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Question #1194874322Monday, 12-Nov-2007
Category: ISFj INFj Typing S/N
What are some major differences between ISFj and INFj? -- ana
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A1 INFjs are more creative, if you ask me. -- ENTp
A2 Which (creativity) has nothing to do with the type, of course. -- Some days you're a pigeon, some days you're a statue...
A3 Ss are convinced of themselves, Ns have to mine to find gold? -- @sirac
A4 please read ISFJ uncovered and know that INFJ's are positive. -- Maritsa
A5 Observing the differences between the two is somewhat subjective. The first thought I had is that INFjs appear to be more energetic. INFjs are also ready to do battle with you personally based on a disagreement and ISFjs would appeal more to authority or authority figures. ISFjs are good at detail-oriented work (maybe among the best out of all the types - ?) while INFjs definitely should stay away from too much detailed work, for their own sake and everyone else's. -- econdude
A6 Yes. ISFJ's can work with amazing pace on the other hand, INFJ's work in bouts depending on how they feel and will get distracted by theories that pop in their minds. -- Maritsa Darmandzhyan
A7 INFJs are more like hippies. Way more creative and idea-driven. ISFJs are more about the present and fixated on details. -- Anonymous
A8 INFJs are imaginative, creative, and free-spirited. ISFJs are conservative, stodgy and bitchy. -- Anonymous
A9 wow, most of these comments are utter rubbish, especially A8. The difference between an INFj and ISFj is that their creative functions are the others vulnerable/opposite function. INFj's have Ne as a creative function, which generates ideas, new concepts, potential, etc. ISFj's have Se as their creative function, which makes them more action orientated, and unlike INFj's, they're not frightened by confrontation if it's necessary to their Fi. ISFj's are independent while INFj's are in need of a caregiver to help assist with practical matters that our Ne may ignore. An ISFj will appear more self-assured and maybe even hostile while an INFj will appear more timid. I don't particularly know where the idea that INFj's are the prototype of hippies came from, but it's simply not true. If anything a free-spirited nature is more typical with ethical-irrational types. Keep in mind, like ISFj's, we have Te as our suggestive function -- An INFj
A10 Both INFj's and ISFj's are driven by their vision. The difference is that if INFj's are unhappy with the ethic side (in their personal opinion) of someone's behaviour, they would search for the inner keys helping to turn another person (in their personal opinion) to his better side. ISFj's would rather assume that the person is "bad" and would force him to be "good". It's like two kinds of kindergarten teachers: soft and persuading vs strict and pushy ))) -- Anonymous
A11 As an INFJ who was married to an ISFJ and dated 3 others my conclusion is that the INFJ gets very bored with the ISFJ. Clearly I've been drawn to them, but eventually lose interest. I think it's that intuitive thing, many of the S's are not able to inspire many N's attention for long. Though the ISFJ male, in my experience, is a good person imbued with loyalty, tenacity and a warm heart. They're just a little too predictable for my taste, especially intellectually and, now that I think of it, emotionally. good, so -- Anonymous
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A12 The types of data that they have to sort through and rationalize are very different, which gives them very different perspectives of the world. INFj primarily sees the forest while for ISFj, it’s all about the trees - melody and mood versus notes and words. They are divided by what each would consider as important or memorable. Both will stand by their own values and perspective, which will be a divisive issue. INFj would tend to be more optimistic but vulnerable, while ISFj can be more wary but gullible. -- I/O
A13 INFjs are less awkward in social situations. ISFjs are kind of afraid of everyone. INFjs are also more creative and get bored way easier than an ISFj. -- ISFj Tina
A14 I think ISFJs are less adventuresome (I knew one who didn't get her driver's license until she was in her 30s). I also think ISFJs are more likely to be nasty, behind the back sabotuers when someone does something that offends them (driver's license woman was like that). It all depends though on whether each type has developed their goods sides or whether they're exhibiting more of the bad sides of their types. -- Anonymous
A15 A13, if anything Se should make you less afraid of people and confrontation, if necessary. If you are indeed an ISFj you're probably just shy. Ne types rarely are bored unless we're forced into boring situations, since we use Ne to create an internal, and sometimes external, atmosphere to entertain ourselves and others, hence the label infantile . A14, I don't think an ISFj is prone to be less adventurous than an INFj, if anything, I think they'd be more adventurous since they have Se as a creative function which gives them a more ambitious character. I also don't believe an ISFj is more likely to be back-stabbers, or what not, than any of the other types -- An INFj
A16 INFjs are much better artists and public speakers. -- ISFj
A17 A9 is an ENFJ, not an INFJ. A14 is talking about ESFJs, not ISFJs. -- Anonymous
