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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I don't wish to argue with you continously, but I can't help but feel you are missing my points, so i'll say some more then leave you to your place of being - whatever seems to work for the individual has got to have some merit (even if it seems you aren't appreciating the "living" of socionics, but are too engrossed in some aspects of what's on wiki or maybe some other sites, don't mean to be offensive, sorry).
I use the Wiki because it's consistent with the collective information on Model A by Socionists, just as, if I were sick, I would listen to the advice of a doctors instead of from people on online medical forums.
The idea of making-up information to further some agenda has absolutely no benefit to me, thus I will listen to the collective agreements of the experts

I'm saying that for instance, even though it may not be pleasant to receive information from your supervisor, it still benefits you because it increases the strength of a weak function. There's also the thing to consider of viewing your supervisor from afar, I don't know about you but i've learned a few things which have helped me in life from watching how they go about things. Who wants to completely suck at their PoLR? I'm sure everyone want's to develop it to assist them in actual living and such.
You can't learn to be good at your Vulnerable Function from someone who values it, you'll be too busy trying to avoid it, like seeing a car speeding towards you, your instinct will be to get away from it, not try to observe it to see why it's speeding in the first place.
Supervisors can only make you feel worse about your weaknesses, even if that's not their intent.

OK, you don't wish to develop yourself, that's up to you, I think I get it now.
I get help from beneficial sources, not harmful ones.

Well there is a big gap between imagining and "breathing" situations and life.
I've had experiences with my supervisor from close and far psychological distance, also with other types with functions of strength which for me are not my naturals.
How can you know what a Supervision experience is like if you don't even know what type you are? At least according to this thread, unless I'm misreading something and you're still LII...?

One thing i'd ask you (and it can be rhetorical, in the sense you don't have to answer) is why you think it's beneficial without being intrusive?
It's beneficial because they don't value what you're weak at, though they do value your strengths, thus they will not poke at your soar spots but will give you what you're seeking
A dual is like a teacher who assists you in a way that you like and can understand, instead of just calling you a failure and punishing you when they perceive faults in your methods

Consider for instance the activity relation and how we are still receiving seeking functions, yet it's noted in the texts that after time our activities can overload our seeking and weak concious functions.
Activators don't hurt you (in the Socionics sense, at least) but they can bore you. Boring isn't harmful, it's just not as good as duality

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I'm done with this absurd debate.
Good to know
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