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Default Re: Something to get off my chest

well...... absolute concepts are created by people, so basically what I am saying is that we only see structure in things because of ideas. Take a wooden block for example. Humans see it as a wooden block, but really, is it a wooden block. Is it only a wooden block because we see it as a wooden block? If peoples brains were able to absorb more information through their eyes... would it be a wooden block. Could it be a bunch of particles together that create the structure of a wooden block? Would it be identifiable as a wooden block? Now lets switch the frame of reference. Lets say that you are sitting at the desk at your computer. You have a speakers, a mouse, a printer, a lamp, and a moniter all upon the desk. Whats to say that we couldn't combine them together to create another single entity? Whats to say that we couldn't think of the speakers, the mouse, the printer, the lamp, and the moniter as being particles in a certain configuration? Now... thats just an example of using larger and more defined particles to the human eye of creating a system that we cannot comprehend because our brains do not able us to. Now... couldn't we use an entirely different frame of reference on difference massive scales. Lets look at a subatomic particle. Lets look at a proton. It can be broken down into quarks according to the mathematical reasoning of physicist. You could probably create an entirely different particles than quarks to fundamentally make up a proton but that is a very very very complex discussion. A system can be made up between any two objects. There are similarities between everything. Quarks happened to be the particle collection that scientists chose though because they were very distinct to human ideologies. Now take the quark. It could be broken down as well into more alignments. Scientist are trying to create ideas that revolve around human ideologies to identify the groups of the entities on this scale. Now these are human made ideologies. Apparently people tend to notice things distinctly because of space between particles, or the space between the particles of particles, or the particles of particles of particles, but theoretically you could find space between anything, just depends on how deep you go. We could continue to break things down based on our human ideologies. We could continue to break things down based on things not based on our human ideologies, which would be extremely different because we tend to notice particle distinctions although they are just created by the rules that our brains generate. Things can continue to be broken down and broken down and broken down.
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