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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I think you mentioned that you see some conflicting informations in me, if it's OK to mention that? Anyway, I can see that being the case, and I can see from some angles how I wouldn't be as easy to type as some other people can be.
It's ok to mention it, but please be aware: the fact that I've taken your response as Irrational has nothing to do with the conflicting information that I see - actually I'm more convinced you're and my only confusion is if you're Alpha or Delta. Btw, a video might have helped, I don't know why you didn't answer anything about it.

I will post in the other thread my intention to keep the ideas separated (again).

Edit: it seems nobody is interested actually in the explanation itself, but rather in that little (and low importance importance) remark about your type . But that can be told when and if any reply will be posted, at least you don't seem interested but is is also possible that I extended your idea too much - out of your initial purpose.
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