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I like your question. It seems to probe into the essence, of the realm, of Socionika.

When taking into account the Jungian view that type is the result of conscious attitudes; we can then see how the type is the product of ideals crystalizing into reality.

The values; that is, what we deem to be valuable in a person, are the behavioral patterns that we emulate. The conscious life is therefore the active nature as opposed to the passive nature. The attitudes represent the role models we look up to, etcetera. And when a role model fails to be present, we attach to the one which most resembles our ideal. These are typically relations that are semi-compatible or asymmetrical. As we mature these ideals become more self sufficient and cohesive and develop into an authentic, self-sufficient identity.

The problem nowadays is that people don't develop their own psychological attitudes. There is no active psychological work. People don't want to work on themselves. Instead they passively wax and wane, always at the mercy of the external reality. Because of this it is difficult to find a person who really represents an authentic, pure psychological type. Most fester with weeds and their minds are like unkempt lawns or diseased sewers. The inner seed, the monad, does not bloom.

To put it simply, the ideal is your true type, your monad, shining through the cold wintry haze of our current dark age. This is because the type is the result of conscious attitudes which, even if seemingly scattered and disparate, define the course of our lives.

When duals unite they share the same conscious life. One dual does not simply 'take care' of the other, but they become one and the same thing.

The active is always represented by the sun. The sun is a center of gravity which gives light. The passive is represented by the moon, which is a dead planet and which represents the night.
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