best compilation of "real" infp traits, characteristics, and inside views I've ever read on the innernettes. thanks a bunch. makes me feel more secure about my infpness in general. all insinuations acknowledged. -- Anonymous
A35 I'm an INFp, but while deep down I'm 'delicate' as you put it, lol, I can be very over-confident, and sometimes people see me as arrogant. I'm dreamy sometimes, but I can also be extremely pessimistic and hard to a certain extent, even. I hate being like that, though, and I try to be good. -- Simon the INFp
A36 A8 including you? -- entp
A37 A22,you sound JUST LIKE ME. -- Anonymous
A38 All I know is that I have very, very, very vivid imagination, and yeah, I can entertain myself for hours. -- INFP
A39 I'm from germany (I hope you can read my writing ) and sure I'm INXX. I am very idealistic and the tests always say I'm INFj. The INFj sounds like the good in person and maybe even too good for me. Sometimes I can get really loud, being joking in a silly way. Sometimes i regret being so. And I'm afraid I'm not a feeling type because I'm afraid my feelings aren't great enough and not pure. I don't understand how I am and why I am how I am. I feel like being too complex for expressing myself and being understanded by myself and others. And if I would find someone who is as complex as me.. Well, I'm almost sure that there isn't any human outside that really is in line with me. So I keep living on a more shallow way with other people. Well, that sound a little bit cynical. Could I be an INFp? There are some discribtions of you that partly are suited to me. If I could recreate myself I would recreate me as a quiet mysterious, melancholy, cute and emphatic boy who is good at arts. But in reality I'm far away from this ideal of me and I can't ever reach it. =( Do you understand? okay, i hope I didn't soooo much mistakes in my text -- Anonymous
A40 I think of INFP's as being very generous and most INFP's (I think) tend to share there most intimate of feelings when they are close to being a little more of an Extrovert than Introvert like me. I am an INFP and would know.If you have this personality you are also more curious than most of your friends and even though your an introvert you can't stand to live alone. -- Mariah
A41 well first of all if you are a big baby who feels victimized by the world. and if you criticize everyone and everything for no reason other than bitterness because of reason one hahahahah -- Anonymous
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A42 Yes, I think great imagination and curiosity, even about the smallest things, are the hallmarks of INFPs. My ex-boyfriend used to complain that I asked too many questions. I tried to go for an hour without asking a single question and I couldn't do it. Half of my sentences start out "I wonder..." -- e.d.
A43 I agree with A41. The only INFp I knew for definite used to make very nasty personal comments towards people he didn't like and then when people used to avoid him he used to get them with post-it notes. I think he used to enjoy writing down his feelings towards them. His favourite subject was himself and various illnesses and conditions he had suffered from throughout his life. Also, he used to go on about the times he had been victimised and wronged in society but it didn't make him any less cruel when being nasty to people just because he felt like it. -- ESTJ Female
A44 wowww i never thought that id read things that other ppl wrote that i could relate to so personally. someone mentioned that they dont consider themselves geniuses, just smarter than most (i do cuz i think ppl dont actually THINK about what theyre doing), i feel certain connections with ppl for no reason and have my whole life (i learned its because those infp's with a dominant Ne have a stronger intuition than their Fi) and i can just SENSE things i feel like others cant, and i also thought that id never meet anyone as complex and different thinking as me cuz i have just felt SO different all my life. (but i met my boyfriend last May after years of searching who is a sensitive pretty outgoing intp and finally met my match and its the best thing in the world). and the way the world works makes me so sad that everyone is living and not seeing it lead to disaster and that nothing is right and that i am just one and its pointless to do anything. im always late and daydreaming and not with it and struggling to pay attention to whats going on around me and what im supposed to be doing. i get bored of repition and things that involve no imagination because theyre not stimulating to my brain and i feel listless. i hate time, i love originality and the beautiful, i hate judgemental and stupid ppl, i hate those who exhibit feelings or talk wayyyy too much cuz its hard to pay attention, i am competent in everything i do but i usually choose not to do it or dont want to and want to just let my mind go and relax. and like half the ppl here im scared i may not be an infp even though i SO SO clearly am and have all the characteristics of one, but the lingering feeling is still there that maybe im wrong. i feel like the infp's dont necessarily look for their soulmate/someone who gets them because theyre in love with the idea of finding 'the one', but because they want 'someone who gets me and what i think about and like to talk about the same things i do and find the same things interesting' and since infp's think so differently from the 'sj' ppl, its so noticable to them how different they are and they sense that most ppl dont even notice theyre different and it bothers them. but they look for those that think differently as well, and i was constantly on the lookout for ANYONE who would understand the millions of thoughts going on in my head and not only be able to understand, but to relate to me and build off of it and love me for thinking differently, and of course notice that i think differently (because infp's naturally are drawn to originality and want to feel as though they are perceieved as original too i think)and be COMFORTABLE with talking to about their intermost thoughts because this person will ACTUALLY get you and appreciate you and have similar thoughts of their own. (and this makes me so happy that i found my playful sensitive loveable and sexy intp boyfriend whos brain works the same as mine. ive honestly never felt that connection before and i KNOW its the 'INP' combo) sorry for rambling, im just so happy i feel at home somewhere and that ill be UNDERSTOOD and i dont have to change what im going to say to make myself understood by the world. and im supposed to be writing a paper and am on adderall and am completely avoiding it. blehhh, but at least im having a good time learning about personality types instead -- Karen
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