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Question #1182433206Thursday, 21-Jun-2007
Category: Typing Celebrities
What was Hitler personality type. was He an over ultimate INTJ, Or just he was having some psychological problems (or both). Is there can be any relation between your psychological type & some psychological diseases. In an other way, is your psychological type make you more prone to some psychological diseases (Hitler as an example) -- Anonymous
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A1 Check out the article. Because of his manipulation of public opinion through propaganda and rhetoric, they type Hitler as an ExFj, probably ENFj. His main strength was the ability to use the correct persona to make people react exactly how he wanted them to. His radical beliefs make him seem like an unstable N type. He was definitely a nutcase, but the way he approached his goals should show some psychological preferences. Evil genius, maybe, but not an INTj. -- Anonymous
A2 lol INTj are too easy to distract for such lofty goals. -- Jadae
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A3 the idea that hitler was an enfj is ludicrous - extroverted feelers are patently conformists. really, it's only the "good oratory skills" that seem to hold the enfj idea together. hitler was an entp - and one of the reasons he had such a 'hold' on the german people is because, culturally, Germany is a hard core ISTj place with ISTj institutions that breed ISTj people - and the ENTp is the ISTjs supervisor (this explains the unconfortable-but-obedient "father/saviour role" that hitler was granted...he wouldn't have worked, say, in India or the US). other evidence that hitler was an entp - and not an enfj - is blatant. the chaos, the inventiveness (this is why idiot historians cannot find hitler's "grand plan" - he didn't have one, he was inventing on a daily basis, except instead of a lab, a workshop, or a business, hitler had a country). the biggest and most staggering reason hitler was able "to be hitler" is that everyone underestimated him. no other type exploits being underestimated as much as ENTps. that's actually the heart of their strategy. underestimate them and you lose, and that's pretty much what everyone did, including the stupid ISTj Germans. -- Anonymous
A4 @A3. Except that Germany hardly is a "hard core ISTj place". Are you are German, or how much do you actually know about Germans? -- Anonymous
A5 I think we should to know Hitler personality type is to follow his underlying abilities & behaviors of early days. Which he mention them in his mein kampf. As he pointed out, he had architecture abilities. This seems to be true, because later he was able to give good design (volkswagen). As he also mentioned he loved isolation & reading of books etc. From all above i can say he was ENTp or INTj -- Anonymous
A6 Hitler was not a naturally talented orator starting out. He was taught the art of public speaking (this would indicate that he was an xNTJ). While there doesn't seem to be any authoritative way of telling what his "agenda" was (if any) he seems to have been a type who could operate keeping his real "plans" entirely to himself...merely weaving impressions wherever he went. Possibly a Ti type? He seldom if ever used the same word twice in the same way when writing...and was obviously very comfortable with the idea of social engineering. This Ti function is likely to have been his creative function if he actually had it. This would make him an ESTP or an ENTP...just an idea. -- Anonymous
A7 As @A6 mentioned, Hitler was not a talented orator. He learned it. We can find proves for this in 'Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler' book ( SpecialCollections/Donovan/Hitler/Hitler-TOC.cfm) which is considered as one of the most reliable sources about analyzing Hitler personality. In Section 2 of this book, they mentioned some amazing features about Hitler personality which we should take inconsideration when we try to type him. We can see the following features. His facial expression was emotionless. He appears shy and ill at ease in company and seems seldom capable of carrying on conversation. Has had a deep-lying need for aggression, destruction, brutality. He was disinterest in women. In private, Hitler seldom converses. Hitler had a not well developed ascetic taste. He had an extraordinary ability to take a complicated problem to reduce it to very simple terms. He cannot work steadily, but with explosive outbursts of activity or not at all. Also, he had a schizoid temperament, which combines both a sensitive, shy, and indrawn nature with inhibitions of feelings toward others. From all above, we can conclude that he was mainly Introverted. So, if my conclusion was correct, then he is an INTj or INTp. Also, it is not so far to be INFj with schizoid personality disorder. -- Anonymous
