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Question #1119815828Sunday, 26-Jun-2005
Category: Duality ENTp ISFp
What exactly attracts ISFPs to their duals: ENTPs? I've known ISFPs to be attracted more to people who will provide them with exciting experiences among other (often superficial) qualities that are not necessarily the strong points of ENTPs. -- Anonymous
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A1 From my experiences ISFp's tend to be attracted to the "depth" of an ENTp's thoughts. ENTp's have a strong ability to think inventively, and come up with many random and original ideas which seem, from experience, to interest them greatly. They also tend to enjoy the emotional vulnerability, which seems like a playground for their creative Fe function. On the other side, ENTp's love having someone who will listen to them but wont have the ability to argue. Since ISFp's have so much trouble understanding concepts due to their weak logic, an ENTp may have fun coaxing an ISFp into accepting their ideas, or at least listening to them. ISFp's are also sensually alluring to ENTp types. -- Steve LaRosa
A2 ENTps often provide many exciting experiences. They can be quite active and often use their Ne to come up with a continual stream of entertaining things to do. My ENTp friend used to take me to parties all the time and get me to enjoy all sorts of activities like concerts, movies, sporting events, and many others. He took me out of my shell and made me interact with people more. This is the type of thing that ISFps are often desperately in need of. -- ptl
A3 Sexuality -- f
A4 Or rather the absense of it -- Dr Zoidberg
A5 Well, sexuality is the right answer for me. And maybe laid-backness with energy, something most of the E types haven't. -- FDG(entp)
A6 The ability to be offensive and not care about the repercussions. -- rse
A7 ENTP is like Dr. Frankenstein, and can provide the jolt necessary to get an uncooperative monster like ISFP to move. -- Anonymous
A8 Actually "the ability to be offensive" is accurate only if the ENTP doesn't care about the person. F.e. If i'm in love with the ISFP i am not going to be offensive. Maybe they're fascinated by the fact that we're still offensive with all the outside world except them. -- FDG
A9 As an ISFp I'm fascinated with how the ENTp mind works. I feel very comfortable asking ENTps questions because they seem like to be thought of as knowledgeable and they don't make me feel like an idiot for asking. Often what they say and the way they explain it makes sense to me. Also, I feel motivated by ENTps. Their ability to think of all kinds of possibilities is exciting. They can come up with options and ideas that I would have never considered. I appreciate that ability in them. Actually, what FDG said about ENTps bening offensive to the outside world but not to the ISFps they care about, is interesting. I definitely find that to be true. I have found that ENTps can even be a little protective of the ISFp and will stand up for them if someone else is offensive toward them or says something that could be hurtful to the ISFp. They're aware of what the ISFp's insecurities are and seem to want to protect them. It's nice to be on the inside track with an ENTp, I feel safe, appreciated, and set apart from others. It's a very good feeling. -- L (ISFp)
A10 ENTps are plenty capable of generating exciting experiences. They're rather intense people and can be ridiculously romantic as well, which is appealing to an ISFp. -- Anonymous
A11 There are few things more exiting to an ENTp than drawing Si types out of their shells. However for me personally (100%ENTp male), a romantic relationship with Si's always ends up being way too one-sided, and I get bored with it after a while. This can really hurt an ISFp, because they often form a very strong emotional attachment to the person who "exposed" them. Despite my inexorable attraction the beautiful quiet woman everyone else seems to have missed, I dispute the "dual" relationship between ENTp's and ISFp's from the point of view of the the ENTp, because our agenda is to be loved but not feared, and many Si's are indeed afraid of the mercurial ENTp. -- JReed
A12 We're talking about romantic attraction here right? Because I AM AN ISFP and I am NOT attracted to ENTJs AT ALL! I AM however, REALLY attracted to ESFJs! I hate when cold logic is applied to situations that need emotional sensitivity, meaning I need to be with a FEELING type NOT a thinking type. And of course my low need for planning and structure would be well balanced with a J type! This opposite J type would be of great service in getting me to actually accomplish my goals since Js know how to get things done! And then being an introvet I am WILDLY attracted to really extroverted people. However, I'm not exactly certain why I am so attracted to extrovertedness but I'm guessing it has to do with helping me get more connected with people. Oh and as a comment to "A11" an ISFP will absolutely HATE if if someon drew them out of their shell, got to know them really well, and then dumped them on the side of the curb. If an ISFP revealvs themselves to you, let me tell you it means A LOT, it is one of the highest gifts an ISFP could possible give and if the person that they gave that gift to ends the relationship, the ISFP will feel violated. However, if one needs to end the relationship then simply let the ISFP know that you still care (in a friend-to-friend way), and this will help to ease that feeling of violation. OH and here's a tip!: Yes, ISFPs ARE prone to slefishness! However, they have strong value systems so if you let them know that they are being selfish they will most likely stop or at least try hard to stop. -- Anonymous
