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Unhappy You Are Very Welcome

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I'm curious IntlWurm, as to why you are telling us about your job and what your IQ levels score out as, could you explain this to me please?
Those were to defend the alpha quadrant (scientific knowledge) and introverted thinking (verbal ability), both being very characteristic of INTj. I never stated my IQ, and it is not 160, I was merely illustrating a point (my real IQ is much lower). You should not read deeply into my motivations, because it is obvious that I am providing information to people who still haven't decided that my type is decidedly INTp on the basis of perceived hostility and correlated ideologies (and you could show them a little consideration).

I also think that someone who consistently reveals the characteristics of both INTp and Fe PoLR might understand this personality type better than you. Prometheus is such an example, and it is he that has been refuting you and not me. So once again, why are you choosing to address only me and no one else?

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