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Old 16/05/2011, 08:22 AM
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Default Follow-Up on "I Want to Guess Your Type", Parts I and II

Hello everybody in the socionics world. I'm very glad to see that people are still interested and focused on the pseudoscience of "Information Metabolism Theory", otherwise known as Socionics.

For the past three years (and counting), I have dived into everything there is to know about socionics, from individual type analyses to how every Information Element works (like "Introverted Logic" or "Extroverted Intuition"). As such I have become extremely interested in typing people, and over the years I have gotten extremely good at analyzing types. I've posted a couple threads in the past focused on analyzing someone's speech and converting it into their type, and after another year of constantly practicing I want to try this out again.

In response to many of the posts in my previous threads, I Want to Guess Your Type Part II and Part I specifically, I would like to address a few things.
  • First and foremost, I would like to apologize to those who found my methods of personality typing unsatisfactory, whether it was due to an incorrectly analyzed type or a question of the methods I used. After over a year of inactivity on this website, and over three years of applying the information I learned on www.socionics.com and www.wikisocion.org, I am much more accurate at identifying peoples' personality types.
  • To clarify, for those who are wondering how I type people, I do so with the technique I call "Semantics Analysis". This is the act of classifying someone into a Socionic type by analyzing the contents of their speech. The words people use, according to socionic theory, ALL fall into one of the eight aspects of reality (examples of function semantics are here: http://www.wikisocion.org/en/index.php?title=Vocabulary). I type people by associating their speech with the functions in socionics, and by 'catching' the vocabulary that they most commonly/rarely or confidently/weakly use, for example, I can quickly identify someone's actual personality type.
  • A biggie here: due to the negativity found in my last thread, and also due to the fact that public posting made it very difficult to connect with individual people about their type, I will not reply to public posts on my next thread. Instead, I will be accepting private messages from people who want to know or confirm their type. I'll respond to you privately and as quickly as I can.
  • One final point I will address has to do with how slow I have responded to you all in the past, if at all. I simply did not keep up with typing everyone who asked for it and as a result let down some people. This time I guarantee I'll be checking my email consistently to ensure I get your message and respond within 24 hours.
So that's everything I want to cover before I post a new thread dedicated to typing you all. I will have the thread posted immediately after I post this one. Thanks again for the support, and I'm glad I've helped some of you find out their real type!
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