A13 I am an ISFP and very much agree with the post above by another ISFP. -- Anonymous
A14 "And of course my low need for planning and structure would be well balanced with a J type!" ESFj's aren't good at planning, far from it. -- Anonymous
A15 Well. I'm an ENTP and I am attracted to an ISFJ from work.(I made him take the test, haha). The main source of this attraction is his ability to be constantly amazed with my opinions, my thoughts, and idiosyncrasies. Being the egotistic bitch that I am, I like having someone around that could be a lapdog of sorts, someone who can indulge my need for babbling. And ISFJs love the adventure ENTPs bring - he'd never seriously try skydiving unless I coax him! ISFJs adore strong personalities, and ENTPs love to be adored. -- Anonymous
A16 I agree with what "JReed" said, im an ENTp and i find i get bored after a while in a relationships with Si types, it all seems too one sided. Without a little more energy or character from the other side i just get bored. -- Fry
A17 "ESFJs aren't good at planning, far from it." Ok for this i'm going to go with the snowflake theory. Everybody is like a snowflake no two are alike even if they have the same personality type. Meaning I know of two ESFJs that ARE really good at planning and VERY organized but i'm sure that there ESFJs that aren't quite as "J-ish." -- Anonymous
A18 @A17: I didn't mean that they don't make plans, wich is a J quality. I meant that their plans aren't good. In the sense of big picture, long term, effiency, and taking results of different actions, things that can go wrong and what's relevant. Well I suppose there can be some areas where ESFj's make good plans. But I'm yet to see a good plan made by an ESFj. But if you are poor at making plans, you shouldn't just trust any plan someone comes up with, if you can't tell if it's really good or not. -- Anonymous
A19 @A18: Well said. Yes, sensing judgers tend to make plans that are more oriented toward the present or near future. I retract my statement about their J aspect being a good balancing effect of the p in isfp. Attractive, not logical, that's what that J is. As for the intuitive nature of ENTps: I have heard many complaints from intuitive types that the sensing aspect of their partner is a point of frustration. They say they feel misunderstood. This makes sense just like strong feelers have a hard time understanding strong thinkers. Then again we are talking about human beings which are extremely complex, meaning that maybe the complaints from the intuitive types saying they felt misunderstood by their sensing partners was just because it is hard for any human being to fully understand another human being. Do you have a response A18? -- Anonymous
A20 @A19. I'm INTp, so regarding to relationships, I have more questions than answers So evaluating good plans from poor ones is more of my thing. But anyway I suppose that between S and N types, and T and F types, the difficulty in understanding increases. But even people of same type might have some trouble understanding eachother, but usually can at least relate to the other persons problems. And of course lack of understanding isn't the only potential problem in relationships. -- A18
A21 @A20: INTP? Wow I was way off, I had you pegged as an NFJ that just goes to show that you can't judge a book by his response to a bulletin! HAHA. Evaluating good plans from poor ones eh? Could you give me an example of a good plan in your opinion and a bad one in your opinion please? -- Anonymous
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A22 What attracts an ISFP to their duals? I am an ISFP and I can tell you specifically what I'm attracted to however I'm not certain that they are ENTp qualities. I would have to say the top 7 things I am attracted to are: Kindness, strong moral character, charm, extrovertedness, family orientedness, standing up for what the person believes in, and sensitivity. -- -Nat (ISFP)
A23 IN RESPONSE TO STEVE La Rosa: I'm an ISFP. Try me. Try to expalin something to me that I won't understand. Just because we don't make decisitons soley with our brains doesn't mean we don't use them. We're not stupid. -- Anonymous
A24 To A23 and Steve La Rosa... don't confuse "won't be able to argue" with "won't argue." Or "weak logic" with "strong personal values." I've come to realize ISFP's are very deeply value oriented which has nothing to do with intelligence. But if they do say somethings, it's usually worth hearing. -- Anonymous
A25 HAHAHA. OMGsh. Ok I'm A23 and looking at my comment really makes me laugh because I'm like "We're not stupid!" but look at how many spelling errors I have!! It's pretty funny. But yeah I'm an ISFP and usually and I'm pretty sure I can understand anything an ENTP can understand (HELLER! My hidden motive is to understand!) the only thing is I'm most likely going to be going at it from a completely different angle because I'm a feeling sensor. And while the ENTP will probably have a better understanding of the broad concepts I will probably have a better understanding of how those concepts can be applied and the specific details that go with them. BUT I don't think anyone is limited by their preferences for example I'm sure that if ENTPs set their mind to it they could understand the details of the concept just like if ISFPs set their mind to it they could understand the broad concepts. Ok I'm done. Thanks for listening. -- Anonymous
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