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Old 04/07/2011, 12:41 PM
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Default Dimensionality of functions

I hope I can post this here. SG doesn't like me, but I feel I own this for others.

Lot of people in here find it hard to type them selfs or the others. And one reason for that is that people don't know the dimensions of the functions. All the functions can be 1;2;3;4 dimensional. In model A, it should be like that:

Program 4
Creative 3
Role 2
PoLR 1

Dual seeking 1
HA 2
Critical 3
Covering 4

You can't change the dimension. So if you're INFj and want to be INTj, you can't become it. Your role can't be changed to 4d dominating.

Hope that someone can write shortly what different dimensions can and can't do. My language skills aren't good enough for that. But if my posting is pointless any way, then it may be deleted.
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Old 05/07/2011, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by jsb'07 View Post
SG doesn't like me
I just spoke to SG, he doesn't know what you're on about.
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