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Question #1165277695Tuesday, 5-Dec-2006
Category: ESFp ESTp Stereotype Statistics
Is there any connection between type and socially deviant behavior? For instance, are ESFP females more likely to have illegitimate children and go on welfare? And are ESTP males more likely to experience chronic unemployment? -- INTj
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A1 That is very possible. But of course, it depends on your environment, too. If you are conditioned to thinking that casual sex and getting welfare from Government is part of life, no matter what type you are, you'd be doing them. -- Anonymous
A2 I read somewhere that INTP's were the highest proportion of misdimeanor and minor crimial offence tickets. I'm an INTP and pretty unlucky when it comes to "getting caught." I think our mentality is geared toward...if you can get away with it, go for it! -- observer84
A3 I'd say there are types that are less likely to be socially deviant, than that there would be types that are exceptionally socially deviant. ExFx are more prone to peer pressure, wich generally leads to stupid acts. And sensing types are are interested in pleasures, that might lead to trouble. "I read somewhere that INTP's were the highest proportion of misdimeanor and minor crimial offence tickets". I find this hard to believe. First of all because INTp's aren't so common, most likely the type that has most offences, is the type that's most common. Well most common offences of that type are speeding and parking tickets, so maybe INTp's really speed that much, and get that much parking tickets. I'm INTp and I always speed little bit, so you could also be right. But speeding and traffic violations don't count as socially deviant. But I agree with the last setence, INTp's can be the most selfish, uncompassionate etc. of all types, but some a really kind, just don't show it well. But at the same time INTp's are careful, avoid trouble, think ahead, and spending most of the time at home keeps away from trouble. So INTp's are more likely to be similar to Enron executives rather than drug pushers. But I have read that INTp's with low IQ often became criminals, maybe because there's no other option for them. People with anti-social personality disorder or it's more severe form like psychopathy, seem to me to be highly perceiving types, with T or F defunct, when it should be part of their strongest function. For example an ENTp that can't think ahead. Well that's just my theory. -- INTp
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A4 @A3: "ExFx are more prone to peer pressure, wich generally leads to stupid acts." -> Heh, this really cracks me up! Among all types, ESFP's and ENFP's are among the types that publicly go against the flow the most, and are probably the least prone to peer pressure of all types. We just do our thing, and have to be or at least feel unique. If anything, we're attention whores, and that might be why we act weird and bouncy sometimes. @Q: I know two ESFP's (one male, one female) who have a rather 'odd' family situation, so you may be right there. Not sure about ESTP males though. The ones I know, my former boss for instance, are very hard workers. -- voot (ENFP)
A5 @A4: "Among all types, ESFP's and ENFP's are among the types that publicly go against the flow the most, and are probably the least prone to peer pressure of all types." That's how you feel, and often ExFx types do feel about themselves, but that doesn't make it so. You should read the type profiles again. First part of your stament is only true within the confines of being "normal". Not plain ordinary, but people of that type usually listen to top 40 music, watch O.C. etc., are popular and so on. They are not the people who are for example seriously into occult, cult italian horror movies, german expressionist cinema, build high voltage devices as hobby, wear old worn out clothes when they could afford new ones, are labeled as outcasts, avoid other people because they feel they have nothing in common with them and so on. As for the second part of the statement: I'll give 100 bucks to the ExFx type person, that always has thought that going to a party is a bad idea. If you want to find someone to be overtalked in to doing something dumb, it's ExFx types. Try overtalking INTj. This is from ENFp profile:"Wherever ENFps go they have a characteristic ability to create a circle of friends and acquaintances and be at the centre of attention. They respect and preserve the opinions of the circle, taking an active part in defending and promoting them." If that isn't susceptible to peer pressure, then what it is? -- INTp
A6 Im not so sure EXFX types are the ones always doing stupid acts. Go to a penitentiary and see what types you find. Probably a lot of ST types. Caving to peer pressure IMO happens to many types. Possibly least to INTJs and INTPs, but then they may not need much help creating their own mischief. -- huxley
