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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
I don't know what PoLR is, and you continue to seem to think that I am contradicting you but I am not. If you are really seeking a confirmation and not simply chasing me then you might consider discussing your rationale with Kanerou, or someone who has an opinion. I cannot comprehend what you are doing.
I will briefly explain it to you. PoLR is very real and observable phenomenon in the types. It stands for Place of Least Resistance, and you are showing behaviour which is comparable to an INTp PoLR. Although there could be other reasons for what we are seeing from you, it is something which should not be lightly discredited.

I'm curious IntlWurm, as to why you are telling us about your job and what your IQ levels score out as, could you explain this to me please?
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