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Question #1174686779Friday, 23-Mar-2007
Category: Personality Bullying Theory
Which type is most likely to be the victim of bullying as a child, and why? And which type is most likely to be a bully? -- david
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A1 An unpopular child is most likely be the victim of bullying. An ENTj or ENFj type is a good candidate to become a bully, because of their need to fulfil their hidden agenda, which is . -- d-_-b
A2 Im sure that there is a tendency for certain individuals prone to being victim of bullying, to be of a certain type; I would think that within in the bounds of what the society might consider a socially functional person(excluding the classic, extreme child-hood misfits), an IXTJ or IXFP, typically male, is most likely to be bullied given the social difficulties of ITXJs and emotionally expressive nature of the IXFPs, particularly the intuitive types, as they are less likely to fell a need to adapt as a child(F types are more likely to be effected by bullying). As a highly sensitive, teenage INFP(with many T aspects), I speak from experience for as a child, I had an attractive personality and looks(not sexually relevant, don't get any ideas), as well as many friends of all sorts, yet I was still rather isolated from most and frequently was bullied by children who always tended to be older than me causing me some emotional distress. The kids who bullied me were sometimes rather unitelligent and probably of a working class origin, or they tended to have rather inflated ego's or a disagreable demeanor while being fairly intelligent. Generally both or the types above might have been ESTJs and ESFJs though I find it hard to gauge the personality of individuals of lower intelligence, and personality is definately not going to resemble the socionics archytype. I often percieved ENTJs as bullies as well when they were in fact just a little disagreeble and blunt. Ive seens ENFJs as minor bullies but usually they are committed. EXXP(maybe not the ESFP)types are apt to be trouble-makers as children and might unwittingly bully someone because they find their reaction humorous. I think INTPs can quite intentionally be bullies as well to some people. Practicly any type can be a bully to some unfortunate individualls of potentially any type. I don't really want to elaborate further. It would serve you best to simply take a look at past experiences and I guess learn to identify types either on site or based on their actions, but I can see why you would want to ask, its easier and more entertaining to bounce ideas off of others. -- ..,;';.;
A3 I was heavily bullied as a child...I was also a lot more quiet and sensitive though. I'm an ENTp now... -- ENTp
A4 i got bullied. it was cause i was the most 'out' seeming kid (i intp). But the bully who did it, was in with the social vibes...but because ( first respect for intensive SF males perhaps ever expressed to myself)..of his intensity in SF communication elements in general..from amongst that crowd.. he also felt himself out. His mum,and my mum became friends, and by virtue of involvement and being there socially in that context, we gained some affinity [after he left...obviously at a later stage]. So long..and from my present Nietzshirian long as we could both be evil, we did not care about those minor micro political issues. That is why it is said of Russia, in the military context...never march on Moscow...and never land an army in Asia (as expressed by the great english general..for who i now feel fealty and shame for how his people treated him after WW2..General Montgomery) -- @sirac
A5 Never was bullied at school, I was a loner tho and just did my own thing without really involving with anyone. Spoke to one or two acquantancies but mainly just did my own thing. Looked at the cool gang and I found their interest in the most expensive trainers etc as an affront to their parents who worked hard and had to buy these things. At 13 I used to work in an ice cream van (mobile van selling ice cream confectionary cigarettes and the like) and did a paper run on Sunday, and would spend a lot of time walking my dog in the fields and spending time with my INTp brother. Occasionally someone would try (only once or twice) but if provoked I was quick with my fists more so in my youth so they soon got the message. My advice to kids if I have ever have them then is to always hit back. Dont condone violence but the playground really dog eat dog in retrospect) I made a point of becoming more sociable when I went to uni that was OK. Enjoyed it had some good times doing that. Do it a bit of both now. -- Cyclops
A6 Like Cyclops (both of us ISTps, BTW), I was never bullied & I was a loner. Interestingly, though, I actually had to turn other kids away because I *preferred* being alone. I never made friends until after I moved to a new school system at the age of 12, and an extreme E decided we were best friends. I definitely felt like I was an outsider, but from Kindergarten on it rarely bothered me (my Mom tells me I had a short (& unpleasant) spell of trying to fit in around 3rd grade), and in High School I finally attracted a few other weirdos. I think I have always projected an air of being self-contained; I've never had to physically protect myself from another human, even back when I was hitchhiking. So between Cyclops & I & the descriptions of ISTps on this site, I'd say this type is unlikely to be bullied, and pretty unlikely to be a bully, either. -- iAnnAu
