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Question #1122236870Sunday, 24-Jul-2005
Category: Tests Typing
Re: Question #1122236097. isn't your type assistant based on the same "how do i see myself" attitude? also, as long as we have to settle for internet tests, it would be useful to hear your choice of the most reasonable of them all. ddli, humanmetrics, team-technology, keirsey temperament sorterer, etc. PL-ease, don't answer "no clue" or something. sure you can the tell the best and the rest. thanks. -- Anonymous
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A1 The Socionics Type Assistant is also based on "how do I see myself" principle, but is also designed to take a full advantage of this principal. This is why there are two modes to start with. Then there is also a feature that resolves J/P issue on a completely new level. None of the existing psychometric instruments use this technology yet. What is the most reasonable test of them all? Pregnancy test! -- Admin
A2 I have found one difficulty in reconciling the STA with other tests. I tend to be firmly and quickly decisive. For this reason, apparently, the STA shows me as INTj, but other tests such as the Kiersey Temperament Sorter (TM) show me as a Myers-Briggs INTJ (i.e. Socionics INTp) for the same reason. I had always thought that second guessing one's self, the need for spontaneity, and freedom of choice, etc. was the mark of perceiver. Yet I don't find those qualities in the description of an INTp. Who has it backwards? the M-B crowd or Socionics? -- Anonymous
Moderator's comment
Socionics INTp does not equal MBTI INTJ, especially when the results are obtained via a questionnaire. If you wish to remotely succeed in converting between the two systems read "How to convert MBTI® type to Socionics type" article on this website.
A3 @A2: Thanks, Sergei. I had forgotten about that article. By your reasoning I am clearly INTj. (Although I'm not sure that being a technology obsessed loner is really better than being hypercritical crackpot. -- Anonymous
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