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Question #1164586859Monday, 27-Nov-2006
Category: Celebrities Typing
Dr House, intj or intp? -- Vic
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A1 INTp? -- Anonymous
A2 Neither. -- Anonymous
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A3 Maybe ENTp? -- d-_-b
A4 ENTp?? He who is rude to people, does not like people (I refrain from using "hate"), only has one "friend" and is a big skeptic of love. -- Anonymous
A5 @A4. Do you really believe ENTps are not rude to people and do not hate people? -- d-_-b
A6 I believe without a doubt that they can be rude to people and hate them, but they have less desire to do so than INTps? ENTps like to be liked and they generally have way better people skills. Oh, and if my memory serves me right, House is good at getting what he wants, isn't that Se? He is Gamma. -- Anonymous
A7 A bit more on House. It might seem that he doesn't care about people but he does. You can see from the series that he is a kind person underneath his "disagreeableness". Isn't that Fi>Fe? -- Anonymous
A8 I originally asked this question in the forums. I think hes an INTj. Hes not an INTp. I think people misinterpret how INTps act. -- Hitta
A9 I think hes an INTj. -- Renegade
A10 I've never seen this guy on TV or film, but after reviewing many pix online, he seems ISTp. Look: ... compare his expression with a common one from Mel Gibson - also - || Rowan Atkinson - || Fred Dalton Thompson pic on this site -- blahblahblah
A11 I think he's an ISTP. That character is so surly and smug, and ISTPs can definitely be that scientific. The whole grumpy, untrusting, slightly sociopathic thing? Yeah, screams ISTP to me. *grins* I love House! -- DreamingOne
A12 @A10 They are talking about the character, not the actor. Therefore VI is useless. Anyway he's a tv series character, not a real person, so you can't really type him. I haven't seen many episodes. But from what I've seen, he thinks like INTp. But doesn't behave like one. To be more accurate, he behaves like INTp thinks. But INTp's don't behave like they think. -- Anonymous
A13 A12, when an actor succeeds in a role, garnering popularity, it is often because his performance is an exaggerated extension of some aspect of himself. That's why others see it as so compelling and believable, and why the theatrical experience is so archetypal on the minds of men. Consider, Jack Nicholson. Nicole Kidman. Etc. Would they be as successful as they are if they had focused on an entirely contrary palette of roles to play throughout their careers? Also, consider how much casting directors rely on intuition when it comes to not only the roles they can imagine others in which people are likely to embrace, but also questions of chemistry between performers. Indeed, the self does come to bear on the performance. -- blahblahblah
A14 @A13. Well there are actors and then there are "actors", who just are themselves in every role. Hugh Laurie is definetly the first type. For example his role as Bertie Wooster in "Jeeves and Wooster" is totally different from Dr. House. He is probably most himself in "A Bit of Fry and Laurie", as he is "himself" in that role. Jack Nicholson has also done roles that are very untypical from his usual roles, also his typical role has changed from what it was when he was younger. For example the roles in "Easy Rider" and "A Few Good Men". Success isn't a good measure determining how good the actor is. And characters especially in movies are archetypical, simply because it's easier. And to underline certain qualities. But although they are archetypical, doesn't make them archetypical of some personality type. Because writers don't consider personality types when they write their characters. -- Anonymous
A15 Please read this: opinion/columnists/pat_wick/doc464d4d5716337076979944.txt -- Vic
A16 I checked out that article. I agree with it, but since it said that he was an MBTI INTP, we can't be sure of the last letter. or ? -- Anonymous
A17 He acts like me, (yah, yah... I'm rude to people, especially with incompetent authority figures), so there is a high probability that he's an MBTI INTP. I'm not sure if he's a Socionics INTj or INTp though. =) [ simon.cpu ] -- Anonymous
A18 Wow... from the very early episodes I immediately knew House was INTJ. He is creative/artistic (think of his piano and guitar playing, but he is supremely logical as a diagnostician, the true "troubleshooter" of sickness and disease. The INTJ is the only type that really balances right and left brain sort of activities/thoughts etc so well. He represents the INTJ very well. However, you have to also remember that it's television and he as an actor, and they (the writers), are not going to always get it perfect, so it makes sense that all of you would see some overlap, which is clearly evident sometimes. But overall he really is INTJ. -- Anonymous