A7 let me clarify being bullied as an INTP,..bully, obviously being if crossed in path, alone in bathroom..would push me up against a wall..but the whole aspect of being dis-interested as a 'quasi-kid' intellectual..of-course with aggression in eyes..but non-directed at bully,...well that makes an uninteresting target. interestingly__in correlation with iAnnAu, his freind, which left the school years before, and who was a bigger Extraverted bully...decided we where freinds...probably cause we replicated the same belligerency in aspect..even though i was smaller...but alliances across type specialization is respected even by kids. i don't advocate parental involvement...this psyches the kid out of their own cause..being BIGGLY detrimental.amen. that said, i really wanted to ask...cause some of u posters are in America..: how in the world, have you guys developed psycho-types as you have. u have your Columbines...and i happened to watch a movie called 'patient 14', which i don't make anything of...but, one scene with a kid..and hearing those kids thoughts, and getting a feel for that arch-type psychology....i definitely have to say that at my present personal development, that i would 'swat such a guy aside' even though he has the classic victim psychology. this is a definite dangerous breed...i hope u guys don't mass produce them. -- @sirac
A8 I have been bullied as a kid, except that it was in the form of little screaming catcalls. What really helped was this: hit them back. I am an ENTP. -- DustBunny
A9 sirac - America breeds anything & everything. It is our greatest achievement and our ultimate downfall. Film at 11. Seriously, though - I think a majority of kids in America suffer from having been 1) spoiled materialistically, 2) not given enough 1-on-1 attention & appropriate discipline from parents, and then on top of that 3) given very high standards to meet academically (I don't refute that our schools fall short of international standards; still, pressure placed on kids from sources in their personal lives results in near-unanimous social complexes in teens, and this seems to be trending toward elementary ages now, too). My Dad also put it this way after the Virginia Tech episode: We're going to get used to it. People were outraged when the first vehicular deaths occurred, but now we have more cars - and more V.deaths - than ever. Within a decade or so, we're going to see campus shootings on such a regular basis that we'll only notice the "really bad" ones. My Dad's theories don't always make me happy ... maybe the pendulum will swing back against all this "I'm a victim, don't blame me for what I do" crap. ... not holding my breath, here ... (lastly, where "u" from, sirac?) -- iAnnAu
A10 Said I was on a time out tho but decided to let that slip behind for the good of me an have I got everything not yet still more in the needs to post and to read etc. Eh Midnight at hardcourt (?). Seriously tho. The bully you bully me thing we're sort of discussing.. Wonder what goes on inside mind of them. In the school form, from what i've seen its to the boys its more physical and to the girls is it mental/confidence destructo jibing? Interestingly I remember in a workplace there was a girl who had worked there for ages and did her best to make everyones life an untangled and lucid moment for her she opened to me and told me at school she had to spend a long time in a mental ward as she had suffered a breakdown from being bullied. Did she realise she was now making everyone else situation hell on workplace, and indeed being one to just about everyone around her? I don't honestly know she did. Makes me bullies know they are being bullies and no doubt she was the sweetest outside the workplace and clearly had feelings to have been affected by it herself so what caused her to be so? Re America - the world as a whole does produce all sorts..but as a tangent .. If America had stayed under the colonial rule.. one big thing for the crime rate and seriousness of it .. would guns have remained outlawed like they are in England? (Ps I from Scotland which is as part of UK but they do see themselves as their own identity ethnosocionic type I would say, looking like politics is pointing back to independence again for the rather small nation..I think Sirac you from SA? ) -- Cyclops
A11 This probably won't help much but I'm an ISFp/ISFP female and I was bullied in school. -- ISFp/ISFP
A12 I wonder if anyone went through school with absolutely no incidents - perhaps they are in the minority. I guess even the classroom bully may even feel bullied because no one including them is able to understand their aggression or angry feelings. -- Cyclops
A13 I was a partial outsider, but I was never bullied, just some funny incidents used to happen to me, like teachers pronouncing my name incorrectly by mistake, or me laughing loudly at a joke that nobody other got. I was trying to help the bullied ones (INTp for a short time, followed by an INTj), without much success. I have become friends for life with the INTp, though. Our class bullies were three INTjs and one ENTp, if I am not mistaken. -- ESFp
A14 Intuitives (especially dominant) might be more likely to be bullied just because they lack tactical ability (they're too in their heads) and so they're more susceptible to practical jokes, pranks, etc. But it's probably not much more likely. It all depends on the environment. And kids will be kids ...aggression is in all of us, it's part of how we learn who we really are and part of our Stone-Age nature. -- Anonymous
A15 I'm an infp and I was heavily bullied as a child. -- Anonymous
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