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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
while i personally do pick up some ENTj energies and that possibility cannot be ruled out altogether, I have to say that judging by your phenomenal intuitive abilities on this site that you're an MBTI INTJ. I pick up gamma energy the whole time.

I'll say that this equates to Socionics INTp. (verification is your responsibility though)

By equating it this way you are able to attain constant notational nomenclature in both systems w.r.t your first 2 functions and i see that as the main priority

Your Functional Formula in MBTI would be:
I'd rather not speculate what it is in Socionics cause they use Block logic rather than progressional logic and my comments may be met with a lot of resistance.

It's a really good pic without any sort of awkwardness to it. I do wonder what other people will say.
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