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Originally Posted by Marie84 View Post
This doesn't even make sense, since ethical functions are separate from intuitive ones. And what is the "unknown" and how does this apply to Ethical Sensory types?
I think he used "intuitive" in general usage. Actually it seems to me that ethical types are rather named intuitive by people. Actually I don't remember any NT guy to be called "intuitive" by someone. Do you? What about ethical types, especially females?
Originally Posted by Marie84 View Post
Supervisors don't possess your suggestive function but they do have your vulnerable function as a leading one, thus putting you in position where they reap the benefits while the supervisee is made to feel incompetent
This is interesting.
Originally Posted by Marie84 View Post
By the priority and use of Ti
So you mean logical types use both Ti and Te in different situations but in different quantities?
I tell you it's wrong, before reading your answer. They *can* use but the *don't* use their Id functions. To be more concrete, any type can use any function but they have different preferences and strengths on them, the ones described in Model A.

Ti and Te are incompatible, who takes one as ideal will reject the other. Ti is stopping a car and inspecting its build, Te is starting the car and drive-testing it. They are two completely different approaches and can't work together.
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