A7 Type profiles are one thing, reality and facts are another. I know quite a few ESFP's and ENFP's, and none of them listen to nothing but top 40 music, or watch much tv all together. Just because many ESFP's tend to dress up in extravagant ways, doesn't mean they per se follow the latest fashion trends as well. I'm not sure the profile description is really accurate on that point. As to ENFP's, clothes should fit comfortably and just be 'you' as a general rule. Myself, I don't care about fashion, or wearing slightly worn out clothes, or people dissing colour combinations they might not approve of. True, I don't feel like an outcast, and am more drawn to people who are different and strange, rather than trying to avoid other people, but to me that just shows that ExFP's are highly sociable, and nothing more. Respecting the opinions of friends, and defending their individuality, does not mean we make their opinions our own too, does it? Perhaps we just have another idea about what peer pressure really is, but if two types stand out from the others, taking a lead in groups, and naturally attracting people who might be inspired and drawn to our ideas and ways (rather than the other way around), it's probably ESFP's and ENFP's. Trend setters, who not necessarily follow through on their own trends... -- voot (ENFP)
A8 I wasn't talking about fashion, trends or anything superficial like that. And those have nothing to do with socially deviant behaviour. What I gave earlier were just examples, to show that ESFp or ENFp aren't the most anti-mainstream types, like voot said, more likely you find them in some popular club where "everyone" goes, they are interested in dating and whatever regular people do. When ExFx are in within group of their friends, and the group presents something as fun and exciting to them, they are more likely to do it without thinking it over than anyone else, or do you have example of some other personality types that this applies to even better? Out of my personal experience I have noticed that ESFp's are easy to be dared to do stuff, and they even admit it themselves. What it comes to leadership ENTp, ESTp and ESTj are the leading types. ESFp's don't like to lead, they like to set a fun and light mood, not make decisions and boss people around. ENFp's are much more into leading than ESFp's, maybe most after the three types I mentioned. And like huxley suggested, I know only 3 people that have gone to prison. One is ENFp, she really wasn't that guilty, just helped her boss to cover up a economic crime. And two other I don't know that well, but I'd say they were ENTj's, and went to prison because of attempted manslaughter and assault and battery. "Caving to peer pressure IMO happens to many types. Possibly least to INTJs and INTPs" Of course, and that's why I said easiest. And you are right about INTj's and INTp's. Maybe the reasons are bit different. I don't understand in practice why anyone would accept any outside influence, I always rebel if someone even tries. But on the other hand, this limits lot of ways, how I can influence other people, since I don't understand it in practice. -- INTp
A9 I've asked myself the same question and from what I've studied and observed the more defiant types are NT and SPs. The NTs basic desire is power (mostly over nature) with an inclination towards autonomy. SPs basic desire is popularity and are pleasure seekers that want to be free, not bound, tied, confined. Spontenuity is a characteristic of SPs, and the idea of conforming may be seen as limiting and boring. The next in line would be the NFs who seek Perfection (or self-actualization). To achieve a sense of a complete self. That would mean minimizing external influences that would hinder their basic desire. Although they do care for the welfare of others (not that we all don't), and at times place others before them, they can not do with suppresion of self-actualization, thus a level of deviance may manifest. STs basic desire is Peace which may be brought on via servitude and adherence of traditions. They want to belong and contribute usefully to society. -- INTJ
A10 Well, all of the ESFPs I know try really hard to fit in. -- Anonymous
A11 I think socially deviant behaviour depends more on genetic disposition and upbringing than on type. A8: We EXFps want to live our lives and have good friends, and some of us go with the mainstream friends, some of us with a very small group of anti-mainstream friends. I know some ESFps who go with the flow, but some ESFps and all ENFps I know are quite anti-mainstream. We are not the most anti-mainstream types, but at least for myself I can say that I really hate "doing what everyone does" and I am not "interested in dating and what regular people do". I need to be spontaneous and the idea of conforming seems really limiting to me, as INTJ says. Also, I have my own measure for which activities are fun for me and which are not, and if people around me are having fun the way I don't like, I don't join them. I had a lot of problems with this when I was a child, was called "individualistic", "stubborn" etc. I used to be unhappy because of this, but still did not conform. Now I don't conform and don't care, either. Remember, though our first function is flexible extroversion, we have Fi as our second function, and it produces values independent on mainstream values. I think that's why some dissidents in the communist times were ExFPs - they didn't like the regime deciding the values for them. -- Ezis
A12 ezis maybe i dont have much contacts with esfp/enfp, but are you sure they are anti-mainstream more often than other types? -- ENFJ
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