A19 INTJ. INTPs aren't actually that mean unless it's a joke, ditto ISTPs, and ENTPs also. House is mean even when he isn't joking. However he is a nice guy deep down, which INTJs are. -- pandapanda
A20 I could see House being ISTp - that refusal to let people in, poor social skills, lack of new ideas for his life (Ne) he needs an ENFp to help him understand himself -- Anonymous
A21 INTp is my vote because he can be very sure of himself and then have no problem changing his mind when new information becomes available. Definately an NT -- firstlite
A22 A21 he enjoys sensory pleasures too much like drink and alcohol, but apart from his leg, he's got a fit body. Still ISTp -- A20
A23 I would say ISTp. He's too grounded and "in the moment" to be an INTp - an intuitive would be more contemplative. Furthermore, look at how he solves cases: he methodically, one-by-one, looks at possible causes for the symptoms, analyzing each one and then either throwing it out or beginning treatment for it. An INTj like me would be more likely to come up with a whole set of possible causes at once, and then compare and contrast and try to figure out which one best fit the symptoms. Also, note that when he's trying to think of possible causes, he always has those scenes where his co-workers are throwing out ideas, and he's analysing each one. He's relying on other people's intuition, rather than his own, which would suggest an S type. Furthermore, I don't think INTp or INTj could be anywhere near as confrontational on a regular basis as he is. INTp might want to be, but ISTp is the only one who could really pull it off, I think. -- Krig (INTj)
A24 N types have a weakness for sensory pleasures when under a lot of stress. I guess he could be an ISTp, but the way he solves medical mysteries seems so intuitive. But then he could be acting on evidence that no-one else notices like Sherlock Holmes, who is an S type, I think. -- pandapanda
A25 ENTP, definitelt NOT an S. He is too abstract minded, and solves problems that are not detected through sensing but intuition. Not an INTJ, they are actually quite amiable. -- Anonymous
A26 A25 his solutions come from his large bank of experience. He doesn't come up with anything new as such. He works with existing treatments and knows how to combine them and spot things, he doesn't research into new treatments -- Anonymous
A27 House is an damaged ESTJ, his clear attraction to Cameron (INFJ) just solidifies it. He is the Sherlock Homes (ESTJ) of medicine, devoting his life to his work and clearly respects integrity and ethics. He isn't cold but comes off that way as he doesn't know how to show emotion, instead using his ethics hands on by putting his career and health on the line to save peoples lives. To the poster who stated he couldn't be an "S" I think you may be thinking more of the MBTI version of Sensory. I think Wilson is an INTJ -- Anonymous
A28 An ESTj who isn't an ESTj. That's an ISTp -- Bob
A29 A26, He works with knowledge he has, yes, but he has to have the intuition to connect the dots. he doesn’t take the sysmtoms for face-value, he says to himself that there must be another way. Intuitives do not take facts for face-value. I would say he is most definitely an N. -- Anonymous
A30 House is an INTJ. -- Anonymous
A31 I only looked at pictures, but in my opinion Dr House is definitely a 'p'. The question is outstanding because it's very instructive for those who want to improve their VI skills. Notice Dr House's agitated, quirky look (p) as opposed to the calm j look. I also wouldn't rule out INFp. If you ask me INTp or INTj, definitely INTp. -- econdude
A32 Econdude, what do you think of ESTp and ISTj, do you think ISTj looks the edgier of the the two types? I do. -- Bob
A33 Take Mike Tyson as an example, most people would agree that he's an ESTp. His demeanor is like he's going to jump out of his skin, just a restless, agitated feel to his persona. Of course, as with anything else, I could be wrong. Often it's difficult to tell if a person is ESTp or ISTj, if you know they're one of the two. -- econdude
A34 INTp definitely -- Anonymous
A35 he's definitely an INTP because he's introverted and always plays on his gameboy like me -- Anonymous
A36 INTp, he's smart and detached and cynical -- Anonymous
A37 A few years ago (my reply in A17), I thought Dr. House is an INTP. Yeah, I think he's an INTJ, but the real actor is more P-like. Just like batman. Batman is an ISTP but depending on the actor, he sometimes look like an INTP. Spiderman is an INTP and I love how he is correctly portrayed in the movie. Are INTPs prone to making off-topic remarks? =) -- simoncpu
A38 Ti-ILE -- Anonymous
A39 He has to be an INTJ. He's pbviously an introvert with no social skills or desire for them. And not easy going, so INTJ. ENTPs laugh out loud at people. House is arrogant without contantly talking about himself and accomplishments. A quiet egotist. -- BVL
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