A18 I am an INFj and my best friend is an ISFj. We're both very emotionally in tune I think, but I've noticed that she takes cues based on body language (S) and I just sort of "get a feel" for the person (N). Also, she sounds like a T a lot of the time, especially when she's talking about ethics. She has these very defined ideas of ethics and justice, while I am more prone to a compassionate approach. Sometimes I think she is being very insensitive. For example, she supports the death penalty because she thinks murderers deserve to die. I don't think that killing more people is setting a good societal example, and I especially don't think that anyone really deserves to die, no matter what they did. She's better at interacting with people she doesn't know. She comes off as very friendly. I, on the other hand, tend to be a little more guarded. She is more interested in science and math, while I have a penchant for poetry and literature. However, we share a great emotional bond and are both very concerned for other people's feelings. -- INFj
A19 I'm an ISFj, and just like A18, I don't believe in the death penalty either, because of those very same reasons. I too am guarded, and love poetry and literature. In fact English class was my favorite one in high school (except when we had to do grammar). My best friend is an INFj. and there are few differences between us. ONE: since she is in the "Delta" quadrant, she is serious, whereas I am of the "Gamma" quadrant, and am merry. Something I've noticed about INFj's ENFp's and ISTp's is that they convey a sense of seriousness about them. This can be seen in their demeanor when you interact with them. Me? La, la, la...I'm having fun, I'm "merry" until some **** happens that I have to deal with. ugh.. TWO: Her polR is Se whereas mine is Ne. What does that mean? It means that when things don't go as I planned (or I expect them to) I freak out because my weak Ne can't come up with other possibilities. Since she has stronger Ne, she can easily (naturally?) come up with possibilities and then choose the one that will avoid the messes that I get into. *insert eyeroll* As for what her weak Se equates to... hmmm, I guess it means that she won't fight for what she wants. like ever. THREE: she has an "infantile" temperament and I have an "aggressor" temperament. and really, THIS is what made me realize that I'm an ISFj. Once I KNOW what I want, I'll do as much as I can to GET what I want. So, even though I'm an introvert, when there's a guy that I REALLY want, I'll go after him. And I hate the idea of being pursued, I want to be the one who does the pursing, otherwise, there's no fun in it. I will hunt and chase down the object of my affection until I've conquered it, that is if it will let me. I say booo to those "caretakers" who don't play my game. j/k, j/k. And because she's an "infantile", she could care less about such games when it comes to love. In fact, she hardly ever talks about her romantic relationships, except to say that she is in one and that they do stuff together. Me? I like to talk about all the different ways I can get a guy, and if I have one, about the wonderful things he does for me. and if I get bored with a guy, I leave and tell everyone I know how boring he was, and how I was the one that ended the relationship. I guess that's my version of "aggression". FOUR: if you look at our body types, she is naturally thin, almost frail and worn-out looking, like many of the INFj's on the celebrity page. I look like I eat healthy amount of food, because I do. I'm aware of when I'm hungry and will even eat when I'm not. And then go running around here and there to burn off the energy. From what I've read, INFj's are unaware of their inner bodily processes (when they are hungry, when they tired) and so they need someone with Si to help them with this. I could write more, but that's really the gist of it. My INFj friend and I have many, MANY of the same values, but we are also very, VERY different. -- anomaly of an ISFj?
A20 ISFjs are more socially awkward and less creative. -- ISFj Courtney
A21 "N" people live in a world of theory, ideas, and creativity; N people are imaginative, productive, inspiring, intellectual, charming, capable, and forward-thinking. "S" people tend to get really excited about dumbass things like putting things in boxes all day or repeatedly pulling a lever, day in and day out, for years. "S" people, though they are stupid as ****, are a necessary evil; without them the fantastic, inspirational ideas of the intuitors could never be realized. "N" People are the leaders, the charmers, the creators, those that explore the greatest depths of human understanding and ingenuity; "S" people are the second-in-commands that happily go through their meaningless lives without concern or care for anything of intellectual weight, they blissfully follow orders to a tee. ISFJs are obsessed with rules for the sake of rules - the 3rd-grade teacher who yelled at you every single day of 3rd grade for not standing in line is an ISFJ. If you thought as a 3rd-grader that you might be smarter than her, you probably were (provided you are an "N")! Secretaries make excellent ISFJs, as do those content with routine and order, uncurious of the nature or function of the system. INFJs are big dreamers - they typically enjoy solving problems and are likely to seclude themselves in an internal world of their own making. INFJs make excellent writers, scientists, or theorists; they are typically very hard on themselves and are constantly at odds with themselves for not doing more/working harder. INFJs are complicated people who do not always lead happy lives, but are usually good-hearted and pleasant to others. -- - an INxJ
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