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Sooo.... here's my 2 cents on the difference between ESTp & ISTp, gathered from real-life interaction.

ESTp: usually have a muscular build. cares about external appearance. TERRIBLE liars, soooo easy to detect when they're lying. usually moves from one partner to the next easily (without emotion, iow). lots of physical movement, even when just chillin' with friends. lots of energy, so as a way to release it they are involved in some kind of sport. talk a lot of smack. don't make very many jokes, or if they do, they're not that funny (sry! just my opinion! ). always ready to fight. tend to physically destroy a lot of stuff b/c of all that energy, restlessness, mostly accidental, though. usually don't have a large vocabulary. easy on the eyes..whoops... ha, ha, ha,... ummm usually don't have any plans for the future, 'cause they are *that* present-focused. Boastful.

ISTp: movements are more sluggish. cares less about external appearance (grooming, iow). cares about how they feel, as in sweaty, cold, etc. care about how they smell. initially quiet, as you get to know them, they gradually talk more. sometimes they project a certain type of unhappiness, like they feel chained to their circumstances & can't see a way out. they are knowledgeable on the most random & yet interesting stuff. tend to have culinary inclinations. they're like icebergs, with so much of their feelings, thoughts, talents, etc hidden under the surface. not sexually aggressive. make for better liars. playful, joke around a lot, occasionally pull pranks on friends. Prideful.

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