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#Are you or do you mostly...
01Like action and show initiative?
02Quickly make new acquaintances or adapt to a new group?
03Very confident about your own physique?
04Interested in everything different and unusual?
05Abstract, speculative, imaginative and idealistic?
06Having difficulties with commitments?
07Appreciate ordered systems and structures?
08Easily pass your own moods onto others?
09Never leave out unanswered questions?
10Fond of privacy and seclusion?
11Outgoing and talkative?
12Find yourself in a struggle between emotional and intellectual self?
13Attracted more to the theory than to its utilisation?
14Weigh your own opinions against the opinions of others?
15Concrete, materialistic, realistic and practical?
16Actively involved in what is happening outside and around you?
17'A New Day, A New Life, A New Me' type of person?
18Readily share personal information with strangers?
19Often get touchy-feely or use emotional manipulation?
20Flee rather than talk about feelings?
21Find yourself in a struggle between materialistic and spiritual self?
22Not know many people?
23Like to be the centre of attention?
24Care about the future more than the present?
25Often feel bound by your own promises and appointments?
26See everything and sense everything?
27Seek fewer but deeper interactions with people?
28Subject everything to logical analysis?
29Often wonder about the past or the future?
30Appreciate solitude?
31Prefer smaller quick returns to larger long term investments?
32Actively seek pleasures based on physical sensations?
33Show interest towards love and passion?
34Feel very confident with all aspects of ethics?
35Plan ahead and tend to follow the plan?
36Ok with dealing with strict rules and guidelines?
37All about freedom from responsibilities and obligations?
38Having difficulties with initiating new contacts?
39Dislike changing your own decisions?
40Live every day in the here and now?
41Easily break no longer wanted relationships?
42Plan ahead but usually act impulsively following the situation?
43Quickly explore and get familiar with new places?
44Shy away from emotional disputes and quarrels?
45Often hesitant and doubtful?
46Like to observe and study other people and their relationships?
47Paying attention to people and their feelings?
48Immersed in your own world of thoughts and feelings?
49Feel very confident with all aspects of logical reasoning?
50Normally relatively unemotional or even cold?
51Often reserved and quiet?
52Often pay compliments to please people?
53Often act without any preparation at all?
54Easily get bored of any routine repetition?
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