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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Originally posted by Epic:
"but what the hell do I know anyway"

Well, you seem to be pretty good at talking about how much you think people suck and how stupid you think people are.
Thank you!

I guess I am pretty good at that. I'm sure you guys can handle it. Especially you, Epicurean, with your big ol' ego.

Cancel, are you a dummy?
You're not serious.
Your post is like dirty underwears.
Yes, I am a dummy.
No, I'm not too serious.
And I liked my post.

Do we really want to keep the attitude that only NT types can be creative and logical?

I mean, then everybody who feels like they want to be creative and logical will just call themselves an NT type or something.

Well, I guess who really cares if people are getting wrong types for themselves? Then we can all just ignore what everybody says about everything, and just stick to posting our little theories about brains, and thinking; and stay away from real observations.

Yeah, sounds good, watevrh.

Even if I was being a bit 'dirty underwears' I still got YOUR attention, didn't I?
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