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Originally Posted by SG View Post
So why don't you state it as a premise in your argument? MBTT (T is for theory btw, makes it look inconsistent already with what you're saying) J & P are the same as in Socionics...BUT

No one would want to kill you Prom if you word it like this
We could use another word if you have a better idea. We can't talk about MBTI types, because MBTI is nothing but a typing tool. And the theory is false. But the types are still correctly described by the proponents of MBTT as far as the behaviours and attitudes of the real types are concerned. And the four dichotomies describe the same behaviours, attitudes, and biological life rhythms in both MBTT and Socionics.

The main reason I talk about MBTT is because people have the extremely irritating tendency to confuse the MBTT types with the MBTI test results. The real types are independent of both Socionics and MBTT. The real types are described in roughly the same way by both models, but they are explained differently in the two theories. One of the theories is probably true (Socionics), while the other theory (MBTT) is clearly false. But it is only in its theoretical explanations that MBTT is false. The MBTI test is an accurate typing tool that gives the same result as a good socionic test. You are the same type in both models, and in your case that type is the LII/INTJ.

Originally Posted by SG View Post
I honestly do not know how you or other people VI, all I can say is what it looks like to me.
Yes, that's what I do too. But I have also tested my V.I. skills in real life situations by comparing my predictions with my later more thorough typing of the person using other typing methods (tests, semi-structured interviews, etc.)

Originally Posted by SG
And contrary to the popular believe that you can VI almost anything, I disagree. I only can be sure in my own VI if I've seen someone similar before. Because my VI library in my head is quite large it helps me to get by. I would never think of VIing on demand, because if I haven't seen similar person before it becomes a guessing game, which I don't like. But some people I meet are bang on with my library, so that's always a pleasure to VI them lol.
Yes, exactly. I have a storage of some V.I. looks that I am very certain are correct, some that are not as certain but still most likely correct, and some that are under a cloud. Through quite intensive empirical studies I have enlarged my V.I. "gallery" to include more and more examples of typical looks of each type. I am better at V.I. typing some types than others. But I can also say that you and I seem to have rather similar views on the correlations between V.I. looks and type. They are not identical but clearly more similar than different.

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