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it is both half-full and half-empty, there is no reason why they must be separate entities; just different ways of explaining the same thing!

either way water is water and it tastes nice when you DRINK IT [esp. when you are thirsty]

Originally Posted by WhyMustWeKill View Post
well...... absolute concepts are created by people, so basically what I am saying is that we only see structure in things because of ideas. Take a wooden block for example. Humans see it as a wooden block, but really, is it a wooden block..
the idea that it only exists because we sense it. do we really exist or are we jus ideas?
maybe the actual place where we exist is in our dreams and the rest of life is just an illusion to give us energy for our dreamworld!

****ed if i know; philosophy is just a continuous circling of ideas to me. not going nowhere!
i was tempted to just make this post "dog." and just that cause i find when ideas get more and more complex they just spin off into infinity and you cant actually use them and thus the only sensical things we as humans will ever truly understand is the simplicities like "i like bread". THAT IS ALL!
i am merely an ocean of ideas for other people to swim in!

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