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Old 12/10/2007, 04:05 AM
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Default Quick question regarding testing

I tested as an ISFJ on MBTI and it did not fit me at all. I tested again a month later (probably more honestly) and came out an ENFP or ENFx on socionics good balance between p/j. Ok, sorry, question is: Does emotional mood/mind frame really affect the answers we give that much?? Is it possible to answer what you "wish" or "think" you should be rather than what you really are or was my first test more accurate b/c it was my first?

(That was two questions...argh) Thanks !!
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Old 12/10/2007, 06:06 PM
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Testing for the first time ever could give a good indication of one's type, not the result as such but the analysis of data submitted (not very useful for self testing though)

Anyway the answer to your question from Socionics Type Assistant:

Approaching the test

Psychometric testing, as everything else, is not equally suited for everyone. Some people naturally do better on the tests then the other. But in any case there are several conditions that have to be fulfilled first before you can achieve best results:

* You have to have the right frame of mind when approaching the test. This mainly requires your patience, attention and concentration.

* Do not take the test just because someone else wants you to. It is imperative that you have the willingness for self-exploration and the desire to discover your true psychological type before you begin.

* Be truthful to yourself. This test is to discover your true psychological type and not your projection of it.

* Your mood before you start is very important. Your emotional condition can significantly influence your choices, especially if you are too excited or too depressed.

* It would help if you do not suffer from any sort of psychological disorder such as split personality disorder or any other mental condition that may affect your judgement.

* It would be better if you take this test alone. The presence of other people can affect your choices as well as being distracting.
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Old 20/10/2007, 02:18 AM
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Taking a multitude of tests at different times will effect results. But your type will remain fixed. The more tests you take the more unreliable the results, for varied reasons.
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