A8 Without going too much into Hitler, I worked at a company for about five years where the director of my area was an ENFj. She had plenty of stupid and kooky ideas but she somehow managed to get the "sheeple" managers under her to buy into most of it. She did speak in front of large groups and network a lot but by no means was she born with the skills to do so - she probably picked them up quickly but many people are fearful of speaking in public no matter what their temperament. I didn't know her that well but I did catch glimpses of her personality and style and she was very intolerant of ideas that did not further her goals (not unusual for any manager, but again she is an ENFj). Hitler possibly had a sexually transmitted disease which affected his brain and he most certainly had several personality disorders and probably is considered to have been psychotic. Religious people have suggested that he was possessed by the devil. He was such a bad person that he is almost beyond typing to explain his actions and behavior, but in the final analysis, I don't see a reason to disagree with the ENFj characterization and definitely don't think he was an INTj. (Incidentally, in the past I have confused ENFjs and INTjs when I attempted VI). -- econdude
A9 ENFjs aren't necessarily conformists. They just pay attention to structures that already exist. Also, Intuition is attracted to everything "new and unusual"; you'd find that under "What Is Socionics", the second link down on the left-hand side of practically every page on this website. -- Anonymous
A10 A4, yes, in fact, i have a signed document from EVERY German that they are all ISTjs. i have that document here, and for some reason (you'd have to ask the ISTj Germans), they've shaped it as a suppository. would you like me to send it over so that you can have a closer...look? -- Anonymous
A11 Are any two functions in particular responsible for the expression of anger? 1Se/2Ti? 1Ti/2Se? -- Anonymous
A12 A8 - there was a rumor that he had syphilis, but this may have been propaganda spread to try to discredit him. But we do know that he suffered from exposure to mustard gas in WWI, and spent time in a military hospital for it. The agent in mustard gas can have psychological effects. Obviously, this man was atypical, so it may be moot to try to type him at all - temperament does not have to do with mental illness! -- iAnnAu
A13 @A8.Religious people are possessed by the It may be useful to, when analysing such things to do the following: a) observe all behaviours.. b) think of type as a motor, with a group of socionics types being seen as 'ideal motors' which would drive that personality....WHAT DID A4 say, how do u mean that. but that is aside the point. Hitler may not have been mad, but when interacting in any environment, we take the charactures which are most likely to disrupt 'anti-us' elements in atmosphere. as Hitler had to co-ordinate between the Nazi's, be it's most prostigious face, and co-ordinate with the military. Infact, many people forget, that in vilinizing Hitler, that in the background most military people saw in him the necassary figure for the time. Germanies hatred was deep-seated, and the generation of Generals which faught WW2 where developing themselves for goals which could accurately be judged Imperialist (all major powers breed there own imperialists, so on the world map of applicable threats, this was nothing new or big...power politics underlies every region of the world. infact it is my opinion, that when power politics is not properly applied, that suffering persists. it is just the pity of the time, and the german nation that enemies where seen as the other major Eurasian powers, and that the one nation of True Internationalists the Isrealis where seen as a threat. Obviously, what they eventually did, stirred up such a flurry of hatred, that of necassity, they where destroyed. the event formed the world as it now is, europe is strong for the first time, international politics have 'some' prioritation of good-order, which tends to grow the entire system...always good. such a monumental event thus deserves it's placing as a proper Prophecy of the Old Testiment) -- @sirac
A14 Its a tricky one to type him as, as said he's pretty much atypical. Another reason is that give him a type and you run a potential risk of upsetting others of that type (which for me isn't my intent) But lets give it a go .. Hitler was in actuallity very shy in his personal life (being himself) and didn't like being around people (I) - Its been documented that he would often fly into emotional rages in attempt to emotively blackmail, and it would seem manipulate his 'partners in crime' (F) Was he N or S ? Have a hunch but not sure. s or p? Well he was never particularly organised. So that leaves INFp or ISFp. Now its also known he had a lot of respect and intimidated by people he saw as important (he was so in awe of churchill with his educational upper class royal family upbringing etc that before the war it was noted he wanted to but appeared a bit scared to meet churchill) Now I think that with this view of regard to important people (this is sometimes but not always an infp type of trait) and his visionary type of approach to his new concepts, would maybe point to N .. So was he an INFp ?? (To note for clarity I denote type ONLY as clearly he had himself a heap of personality issues!!) -- Cyclops
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